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A night of kinky romance: Valentines at Fallen Angels
Night Out (Club)

Hosted at Fallen Angels,
West Midlands, England
Open from 8pm to
Added by: Mistress__Angel
Next upcoming 'A night of kinky romance' can always be found at this address:
A night of kinky romance
“ Romance isn't dead, it's just bruised and loving it. ”
I'm Going!
maybe going | not going
Date & Time:
in about 1 month
Saturday, February 15, 2020 · 8:00 PM – 2:00 AM
Fallen Angels
Sent with invitation @ map
Dress code:
Minimum all black. Make an effort, think more glamorous ball than going to the shop
Romance isn't dead, it's just bruised and loving it!
Fallen Angels would like to invite you to evening of kinky romance.
For many of us our romance comes out in kinky ways. It might be giving or receiving a spanking. Telling or being told you're a good boy/girl/slut/pet etc. It might be through service or control, it could be the aftercare after a beating or the beating itself.
It's the thought, effort and care we put into our dynamics, into our partners. It's the trust and respect we freely give to each other. It's the intense intimacy we share and the strength, support, acceptance and understanding we give and receive.
So come along and celebrate your special kind of romance, your kinky romance here with us at Fallen Angels.
If you're single or looking for a partner/s come along for some special kinky speed dating. Who knows what could happen.
Celebrate your kinky friendships, socialise, dance, play, eat, laugh and romance each other.
Event rules
Please read these rules carefully, they are for everyones safety and to help ensure you have a great night.
The house safe word is RED
“No” means NO, don't hassle anyone.
Please be respectful, threatening or abusive behaviour will not be tolerated. Everybody is equal, regardless of how you or they identify.
No matter how someone identifies it does not give anyone the right to touch them, order them around or be rude.
This also applies to property, don't touch what isn't yours without permission.
No photography anywhere in the club without permission and supervision of a crew member. This is to make sure everyone in the picture is consenting.
No drugs, those found with or using drugs will be asked to leave.
Alcohol is to be kept to a minimum, by all means have a drink but remember not to drink and play. Those not drinking responsibly will be asked to leave. This is for everyone's safety.
Rules for play spaces/rooms
No food or drink except bottled water.
Do not enter play spaces unless you are going to play. Play in the main dungeon and some other rooms can be viewed from the corridor. Other rooms have blinds, if the blinds are open feel free to watch, if the blinds are drawn please respect their choice and privacy.
Keep talking to a minimum in shared play spaces. Be considerate of other people using the space and their head space.
Under no circumstances interrupt someone else's scene. This includes setting up and aftercare time. Any concerns are to be raised with event crew.
Properly clean all equipment you use with the cleaning products provided and tidy up after yourselves. Please treat all equipment and rooms with care.
Use the equipment for a fair and reasonable amount of time, if you require the equipment for a very long play session enquire about dungeon rental.
No occupying or blocking equipment you are not using.
Please ask
If you aren't sure about anything please ask a member of crew. Event crew are there to help and look after you. To try as much as possible to keep you safe and ensure rules are being followed.
Event crew/management decisions are final.

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