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Venue Map

London Sauna Party (Sauna)
Kennington, London
8 Cleaver Street
SE11 4DP

Venue added by: tiffanylondontv
Contact Details:
Telephone: 0207 735 6064

Venue Map
Mixed Sauna Party @ The Locker Room Sauna in Kennington.

Check website for specific dates.

For Men, Women, Bi, Transgender, Lesbian & Couples
We offer a relaxed social event for Adults
All ages and types welcome.

This Party is for all open minded Adults over 18.
Feel free to come in any fetish suitable for a sauna environment.

7pm to Midnight
Pay on the door, cash only.

Door Entry Fee's

1. Membership Card Holders = £10 each *
Pay on the door and Show Membership Card.

2. Any one Dressed in Female Fetish Wear
& Couples
Pay on the Door = £12 each

3. Non Membership Card Holders.
Pay on the Door = £15 each

The Locker Room Sauna
8 Cleaver Street
SE11 4DP
0207 735 6064

..Google Map..

5 Min Walk from Kennington Underground

Bring your own Alcohol to this event to help the party swing.
Plastic Glasses will be supplied for safety.
Alcohol can be stored in your locker or left with the staff.
Free Tea & Coffe for non Drinkers.

Large TV Porn & Play Room on top floor.
Large Cubicles.
St Andrews Cross room.
2 Sling Rooms.
Sauna & Steam rooms.
Glory Hole Rooms.
Smoking Area.
Towels supplied if you use the showers.

FREE Condoms & Lube at all Events.

* Membership Card Holders Price Only.
Membership Card must be showen at the door.
You can bring 2 guests at £10 each as long as they enter with you.

Sorry, there are no upcoming Events at
London Sauna Party

Recent Reviews for events held at London Sauna Party
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BI BI BABY (Thursday, June 18, 2015)

Value for Money:



Staff Friendliness:


for me i like a lot

sadly i always am the only one tvs but i pleased myself a lot and i don t mind to be the only one


more cocks for me

i enjoyed because the venue is secure and also men wears condoms always and mostly you don t need to ask to them to wear one

also very friendly staffs and most of people are nice. yes few men love to watch and i don t mind too
i love to be watching

i find also people envy me because i play all night and with a lot of people

i means it s why i go to the sex and play party
if i don t want sex i stay at home

see you soon

BI BI BABY (Thursday, June 18, 2015)

Have seen this place a few times on the events, I arrived and handed £20 over to get in the place is on the ground floor and basement. The ground floor is no bigger than a large house 3 main rooms, one a changing/locker room. in the basement was steam and sauna and showers as well as a smoker room which you could smell as you approached.

As it was the Bi Bi night it was full of guys sitting around. I could not find anywhere to site ( i have a bad leg) the place was hot and cramped, the stairs to the basement where steep.

I think most of the guys are there to wank over other peoples action as there was only on TV there I assume she was going to get all the action.

Too hot , too cramped, not worth £10 let alone £20.

BI BI BABY (Thursday, May 21, 2015)

Value for Money:



Staff Friendliness:


i had a great night

lot of sex and enjoyed the people and the venue

see you soon

Club Wickedness (Tuesday, September 6, 2011)

Value for Money:



Staff Friendliness:


Great night, lots of people and lots of balck guys who were very interested in a TV. Bit warm and the make up ran and will defo go again.


Club Wickedness (Tuesday, September 6, 2011)

Value for Money:



Staff Friendliness:


Nice place.

Quite many rooms like sauna room, steam room, showers, water sports room and many others.

Friendly and always helping staff, which makes your stay there quite warm.
Free refreshments for you provided from the venue.

The only negative (but this regards only me) is that there was only a few women and t-girls.
If I was gay, I would be in Heaven :)

Definitely interesting place to visit.

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