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Privacy Policy

  • tvChix is a friendly site, and strives to be free from the commercial elements which plague a huge amount of sites on the web today.

  • As part of the sign up process, tvChix asks you for your email address. This address is stored on our server as part of your user account.

  • Your email address will NOT be sold, distributed, or otherwise passed on to other parties. Any emails sent from tvChix will always originate from a address, and will contain '[tvChix]' in the subject line.

  • We may use your email address to send you notifications that someone has sent you a tvChix message. You may choose not to receive these by using the My Account -> Profile Preferences screen, and disabling Email Notifications.

  • As part of the sign up process, we ask you for your location as country and city. This information is displayed on your profile, and used to provide location searches to other users.

  • We also ask you to enter more detailed location such as your latitude and longtitude. This information is stored on our server, but is NEVER displayed directly to the user. Instead we show the user how many miles you are from them (minimum of 1 mile). The lat/long is also used to provide highly effective location searches.

  • We may at some point in the future, provide a monthly non-commercial newsletter, potentially containing profile descriptions and embedded images, which will be sent directly to your email address. You can opt out of receiving this newsletter by editing your Profile Preferences from the My Account screen.

  • As tvChix offers an alternative contact service, due to the nature of the content, some users may prefer to execute a little discretion. In such cases we encourage you to not use a work related email address, or an email address which is not 100% private to yourself.

  • Although tvChix is a free site, it is funded by you, the users. Each and every donation helps to keep tvChix free.

  • After making a contribution, we do not contact you on the email address you sent the donation from. Any contact or acknowledgement will be sent to the email registered to your tvChix account. Where this is not possible, you will receive no contact from us to acknowledge your donation. This is for your own discretion and peace of mind, it does not mean your donation is any less appreciated.

Please submit any feedback, complaints or suggestions via our feedback page.

Thankyou, we hope you enjoy using!


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