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Venue Map

The WayOut Club (Nightclub)
London East, London
MINORIES 64–73 Minories,
London east

Venue added by: vickyleewayout
Contact Details:
Telephone: 07778157290

Venue Map
The WayOut Club is open every Saturday

We are using TWO venues
THE MINORIES (with some nights at MARY JANES)

THE MINORIES 64–73 Minories, London, EC3N 1JL
MARY JANES 124-127 Minories, London EC3N 1NT

THE MINORIES is next to DLR Gateway station and just across the road from Tower Hill tube and right next to Travelodge - Tower Bridge and a giant multi storey 24 hour car park (just £2 all night) with plenty of free adjacent street parking. Snack menu and great value bar prices and garden / smoking area without problem neighbours. Great dance floor.

MARY JANES is diagonally opposite next to the junction with Crosswall on Minories.

See our events for the venue for the week – BUT you can’t go wrong … BOTH VENUES ARE JUST A MINUTE FROM EACH OTHER and both venues are in sight of each other.

For a large map of the area – showing … both venues (Red boxes) tube stations – car park – places you may be able to park for free (red lines) and local hotels (Red circles) visit our web site.

Since 1993 - Every Saturday from 9.00pm until 4.00am, WayOut offers a glamourous nightclub for transgendered girls and respectful friends. Every age, race, background, sexuality and gender . Mixing, mingling, networking, dancing and unique entertainment.


We have been based in the City of London for the last 15 of our 21 year history and we aim to stay in this safe area where parking is easy and the streets quite and safe.

Our venue has good transport connections plentiful, free, local parking (from 11:30 am Sat through all day Sun) single yellow lines and active parking bays. We have late night licensed taxis despatched from the front door (The same company has looked after WayOut for over 12 years).

We have many hotels nearby e.g.. The Chamberlain Hotel who have welcomed many of our visitors - Hotel prices vary from £60 to £170 depending on tourist season. There are also two Travel Lodges (City and Tower) , Indigo, Novotel, Apex, Grange, Double Tree, Premiere Inn and NEW Motel One - all within walking distance.

We have over 200 people every week from ages 19 to 90 from all spectrums of the transgender community and all countries and cultures on planet earth. We are a "safe haven" for first time TGirls. We are a regular spot for always out TGirls. We are your first place for a TGirl and her female partner, family member etc. We have 100s of regular boys, girls and inbetweenies. Many of our male admirers know each other dress smartly and treat the girls with great respect. Its a good place for guys to meet like minded guys as a well as TGirls.

Entry price from 9pm – 11pm …………… £10.00
Discounted to £7.00 … for ALL who are dressed female, cross-dressed, or changing at the club
Entry price from 11pm – 4am …………… £12.00

THIS IS A NIGHT CLUB NOT A SEX CLUB drugs, exposure of genitals, sex acts in or around the venue will result in an immediate ban. There are local hotels and other clubs for that xxx

We DO have rules and ask you to work with our security
We will not tolerate illegal drugs in the building
We will not tolerate sex acts in the building
We will not tolerate exposure of genitals
Dressed female use the Ladies toilet
Dressed male Use the Mens toilet
We have restrictions on "candid" photography and video

Our security is provided to assist you to have a great night. Please feel free to bring to their attention anything that concerns you. If you are refused entry or are asked to leave. We ask you to accept without question our security decisions which are made for your protection and the protection of our licence. (Lets face it – we will be sober and you are likely to have had – one or two). Work with us and on this basis you will always be welcome again at future events.

Dress Code: All the girls make a lot of effort and there is NO guide line we like you to express yourself. Guys please make an effort. Wear what ever you like - Kilts, suits, jeans, uniforms, whatever. BUT please NO branded supporters shirts (we don’t want any arguments over teams even in jest). More importantly we are looking for your respect for our staff and fellow guests.

Please come and see all the amazing pictures of our visitors and our shows and get tons of detail about the club including local accommodation dressing and changing facilities, Tips for Guys as Guys, Tips for Couples.

We have loads of pictures are on our Website
Flickr page and our Facebook pages
Image of The WayOut Club Image of The WayOut Club Image of The WayOut Club Image of The WayOut Club Image of The WayOut Club

Upcoming Events at The WayOut Club
The WayOut Cub: Boy George Experience at WayOut @ The Minories
Night Out (Club)

Open from 9pm to
Saturday 29th November

This night features Boy George Experience - You WILL believe you are in the presence of the vocal master of Culture Club

9pm to 3am
64–73 Minories, London, EC3N
WayOut @ MARY JANES starts at 9pm finishes at 3am
Drink prices are cheaper at THE MINORIES than any of our previous venues!! it also has a garden with tables, chairs, umbrellas, heaters, music, screens.
(one of our two new venues)

BOTH OF OUR VENUES ARE JUST A MINUTE FROM EACH OTHER they are actually in sight of each other
close to DLR Gateway station and Tower Hill tube station
HERE IS A MAP – showing … both venues (Red boxes) tube stations – car park – places you may be able to park for free (red lines) and local hotels (Red circles)

With a giant 24 hour multi-storey car park right next door to THE MINORIES and there is always plenty of FREE parking in the area. It is free to park on single yellow lines or the parking bays in the area around the club (its the same area as the old venue Charlie’s) after 11:30am on Saturday and all day Sunday. The WayOut Club is in the congestion charging zone but there is no charge on both Saturday and Sunday.
The WayOut Club (EVERY Saturday - and ONLY Saturday) is hosted by Vicky Lee, offers changing space, two rooms for mixing mingling and networking with a quiter chat area and a full on dance floor with two DJs playing hi energy chart and uplifting remixes of chart and classic euphoric club anthems, in a very classy venue.
The club in its 21st year attracts, every week, over 170 - 200 boys girls and inbetweenies, from every age, race, culture, and most importantly gender. There is no dress code - all we ask is respect for everyone at the club.
Entry prices are. Femme £7 B4 11pm Guys £10 B4 11pm
after 11pm £12 entry for all. (It was pointed out to me just a few weeks ago we have offered WayOut at just £7 for femme now for 20 years).
We have our usual trusted, licensed, insured cab company despatched from our door

Recent Reviews for events held at The WayOut Club
The WayOut Cub (Saturday, November 15, 2014)

It was nothing special at all.
Considering the hype the place gets.
The entertainment was VERY poor!
Perhaps you need to be pissed to enjoy the WayOut.

The WayOut Club (Saturday, September 6, 2014)

Value for Money:



Staff Friendliness:


Had a great night at The Way Out Club, my first time out in London. Really nice venue and friendly staff. Met some lovely people, I'd go again if I was in London, Evette xxx.

The WayOut Cub (Saturday, August 23, 2014)



Staff Friendliness:


Held at the Minories, a great venue and a great atmosphere.

The WayOut Cub (Saturday, August 23, 2014)

Value for Money:



Staff Friendliness:


An excellent eveing

The WayOut Cub (Saturday, August 23, 2014)



Staff Friendliness:


I have been going to the Way Out club for more than 13 years on & off & used to love nights at the old venue Charlie’s.

However I stopped going in 2010 mainly due to the bar prices being stuck in the good ole ‘Loadsamoney 1980’s’ & the ever increasing number of loud, vile & downright rude ladyboys who seem to think the WOC is their personal pick up joint for clients!

Anyway I felt the time might be right to return & see what the new venue was all about.

The new WOC is now at a pub called The Minories on an orbital road of the same name.
Weird place, more like a beer cellar situated inside brick arches set back from the main road, it has a nice outdoor seating area with tables for those 5 or 6 nights of the year when it is warm enough to do so!

Inside the venue it is very smartly fitted out but with lots of up & down steps etc. (careful in those heels girls) Toilets were ok but water everywhere as you might expect & with a line of sinks/mirrors usually hogged by a line of loud cackling ladyboys however.

Small dance floor with a big plasma screen displaying various photos & past events at the club. Music was on the whole pretty good but like most southern clubs dominated by too many samey remixes & RnB/ pop diva rubbish….oh for some proper trancey dance music!

I never got to watch the cabaret as being a smaller venue with no stage like Charlie’s, round the dance floor became so crowded it was impossible to see.

Parking anywhere near the place was difficult too as the roads to Crosswall (where Charlie’s is & I used to park) were all blocked off with road works. However there is a multistorey CP 5 mins. walk behind the Minories pub & at £2 on a Saturday night after 6pm it was the obvious choice.

The new place is not a patch on the old Charlie’s venue though but worth a visit I guess.

Sadly the bar prices are still tailored for the red braces Porsche 911 era, so go there expecting to empty your purse rapidly!

Come back Charlie’s all is forgiven!

Recent Images for events held at The WayOut Club
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