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How can I tell if my phone has been blacklisted?
To comply with SMS regulations, we are required to blacklist your phone under certain circumstances.

Unfortunately, we are unable to tell you if your phone has already been blacklisted.
This information simply isnt available to us, as the phone network replace your 'TVCHIX 12345' message, with a message saying simply 'AGE VERIFY', and so we cannot identify which user sent the SMS.

To find out if your phone is blacklisted, the easiest way is to simply try to send an SMS donation to tvChix. If you have been blacklisted, the SMS reply will clearly state so (including the word 'blacklisted').
In such cases we do not send any premium SMS to you, and you would not be billed by tvChix.

A reply such as 'Age verification needed', does not indicate your phone has been blacklisted.
In such cases you can simply remove the content block and reattempt the donation, if you wish.

We will blacklist phones when:

1) You have tried to have the content block removed, but the phone company is not satisfied that you are over 18.
In such cases, we only know the mobile number we are blacklisting.
We do not know which user it belongs to. This is why we cannot tell you if your phone is already blacklisted.

2) tvChix will also blacklist all phones immediately, if your provider indicates you have a Parental Lock on the phone.
In contrast to a Content Block, a Parental Lock is placed physically on the phone, and not on your tariff or service.
A Parental Lock typically indicates a minor is using the phone, and the parent has chosen to restrict access to adult services.
In such cases, subsequent removal of the Parental Lock will still not allow you to donate to tvChix.

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How can I tell if my phone has been blacklisted?


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