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Mr B (Nightclub)
Islington LONDON, London
279 City Road
Islington LONDON

Venue added by: FlissTV
Contact Details:
Telephone: 0207 250 4007

Venue Map
This is a long established Sex Cinema*, showing mainstream porn usually ... some weeks there are some classy Tranny films shown but not often ( you could ask though).
Located in Cellars behind a maroon painted door between the shops and easily walkable from Old St/Angel Tubes, with bus stops just outside for 43, 205,214 & 394.
It is open 10am -10pm except Sundays 12 noon - 9pm
Every week including Christmas Day!
Current charge is £12 for a week running from Sat. 'til Fri. with freedom to come and go as you wish.
It is a good natured venue with a total mix of patrons including swinging couples and sole women.
It can get very sexy and busy if you want to play hard or you can take it easy and be some guys surrogate cuddly love.
There are two small cinemas where the action takes place ... of all types and all the way. There are WC's which are kept locked, and you need to ask the desk at street level for the key so that you can use them for changing into your preferred style of dress.
It is clean but has an earthy reputation. Booze from the next door offey and they like to see TVs in there.
None of the many local pubs are a problem to visit but must expect curious glances.

* Dark all the time that's why i say it's a Night Club!
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Mr B
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Mr B

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