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I made a credit/debit card donation but it hasnt been acknowledged
Firstly, thankyou for supporting tvChix. For maximum security and your peace of mind, all Credit/Debit card donations are processed by a third party company.
To ensure your card details are 100% safe, this is a manual process, and not automated or processed by a computer.

Because of this, there can be a delay of up to 24 hours before your credit card donation is processed fully.

In all cases, you will recieve a tvChix message as soon as it has been processed. If your donation is processed successfully, your profile will be credited with Friends of tvChix status, and you will recieve a tvChix message confirming this. If your donation is declined for some reason, we also send a tvChix message to inform you of this, although we are unable to give the reason it has been declined, since this information is not disclosed by the banks and credit card companies.

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I made a bank donation but it hasnt been acknowledged
What currencies can you accept via Postal donation?
Do you accept credit card donations?
I made a credit/debit card donation but it hasnt been acknowledged


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