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Just an ordinary girl

Last Visited:     27 June, 2015
Registered:     05 November, 2005
Location:     Telford, Shropshire, England


Can Travel


Favorite Look:
General / Everyday wear

Hiya. .....updated April sneaked into the top mature babes list...thoroughly undeserved!

If you have come here after reading one of my stories in the forum let me first say they are fantasy but usually with an element of something which has happened to me in real life! Yes I have led a bit of a wild gurl existence. None of them are a road map for what I would want to happen with anyone I meet but there's certainly elements in them all which I would like to do or do again so if something floats your boat do get in touch - it's always nice to hear that people have enjoyed them anyway. I must admit I get a kick from seeing how many people have viewed them and start wondering how many have had their hand in their Knicks or pants over them. I don't consider myself a great writer ( although I think better than EL James) but I do enjoy trying to write erotically about any sexual subject even something which has no appeal for me whatsoever. Your ideas, suggestions and comments are always welcome.

I spend most of my time in leggings and t-shirts these days - despite the pics! It just feels right for me.

If you are a gurl who is up for going out in public dressed appropriately and doing normal things - shopping, visiting touristy things etc then I would love to hear from you.

I'm not looking for casual sex with guys. If it happens it happens. I suppose I am wanting a friend first and a lover second. I love the thought of being blinded by the sunset staring out over a beach with his arm around me rather than being blinded by the headlights of the police car pulling into the dogging area with his hand up my skirt.

If you are one of those guys whose usual proposal for a first meet is "How about the local picnic area and you could suck me off and worship my cock" well thanks for the offer but I don't think we are suited. I'm more " How about coming around for a coffee " and we will see what develops. Treat me like your mother - I'm probably old enough!

I find the concept of a guy being drop dead gorgeous rather alien, it's whats inside which is important to me.

I like to do normal things just like a real girl would ie touristy places, shopping, theatre etc. I've never had a problem doing them by myself or with a guy. Maybe its just my winning smile or the fact that no one argues with a 6 foot tranny?

My hobby is going out hill walking with both gay and straight (would you believe the Ramblers...sign of old age) walking groups. I always walk as Lynda, there's no male side to me socially. I've been the highest tranny in the land on a few occasions when I have been on top of Scafell Pike or Snowdon or Ben Nevis.

My unfulfilled fantasy is someone who books a cottage in North Wales for a weekend and we go hillwalking in the day followed by a lovely meal in the village pub that evening and our own private fun that night. I can't claim to be passable in appearance but I can assure you that possibly due to the way I act people always treat me as a girl.

My fulfilled fantasy is holidaying in Playa del Ingles Gran Canaria as a couple. Yes I'm looking for someone else to do it with again, message me if interested.

Oh at the risk of upsetting some people it always amuses me when someone puts convincing (or god forbid very convincing) in their description. Now yes some girls are but if someone feels the need to tell everyone that they are when we can all see a pic then I can only assume that they mean that anyone seeing them would be convinced that they are a t-girl. Did your mum throw the discus for East Germany in the 1970 Olympics - I can see the resemblance. Ouch - slap me.

Decided to put my phone number here - 07580497140, text first with user name

Feel free to add me on facebook but I'll warn you I tend to be a bit serious and political there

Here's a link to some of my old stories which have now dropped off the list below
Terry part2


to get thru the censor hair short, height long, build getting fatter, eyes present but no longer work too well

Interests: Shopping, Sex, Online chat, Office wear, Lingerie, Dressed nights out, Couples, Email chat, Erotic nights in, Admirers / men, Full Makeup, Evenings, Weekends, Can Travel, Experienced, Outdoor Fun, I am a smoker

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