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February 2020

COVID-19 Update: Events are often added to tvChix far in advance, and may not reflect the current pandemic status.

Some of the more popular events have already updated their status, to point out they are canceled. Unless an event is entirely virtual/online, then you should assume they are NOT taking place.

Please help yourself (and everyone else) by staying at home during these exceptional circumstances. Thankyou.

Viewing All Events on Wednesday 26th February, 2020
BOMBSHELL!: Londons Best TVTS & Admirers Party
Night Out (Club)
Hosted at Klub,
London, England
Open from 10pm to
Added by: ladylloyd
66 Reviews of "BOMBSHELL!"

Value for Money: 4.32/5.00 Venue: 4.42/5.00 Atmosphere: 4.50/5.00 Staff Friendliness: 4.45/5.00 Security: 4.55/5.00
Londons most fashionable TV/TS +Admirers party (Please note this is a dance party, not sex club)

Join us every Wednesday
30 Lisle Street

The downstairs KLUB at the iconic Ku Bar hosts one of Londons finest Sound and Lighting systems.
Spacious dance floor.
Booths for that all important sit down and gossip.
Friendly door staff and the famous Klub Bar-Boys!

With all the usual BOMBSHELL shenanigans.
Lady Lloyd and Tasty Tim play all the Pop, RnB and Disco classics you know and love.

Live cabaret shows from your favourite girls begin 12:30.

Haven't been to Bombshell yet? Now is the perfect time to come and check us out, you wont be disappointed, our girls love to dance and flirt and enjoy the night away with like-minded fun individuals.
Lots of our customers come solo so don't be afraid to just show up and make new friends, we are especially welcoming to all newbies! Don't be shy!

Whats more our prices have lowered..entry just £5 all night.
Cloakroom and smoking terrace available as well as gender free toilets.

Just a 1 minute walk from Leicester Square tube station.

Manchester "cheaky vimtos": Manchester village night out x
Night Out (Pub / Meal)
Hosted at Canal Street,
Greater Manchester, England
Open from 6pm to
Added by: amberuk
30 Reviews of "Manchester "cheaky Vimtos""

Value for Money: 4.13/5.00 Venue: 4.20/5.00 Atmosphere: 4.00/5.00 Staff Friendliness: 4.27/5.00 Security: 4.30/5.00
Just an event for girls to sign up to for manchester village on a weds evening and let everyone know they will be out x
Quite a few girls usually out and now we can let everyone know who is out and arrange a meet up xxx

Meeting place to be arranged or just between girls xx

So let everyone know if youre attending here xxx
(I may not be there myself due to work, but feel free to message me or anyone else on the list to see where they are going to be)

Love amber xxx

Retro Rendezvous: Stylish and sociable!
Night Out (Pub / Meal)
Hosted at Retro Bar,
London, England
Open from 8pm to
Added by: Tinawithatee
152 Reviews of "Retro Rendezvous"

Value for Money: 4.78/5.00 Venue: 4.64/5.00 Atmosphere: 4.70/5.00 Staff Friendliness: 4.80/5.00 Security: 4.49/5.00

We drink, we chat, we gossip, we may flirt, and we always try to be stylish. Well-behaved male admirers are welcome to join us.

When the bar closes there is usually a movement in the direction of Soho to carry on the evening for a bit longer.

So, come and join us..we're a friendly bunch.

Tina x

"HAPPYWEDNESDAY "@ LoveJoys.: T-Girl only Event.... sorry boys you arrive at 3pm
Daytime Get-together
Surrey, England
Open from 11am to
Added by: SuzieStern
171 Reviews of ""HAPPYWEDNESDAY "@ LoveJoys."

Value for Money: 4.90/5.00 Venue: 4.92/5.00 Atmosphere: 4.92/5.00 Staff Friendliness: 5.00/5.00 Security: 4.94/5.00
"HAPPYWEDNESDAY "an Event for T-Girls only held at "LOVEJOYS" in Sutton.
An Event for "Girls" who wish to enjoy the company of other girls only without the distraction of guys around. They will appear at LoveJoys later!!!
A chance to socialize and play if you wish , to develop a style look a chance for newbies to blossom!
Now the last Weds each month prior to the full LoveJoys T-Girl & Admireres event.
Held in a large comfortable house between Sutton and Carshalton. Easily reached by train from central London.. train to Sutton from Victoria or St Pancras.
Parking is free in the area ( side streets opposite and nearby).

Entry is £30 includes entry to LoveJoys as well.!!!
Make-up Service £20 extra and clothes hire available on request £20-40 extra.
Photo sessions also available (ideal locations throughout the house).

Shop ( clothes from £5-10 some free, Wigs many extras )
Free refreshments

Next is last Wednesday in March

"LOVEJOYS".....XXX: T-GIRLS & ADMIRERS..... Daytime & Eve Event..
Daytime Get-together
Surrey, England
Open from 3pm to
Added by: SuzieStern
255 Reviews of ""LOVEJOYS".....XXX"

Value for Money: 4.86/5.00 Venue: 4.89/5.00 Atmosphere: 4.83/5.00 Staff Friendliness: 4.93/5.00 Security: 4.87/5.00
T-Girls are coming out to play
Late Night Lingering!!!

Lets Party!! .3pm til 10pm
Evening Guests most welcome ...Buffet Food 3pm til 7pm. Hot Food available Evening!!!
An Afternoon & Evening of relaxed fun in Lovely Surroundings.

An established Event in a Large private house near Sutton/Carshalton. Near to Both stations and not far from central London from Victoria or St Pancras.
Parking is free in the area. The driveway by invitation only.

House has Fetish playroom, large video lounge with 2way mirror into another play area.. Bar, cloakroom, and large hallway reception area.
Large Room downstairs for Girls to change store bags .
Well lit makeup areas .
Upstairs 4 further playrooms .
2 large orgy rooms 2 more private play bedrooms.

Overnight "crash" is possible by invitation and a bedroom is bookable for overseas or out of town guests.. from 7pm onwards, write for details...

"Lovejoys" is a regular event on the 2nd and last Wednesday of each month.
Theme night once a month.. dress code for guys smart casual.

Entry is by invitation by mail on tvchix....
Entry cost is £30 for single guys, T-Girls is £20 (£40 with make-up service by Maria (IBelieveinPink)-clothes extra.). Overnight crash £20 extra...
Couples £30-40 write for details.
Entry includes all refreshments... !
I am happy to answer most questions by mail.

Dress Code Smart Casual for Admirers
No sportswear please.
T-Girls Glam, fetish, sluts...... highest heels, silky hose all your finery!
Next Event 2nd Weds in March

Wicked Wednesday: T-Girl and admirers
Night Out (Club)
Hosted at The New Gatehouse,
Greater Manchester, England
Open from 11am to
39 Reviews of "Wicked Wednesday"

Value for Money: 4.77/5.00 Venue: 4.33/5.00 Atmosphere: 4.64/5.00 Staff Friendliness: 4.77/5.00 Security: 4.79/5.00
Hi all and welcome

we will be holding the wicked wednesday event at the club on Wednesaday from noon - Midnight (open from 11:00am for the girls who need to change)

Private off road parking free of charge

entrance to the club is £10 per person

we sell hot and cold drinks and you may bri


Lyndhurst Transgender Friends: Lyndhurst Transgender Friends
Night Out (Club)
Hosted at Lyndhurst Community Centre,
Hampshire, England
Open from 8pm to
Added by: Catrionatv
46 Reviews of "Lyndhurst Transgender Friends"

Value for Money: 4.98/5.00 Venue: 4.98/5.00 Atmosphere: 4.96/5.00 Staff Friendliness: 4.93/5.00 Security: 4.83/5.00
Its' the last Wednesday of the month, so of course it's time for the Lyndhurst Transgender Friends Group meeting

The (Non Compusory) theme for the eveing is 'Celebrating the UK' and there will be prizes for the best outfits. it's a fairly wide subject so there should be some imaginative ideas


Ladie Who Lunch: Girls, girls come and join in.
Daytime Get-together
Hosted at The Union Street Bar,
Antrim, Northern Ireland
Open from Noon to
Added by: Nickiem
6 Reviews of "Ladie Who Lunch"

Value for Money: 5.00/5.00 Venue: 5.00/5.00 Atmosphere: 4.50/5.00 Staff Friendliness: 4.83/5.00 Security: 5.00/5.00
The numbers of girls attending are growing and we want this to become a regular event in the USB.
Pub opens from 12:00 and there is parking just outside the door or very close by. Girls arrive from 12.30 onwards. Please don't panic and rush to get there, ladies are allowed to be fashionably late! C


Greedy T-Girls & Admirers: T-Girls & Admirers At TOUCH SAUNA
Other Social Gathering
Hosted at Touch Sauna,
Wiltshire, England
Open from Noon to
Added by: touch_tv
76 Reviews of "Greedy T-Girls & Admirers"

Value for Money: 4.70/5.00 Venue: 4.80/5.00 Atmosphere: 4.58/5.00 Staff Friendliness: 4.91/5.00 Security: 4.89/5.00

01793 433 326

£16 entry for both t-girls and admirers (no extra charge for being an admirer)



Midweek T-Party: Midweek T-Party @ Northwich Sauna
Other Social Gathering
Hosted at Northwich Sauna,
Cheshire, England
Open from 11am to
Added by: cjthedj
537 Reviews of "Midweek T-Party"

Value for Money: 4.80/5.00 Venue: 4.87/5.00 Atmosphere: 4.69/5.00 Staff Friendliness: 4.83/5.00 Security: 4.86/5.00
You can arrive dressed if you want, or leave dressed, or alternatively change when you get there. If you want to find out where it is search "Northwich T-Girls" on google maps and it comes up straight away.

There's plenty of car parking, although it can be busy very quickly after 11am, and the ve



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Happy Birthday to Redglider (Wednesday)



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