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March 2019
Viewing All Events on Wednesday 13th March, 2019
Wicked Wednesday: T-Girl and admirers
Night Out (Club)
Hosted at Danielle's Gatehouse,
Greater Manchester, England
Open from Noon to
24 Reviews of "Wicked Wednesday"

Value for Money: 4.63/5.00 Venue: 4.33/5.00 Atmosphere: 4.54/5.00 Staff Friendliness: 4.75/5.00 Security: 4.92/5.00
Hi all and welcome

we will be holding the wicked wednesday event at the club on Wednesaday from noon - Midnight (open from 11:00am for the girls who need to change)

Private off road parking free of charge

entrance to the club is £10 per person

we sell hot and cold drinks and you may bring your own alcohol which we will then servr back to you

If your new or experienced you will be met by a warm welcome and there are always plenty of girls offering free advice ...... we all love a chat

Once the entrance fee has been paid you are free to come and go as you please up to closing time

so if you;re thinking of going into Manchester stop by at the club first and get changed in to your glam

we have a large changing room with Lockers (£5 refundable deposit)

I look forward to seeing you

Danielle x

Manchester "cheaky vimtos": Manchester village night out x
Night Out (Pub / Meal)
Hosted at Canal Street,
Greater Manchester, England
Open from 6pm to
Added by: amberuk
23 Reviews of "Manchester "cheaky Vimtos""

Value for Money: 4.17/5.00 Venue: 4.26/5.00 Atmosphere: 4.13/5.00 Staff Friendliness: 4.35/5.00 Security: 4.39/5.00
Just an event for girls to sign up to for manchester village on a weds evening.
Quite a few girls usually out and now we can let everyone know who is out and arrange a meet up xxx

Meeting place to be arranged or just between girls xx

So let everyone know if youre attending here xxx
(I may not be there myself due to work, but feel free to message me or anyone else on the list to see where they are going to be)

Love amber xxx

"LOVEJOYS": T-GIRLS & Admirers
Daytime Get-together
Surrey, England
Open from 1pm to
Added by: SuzieStern
839 Reviews of ""LOVEJOYS""

Value for Money: 4.94/5.00 Venue: 4.95/5.00 Atmosphere: 4.92/5.00 Staff Friendliness: 4.98/5.00 Security: 4.92/5.00
LoveJoys for Admirers and T-Girls...
Come relax and enjoy...

T-Girls & Admirers
Come and treat us Girls you sexy Guys...!!

Come on Girls time to get out that Red and Black sexy underwear..!!

LoveJoys........NEW EARLY opening once a month for GUYS who desire Lunchtime fun!!!
The second Weds each month will be from 1pm til mid-night
Sexy T-Girls and Lovely Admirers....
Lets Party!! .1pm til Mid-Night
Evening Guests most welcome .... hot Food available!!!
An Afternoon & Evening of relaxed fun in Lovely Surroundings.

An established Event in a Large private house near Sutton/Carshalton. Near to Both stations and not far from central London from Victoria or St Pancras.
Parking is free in the area. Parking on the The driveway is now limited and is definitely by invitation only.

House has a Fetish playroom, large video lounge with 2way mirror into another play area.. Bar, cloakroom, and large hallway reception area.
Upstairs 4 further playrooms . 2 large Orgy rooms and 2 smaller intermate style.
Overnight "crash" is possible by invitation and a bedroom is bookable for overseas or out of town guests.. from 7pm onwards, write for details...
There is a large Room for "Girls" to change and get ready .
Maria will be available for help with makeup.

Recent addition of much better lighting too...!

"Lovejoys" is a regular event on the 2nd and last Wednesday of each month.
Theme night once a month.. dress code for guys smart casual.

Entry is by invitation by mail on tvchix....
Entry cost is £30 for single guys, T-Girls is £20 (£40 with make-up service , clothes extra.). Overnight crash £20 extra...
Couples £30-40 write for details.
I am happy to answer most questions by mail.

Dress Code Smart Casual for Admirers
No sportswear please.
T-Girls Glam, fetish, sluts...... highest heels, silky hose all your finery!
Next Event last Weds in March 27th from 3pm


Naughty Girls: Tropics
Daytime Get-together
Hosted at TROPICS,
Hampshire, England
Open from 11am to
Added by: Katherina
207 Reviews of "Naughty Girls"

Value for Money: 4.88/5.00 Venue: 4.77/5.00 Atmosphere: 4.80/5.00 Staff Friendliness: 4.97/5.00 Security: 4.85/5.00
Naughty Girls @ Tropics, Portsmouth is a daytime play party for TVs TGs and admirers who can't get away in the evenings. It runs from 11am to 7pm on the second Wednesday of the month. The venue is a gay sauna and the staff are not allowed to admit real girls so this is a male only event.

The reception area is on the first floor next to a television lounge for relaxing and socialising. Internet access is available. For the daytime events ( second Wednesday ) free cream teas are provided in the lounge area during the afternoon. A changing room ( where each guest has a locker ), showers and toilets are close by. The sauna/steam room area and a dark room with a swing are on the same floor. A private changing room with a large mirror for makeup is now open - see the pic below.

A staircase leads up to a video lounge with a large playing surface and sofas for relaxing. This is next to a dark area ( a very dark area ) and small private rooms with lockable doors and soft playing surfaces. A second staircase leads to a smaller video lounge with a spanking/playing bench and another open playroom. A third staircase leads down to a jacuzzi.

Dress is tarty party rig for tgirls and towels for admirers who have no excuse for not being squeaky clean. Swimming costumes are welcome in the jacuzzi but please do not get makeup in the water. Tgirls can arrive en femme or change in the venue.

Tropics is close to the end of the M275. Go right at the second roundabout at the end of the M275, the front of the venue is on that roundabout but you have to use the back door. U turn at the next roundabout and then immediately left signposted Sainsbury deliveries. The council car park is on your left as you make that turn. Turn first right and you will see the back door open in front of you in the parking area at the next corner. You can usually park close to the entrance but if that is full the NCPl car park is now £4 all day and is three minutes walk. Sainsbury have started to manage their car park, which is closer, but you may get stung. The postcode is PO14BX.

Tropics and is clean, well kept and friendly. It is the only play party venue for some distance. Entrance is £15 for tgirls which includes a £2 refundable key deposit, £15 for admirers. No membership is required. Tgirls at Tropics parties are well established events and as you can see from the reviews they are great fun. Come and join us.

Daytime Get-together
Hosted at PINKS Of HARLOW,
Essex, England
Open from 2pm to
Added by: louise1984

Value for Money: 5.00/5.00 Venue: 4.71/5.00 Atmosphere: 4.57/5.00 Staff Friendliness: 5.00/5.00 Security: 4.86/5.00
So girls. Are you confident in your look? Do you need help with clothes or make up, or just want to take your first steps into the world of the TGirl?

If so, then Pinks is for you!

On week day afternoons and evenings on Wednesday and Thursday, Pinks Harlow is for ladies that would like to shop. (and their male friends, well some has to carry the boxes and bags).

Whether you are a newbie or a confident girl Pinks Dress Emporium has the answer to your dressing prayers!

The Emporium was established, by the team at Pinks, to provide you lovely ladies
with a stress free and comfortable environment for a few hours to browse, try on clothes and buy.
We are now open for you to come and join us for dressing up to your hearts content.

Our friendly staff will be on hand to offer help and advice with clothing choice, makeup and hair pointers and
even to help pull up that zip that you can't quite get to.
There is the shop full of everything you may need to complete your look. From wigs
to shoes and everything in between; try and/or buy.
There is the spacious dressing room complete with makeup and accessories.
Dress when you arrive, if you are not confident enough to venture out in public yet, or arrive dressed.
There is plenty of space to strut around and of course there are the full length mirrors.....
We will take pictures for you, and are currently organising a photo shoot service to complete your glamorous look.

Then drop in to the social area, after that tiring time in the shop, or having makeover tips, for a quiet drink; maybe a coffee, maybe afternoon tea or maybe a gin and tonic.
Snacks and food are also available.

This is the latest in a long line of new events from the Pinks team, which are responding to feedback from your community.
We really want to make sure you get every experience that you deserve. It's just our way letting you know that we care about the LGBTQ+ community and will continue to do our best to give you the best events and support we can.

Pinks of Harlow is proud to be a part of the 'Stop Hate Crime' initiative.

So, if you're tired of the daily grind, come and join us from 2PM until MIDNIGHT every Wednesday and Thursday at Pinks of Harlow.
Entry is FREE, and we will offer you preferential rates on becoming a member if you pop in during the day, so that you can take your new look 'out out' of an evening.
Parking could not be easier. We are situated 20 mtrs from the first floor car park at Wych Elm, Harlow.
We will even come and escort you from your car to help you over your first step nerves.

We can't wait to see you.

Please add your name to this event listing , even as a maybe, as it encourages other girls to attend.

The Pinks Team

For more information please contact Klara Bow @ Pinks of Harlow on 01279 902939
or go to our website
Venue details :

Midweek T-Party: T-girls, male admirers, gay and bi guys welcome
Other (see description)
Hosted at Northwich Sauna,
Cheshire, England
Open from 11am to
Added by: Lydiax92
513 Reviews of "Midweek T-Party"

Value for Money: 4.81/5.00 Venue: 4.87/5.00 Atmosphere: 4.69/5.00 Staff Friendliness: 4.83/5.00 Security: 4.86/5.00
Regular (weekly) event for T-girls, male admirers, gay, bi, and curious guys.

A steady stream of people of all ages and persuasions. A really friendly and safe atmosphere with multiple social and play areas. Some girls are happy stick to the coffee shop and public areas for chats etc, others love to venture into the play areas for other types of fun.

Ground floor reception, changing (with lockers, incl. in entry fee), toilets, coffee shop/food, Jacuzzi, steam room, sun beds,

Up stairs - T-girl changing and lockers, T-girl lounge, private and public play rooms, maze etc

Admission Fee - 11am onwards : £14 at all times
last admission 60 minutes before close.

Membership is NOT required.

You will need enough money to pay the admission charge and any money you require to buy any refreshments you purchase.

Debit/credit cards accepted.

Men - you will be issued with one towel on entry and another on request, however, you prefer to use your own then this is ok.
T-Girls - wear as much or as little as you want.

You must keep some form of clothing or a towel around your waist whilst in the coffee-shop areas.

On site parking in marked spaces.

BOMBSHELL!: Londons Best TVTS & Admirers Party
Night Out (Club)
Hosted at Klub,
London, England
Open from 10pm to
Added by: ladylloyd
61 Reviews of "BOMBSHELL!"

Value for Money: 4.30/5.00 Venue: 4.41/5.00 Atmosphere: 4.49/5.00 Staff Friendliness: 4.44/5.00 Security: 4.54/5.00
Londons most fashionable TV/TS +Admirers party is

Join us at our new home
30 Lisle Street

The downstairs KLUB at the iconic Ku Bar is our new home with one of Londons finest Sound and Lighting systems.


Blackpool Daytime Party: INFUSION Tgirl/Admirer/All Sexes Party Day
Daytime Get-together
Hosted at Infusion Blackpool,
Lancashire, England
Open from 11am to
Added by: Cathylacy
65 Reviews of "Blackpool Daytime Party"

Value for Money: 4.51/5.00 Venue: 4.60/5.00 Atmosphere: 4.26/5.00 Staff Friendliness: 4.83/5.00 Security: 4.58/5.00
Northwest Tgirls and Admirers meet at Blackpool INFUSION club between 11 am and 8 pm every Wednesday for their dressing & cruising mixed party days. Tgirls are FREE the first Wednesday daytime of every month!

Wednesday is usually the best day for Tgirls and admirers as it is called the 'Anything


Greedy T-Girls & Admirers: T-Girls & Admirers At TOUCH SAUNA
Other Social Gathering
Hosted at Touch Sauna,
Wiltshire, England
Open from Noon to
Added by: touch_tv
58 Reviews of "Greedy T-Girls & Admirers"

Value for Money: 4.72/5.00 Venue: 4.81/5.00 Atmosphere: 4.59/5.00 Staff Friendliness: 4.91/5.00 Security: 4.95/5.00

01793 433 326

£16 entry for both t-girls and admirers (no extra charge for being an admirer)



Wednesday Night Club: Sophisticated pleasure
Other Social Gathering
Hosted at Janine's Annexe,
Essex, England
Open from 8pm to
Added by: mike1957seeksltr
9 Reviews of "Wednesday Night Club"

Value for Money: 5.00/5.00 Venue: 4.89/5.00 Atmosphere: 5.00/5.00 Staff Friendliness: 5.00/5.00 Security: 5.00/5.00
The Wednesday Nite Girls welcome everyone to the Wednesday Night Club.

Social,chat or lots and lots of 'fun'?
You choose.

Pinks Harlow is open as our reception area for you to meet the girls,chat and have a drink at the bar. Retire there afterwards for a nightcap.

Entry £20 guys, free for



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