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Looking to meet similar girls!

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Last Visited:     16 January, 2018
Registered:     09 May, 2017
Location:     Nashua, New Hampshire, United States


Can Travel


Favorite Look:
General / Everyday wear

- Stats -
Age: 26
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 158 lbs. (I do have so muscle which is keeping this high.)
Chest/waist/hips: 38" - 31" - 37"
Shoe: U.S. size 10
Inseam: 31"/32"

- Straight to the Point -
• Believe it or not, I currently spend most of my time living as a male (unfortunately), but I am always looking for the next opportunity when I will be my female-self again. I'll go out dressed in public, but I am picky about the occasions.
• I have no modifications to make myself appear more feminine and don't tend to keep up with myself as a female would (while I am normally in "guy mode"), so I've got quite a lot of work ahead of me to prepare myself when I want to dress.
• I have never been to a dressing service, so all of my outfits were pieced together by myself and are owned by me.
• I am an absolute shoe addict! I own at least 30 different pairs of women's shoes. Most of them are heels or wedges, but I do own a pair or two of flats. I've stored pictures of them all on my private Pinterest board, so direct-message me if you want to see my entire collection.

- Goals for 2018 -
• Make it into the Top Babes
• Improve my make-up skills
• Improve my hair-care and hair-styling skills
• Do some "modeling" (likely unpaid) wearing somewhat revealing clothing with sporty automobiles in the frame

- General Bio -
I started dressing at a young age and after getting away from it for a while, I got back into it again during my college years. Except for this time, it was more than ever before. I would love to meet a gorgeous woman who embraces this in me and builds me up to be a beautiful woman just like herself. Other than that, I am also looking to make new friends (like myself) in the community.

As for my appearance, I have brown eyes and hair. I finished puberty with an A-cup, so I am pretty lucky that I am already ahead of those poor people who are flat-chested. I have somewhat muscular biceps and broad shoulders. I will be happy when I have enough extra money to buy some serious padding for my hips to balance everything out!

Right now, I am trying to do some amateur modeling as, of course, a beautiful female. I tried doing some male modeling, and I just wasn't into it. If my pictures look too good to be real, it's because they were taken by professional photographers!

If you are local or traveling and want to meet up, please message me! I do not have any girlfriends whom I am out to, and I'd love to meet someone "around my age" with whom I can get all dolled up and go for a girls' night out! Even attend music concerts, too! I'll always respond to direct messages if you drop me a line.

Interests: Cross-dressing, Fetish clothing, Shopping, Pvc, Boots, Online chat, Office wear, Lingerie, Dressed nights out, Panties, Email chat, Wigs, Leather Skirt/Dress, Other TGirls, Full Makeup, Convincing, High Heels, Daytimes, Evenings, Weekends, Can Travel, Trendy/Modern club wear, Swim/Beach wear, Uniforms, Tights/Pantihose, Micro/Mini skirts, Outdoor Fun, Corsets, Pubs, Nightclubs, I am a non-smoker, Relationship (casual), Relationship (serious), Females, Single/Unattached, Friendship, Photography, Museums, Movies / Cinema, Good Food / Wine, Music Festivals / Gigs, Holidays / Travel, Politics, Charity / Voluntary Work, Historic Places / Architecture, Sporting Events, DIY Help / Advice, Computer related help/advice, Cosplay / Costumes, Dresses, Skirts, Leggings, Casual Tops, Chastity

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