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Admirer looking

Last Visited:     14 December, 2017
Registered:     10 November, 2012
Location:     Glasgow, Renfrewshire, Scotland


Can Travel

Male Admirer

Favorite Look:
Classy / Stylish

Im a slim 52 year old admirer, blue eyes looking to meet a TV.
Well i think ill start with where it all began for me, i have seen many trannies describe how the began and how it came about for them so ill do the same.
A good few years ago i was in work and a few adult mags were being passed around in our rest room.
One in particular was one of those contact mags, i was casually flicking through and my attention was drawn to one particular woman. She was strikingly attractive, gorgeous make up and wearing thigh high black leather boots and black elbow length pvc gloves. I started to read this mysterious and beautiful looking womans profile and it turns out she was a Transvestite. Until that moment i had never come across TVs or had any interest in them but all of a sudden an intense and powerful arousal came over me.
That brings me here!!

Interests: Sex, I am Sub, Weekends, Can Travel, BDSM / Bondage, Role Play, Relationship (casual), Friendship, Foot Fetish

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