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Venue Map

Isis Club (Sauna)
Leeds, Yorkshire
Isis Club Macurlay Street

Venue added by: BrianWYorks
Contact Details:
Telephone: 0781 828 2255

Venue Map
Opening Times are
Every Thursday Afternoons, 11am till 6pm
First Thursday Evening, Greedy GirlsFetish Night, 9pm till Late
Second Thursday Evening, Fetish Night 9pm till Late
Third Thursday Evening, Bi - Anything goes, 9pm till late
Fourth Thursday Evening, TV Party Day, 2pm till Late
Fifth Thursday Evening, Night of Rest !!!!

Non Alcoholic Drinks available
Bring your own alcoholic ones!

Parking meter during daytime, free after 6pm

Upcoming Events at Isis Club
An afternoon of fun n frolics: The Isis Club in Leeds
Daytime Get-together

Open from 11am to
Come along to our Afternoon of fun n frolics.
Loads of sexy guys and girls have been cumming to our afternoons of jollyment so why not join us.

The new opening time of 11 am has made a big difference to the afternoon event.

This event occurs every Thursday afternoon, along with some evenings of sexiness.


1st Thursday evening is Greedy Girls night. This is a night for girls without that little bit of extra who like to enjoy as many guys as they can. It's not a TV event.

2nd Thursday evening is a Fetish night at the Isis Club

3rd Thursday evening is the Isis Bi Night and anything goes.

4th Thursday is the All Day party.

5th Thursday evening, which occurs 4 times a year, The Isis Club is closed but is open in the afternoon 11am until 6pm.

Come and spend an afternoon and evening of fun and frolics with like minded people in the North’s premier TV club.

Take advantage of our Thursday event. Entrance is £10.00 per person each time you attend.

Do you want to spend time as someone else? Well this is your club, and this is your time!

Have you ever wanted to dress as a woman and be who you're meant to be? Of course you have girls, it's a great thing to do and the place to be is Isis.

How would you like to meet with other people who share the same interest?

Come on down to Isis the place for beautiful people, who want to meet other beautiful people with the same interests. We have weekly parties for people just like you every Thursday afternoon in Leeds at Isis. We also have a once a month 'Special Party Day' this runs from 1.30pm till 11.00pm, for a good get together, in great company.

We understand that you need privacy and security, and we assure you that we only allow like minded people to attend these events. The venue we offer is not only comfortable and filled with like minded people, but it is discreet, private and friendly.

We would like to give people the opportunity to feel like they can bring their lifestyle into the 21st century. Be it transvestites, or cross dressers, male, female or couples. We are all individual people and all have our own ideas on how we would like to run our lives, and not how someone else would want us to run it.

But be assured we have a strict privacy policy and discretion is our middle name. This club separates different lifestyles by holding events on different nights. If you would like to attend any one of these events please contact us 0781 828 2255.

In the evening we offer music and dance, we have a non alcoholic bar which serves soft drinks and coffee. If however you prefer an alcoholic drink you are very welcome to bring your own favorite tipple.

Come and join us and feel totally at ease in this very welcoming friendly environment. We look forward very much to seeing you all soon.

Recent Reviews for events held at Isis Club
Witches Party (Thursday, October 23, 2014)

Value for Money:



Staff Friendliness:


what a fantastic time i had, arrived and mistress freya did my make up, wow did i look the part a mistress. I had some phoragraphs taken, which will be on mistress freya' s website soon.
During the day three kinksters wanted to play at different times, the first one was ready to be dealt with just after my makeup was done. Mistress freya also joined in to deal with him. Then my sub arrived and i had two to play with, thank goodness mistress freya was still about as she joined in, and another tv got the works from mistress freya tied then used to screw another t girl. The 3rd one arrived thank goodness the other two had gone home, i dressed her up in suspenders stocking and a dress and wig, with red lipstick. She was my bitch and wow did she entertain the guys, at the end she was knackered. Wow then i played with someone else,
what a play it was, at the end i was shattered.

An afternoon of fun n frolics (Thursday, October 16, 2014)

Value for Money:


Staff Friendliness:


Another fun filled afternoon with the boys xx and the girls xxxxxx

An afternoon of fun n frolics (Thursday, October 9, 2014)

Value for Money:



Staff Friendliness:


Ha d a lovely threesome with 2 other girls - one of which fucked me so well i still feel her inside me 2 days later xxxxxxxxxxx

Going to go back on the 16th xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

An afternoon of fun n frolics (Thursday, October 2, 2014)

Value for Money:



Staff Friendliness:


I has a wonderful time, met knew tgirls and a great Mistress.
The guys were good but the girls better.

Nice facilities and very friendly staff.

I WILL be going back next week xxxx

Brian's Birthday Bash (Thursday, September 25, 2014)

Value for Money:



Staff Friendliness:


The end of the month didn't seem as busy today but still much fun to be had with a few "regulars". I have fallen in love with this place everyone's friendly with good facilities.:-)

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