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Im Stacy From Liverpool....

Last Visited:     07 May, 2016
Registered:     29 June, 2009
Location:     Liverpool, Merseyside, England



Favorite Look:
Innocent Virgin

**UPDATE** 2012
Im now in a relationship with an actual girl (yes ide given up on women & even met 2 guys) But one night while having a drink (in a female friends "as stacy" i was ambushed by her when she invited her daughter, daughters mates & a couple of other actual girls round) reads like a femdom fic i no lol.

Anyways we all had a drink & a laugh and i became pally with 1 girl who i ended up hanging with for about 2 months, to which we ended up together. As i met her as stacy their are no secrets & i dress when i want and we happily take each other :D

we maybe looking for a 3rd party some time down the line, but as of yet im unsure...
What i am sure of though!!... is stacy likes what girls like, as does my g/f
so the nearest a sissy sub is going to get is MAID CHORES

If you stumbled upon here, then it’s up to you if you read it...


Consider it a game walk through... you might loose if you've not studied it....
If you miss something, and ask a question.. You could look an a$$ when I reply in real time chat LOL
So here goes the "Interesting Semi Stuff" IF... You’re Human

Hi, I’m Stacy from Bootle.. According to Google that’s in Liverpool, so you'd be dumb to ask me were...

I’m mid 30's at the moment, that'll probably change over time :'(

I’m kind of shy in person, but I have had 1 night in bed with a man, so I no what I’m doing lol
have been cross-dressing for years, something inside me just burns away at me until I release my fem side, over the years I share this body with my male side, he’s kind enough to give me my own time, so don’t waste what time I do have.

When I’m dressed I just feel more at ease, but then comes the urge for passion, drinking & fun.

My fem sides much more kinda naughty than my male side, although my male sides not some big macho kinda stud, just an average guy... my fem side however, has urges & passions of her own...
which I no she needs to explore in depth with a male, cd, tv or even female willing to wear a strap on toy.

I’m bi sexual; some say that’s greedy.. But I don’t really think it is, my male side is "only" interested in women, and the whole penetrating a male aspect of sex doesn't entice my male side...

BUT... that said
Could possibly be versatile for the right one....
My female side is 100% bisexual, Stacy likes men & women.
(May sound odd... but after all, isn't being 2 people odd anyway ?)

I like to play piano, guitar, watch movies, action, horror, comedy, all round mixed bag
(I have a naughty sense of humor, that’s pretty dark, but funny, mostly lol)

So how am I lookin so far?
Time for some stats I think....

So here goes the "Required Stuff" IF... You’re Still Awake


Clothes Size 12: Tight'ish
Clothes Size 14: Casual & Smart
can wear certain size 10 items

Hair Colour: would vary on the wig.... :P

Eyes: my x girlfriend says BLUE; I think their kind of grey'ish,
"You tell me if you get the chance"

Female feet: I can normally squish into a size 6 to 8
Male Feet: Size 8/9

READ THIS BIT TWICE, THATS TWICE, comes after ONE, comes before THREE (TWICE!!!!)
Body Hair: sadly YES (and theirs NOTHING I can really do about that, to time consuming)
Unless you’re willing to regularly prune me "you’re self”?
NOT pay for it to be done in some place by some total stranger waxing me to death!!

Weight between 12/14 stone, but defo a size 12/14, NOT a 16..
I’m heavy boned, and I really am... ;)

Please remember, I’m a man...I live as a man
I take time out for my fem side!!!

I’m NOT looking for people or interested in people who want and insist on Ultra Smooth Drag Queen....
I am what I am (man in knickers if you wana put it that way) :'(
So if you’re looking for drag... kindly MOVE ALONG, I’ve had way too many try to change who I am...
Personally I have nothing against drag queens, in fact hi.. If you’re reading here..
I love the outfits, the make up, would even do it my self in a club often'ish.. mm I would

DON'T message me saying you’re 100% clean & you want bareback..
So sometimes I’m blonde, but don’t let the hair fool ya
I’ll just block you

DON'T message me for MEETS in the LOUNGE OR CYBER ROOM
(They are NOT meet/hook up rooms, READ THE GOD DAM RULES)
I’m here to chat... YOU CLICK I AGREE when YOU enter chat
I have a right to chat without getting stalked & hounded.. UNDERSTAND?
Show some respect... when and I mean WHEN, I have time to meet, TRUST ME.. I’ll meet
AND I’ll be in the RIGHT CHAT ROOM.....

Repeated abuse will get you Blocked (again I’m not always blonde)
Trying to hack my msn messenger while chatting to me
Will result in a reprisal of which you can’t even begin to comprehend, trust me on that to LOL
MY ip is mine, so leave it alone or else....

I have a pretty erotic and open minded brain
I’m not afraid of cyber, in fact tell me a scenario & I’ll write a book
A book that'll give mill's a stroke & boon a heart attack
(If you've at least heard of them, yet not read them, you'll semi get were I’m commin from)
When you cyber with me, you'll wish I was on the end of were your cummin from LOL

I spent 10 mins ticking stuff like ANEL, CYBER, TV/CD, Uniforms and what ever
So why ask me? READ MY FoOo0oOo0oOo0KIN PROFILE FULLY
You DON'T have to message me then keep me waiting an hour while ya read it
Why not read it & then send a Mail through the site?
Most guys look an ass when they hit MESSAGE just cos they like my looks then ask loads of BS questions like a tard....

I don’t mind talking to you, but when you cum during cyber and then vanish, I’ll just block you
learn to stop just using your inner fem for your male sexual kicks, and using us smarter fems to get them kicks... try to admit you want what we want, rather than act like you want us, when clearly a lot of you want us to take you... I dress like a fem for a reason, my pictures are easier to believe than your lack of pictures and requests for going smooth and letting you suck me

The mmmm guy's
If that’s all you can say, you’re wasting your time
That applies to
Some of us would like a bit more brain cells & interaction....

These should be we'll know by any male, tv, cd, ts, tg or who ever has read this far...
But I’ll go again for those with smaller brain capacity...
I dress as a fem, id like taking to bed by a guy; I’m kind of shy & hairy under my fem fatal
But I’m 100% fem in the mind when I’m with a man
With that said "sucking me" is "purely optional" IE, I don't really require it
Although of coarse I like it, id just rather be doing that to you

Lies catch up with you, so be careful when talking LOL
If you’re a TV, tell me, clearly I’m looking for a GUY... BUT
Clearly I no tv's and such have a bit more passion & theirs that POSSIBLY versatile statement up the page
Starting out as the guy who wants me, then 10 mins of chat and I’m suddenly a Dom & you’re a subby on your knees
THAT'S GONA BE CYBER, it’s that simple......
Telling me you’re a TV/CD to get me in bed.. When your not, I will know this when I meet you... I’m not stupid
Being honest isn't that hard...
If you’re looking for a meet tomorrow morning... f..Off
If you’re looking for a meet right now...
I might be a slut "IN BED" but that’s not the same as being a slut with 1000's of one night stands..

More needs... high maintenance or what ? LOL
Love bites, not giving, I want them.. A girl likes to be marked this way
A sign of ownership and getting them is highly erotic (blush blush)
I’m lookin for
Romance & Rough.. Passion & Pain... Lust and Erotic Yearning
fun guy or girl, with a bit more than just a sexual appetite, although you can bring that appetite with you
funny = a sense of humour, NOT just a drunken coke head.. with poppers & no brain....
SAFE SEX ONLY, but i do like wet knickers, what real girl doesn't appreciate that feeling ?

Due to some current bizarre issues, arranging meets is NOT easy
ALSO removing make up takes longer than putting it on, I NEED the next day FREE
IE, I don’t have to sign on, go here or their, right after I’ve had a night in bed with you..
Some of us live 2 lives.. We need to plan & de-plan, that’s life right?......

U want a beautiful girl, put up with her time constraints!!
"While you just slip your jeans & t-shirt on and head out for a quick screw with something sexy"
Bad enough a girl needs time to get ready
It’s kinda upsetting to go outside next day we have to get unready!!!

Rushing me & pushing me will get you NO WERE...
Theirs plenty of tv's willing to meet within 5 mins notice (if your OOO sooo horny babe...)
I mean... If you can’t get one of them to meet you, then you've been their already..
That also clearly means you've been an ahole and they all hate you...
That makes you one of the dregs.. You realize that yeah?
FURTHERMORE, to say their all sluts and you'd rather have me, so meet me now
If I met you now.. Id also be a slut wouldn't I (after a 2 min chat)
Get real... or get lost... that simple ffs...

Just because I’m hairy, doesn't mean I’m desperate neither
(Desperate for sex MAYBE yes, but I’ve not had much so yeah.. I would be.. lol)
But let’s face it right, I can get that anywhere cant I?
I clearly don’t look that bad do i?
And I mean.. you read this far right?
PLEASE remember that when I block you.. When you say "meet me tomorrow"
Its NOT even funny anymore.... trust me.. Get some better humour.
This profile I’ve spent time writing.. Is an opportunity for you to get to no me

I might seam bitchy, I’m not, have you any idea the nob heads my photos seam to attract?
ber that in mind before you judge me, I’m a really fun person & if you give me the opportunity to prove that, I will (not that I should have to, but yeah.. I also understand that it’s not just the guys who are always to blame for poor communication) be honest & open as you can, a passionate screw is much better than a "wife’s expecting me so I can’t stay long" LOL
Choose You’re Words Wisely When Talking to a Girl, after all, she might fancy you,
rather than just wana use you, and that = passion, rather than just a boring 5 min work out, all done by you lol

COGIATI result value is: 150, classification probable transsexual LOL

as i play piano, i type fast, i might seam hyper in how fast i can reply,
im not, my fingers just work as fast as my brain, im shy & kinda sub at heart
Maybe I will update this one day...
But for now... I’m Stacy... I’m Lonely....
And you’re done reading..... besides them interests they stuck below

still here? jezzz... lol
hey i have a facebook with over 600 pics, kinda naughty i guess
but feel free to ask me for my email and add me
DON'T just send me your email (because it could be ANYONES email your sending me)
trust isn't easy LOL, and im not adding one of your mates for a laugh to get me banned
YOU ADD ME :D and you can see me inside & out, then you'll no if im the gal for U ;)

i DON'T have a facebook profile as they deleted it due to the NAME not being my real male name
BUT... i have a FB PAGE, please click like on it
My FB Page
kinda sad that i had 3000+ added me, yet only 11 clicked like on the page :'(

Wana no more? read my blog on blogspot, link at the top of my profile xXx

Interests: Cross-dressing, Fetish clothing, Pvc, Boots, Stockings / Suspenders, Office wear, Lingerie, Watching porn, Panties, Petticoats / slips, Goth wear, Hair accessories, Wigs, Erotic nights in, Leather Skirt/Dress, Full Makeup, In the Closet, High Heels, Will not meet, Trendy/Modern club wear, Bridal/Wedding wear, Toys, Mature, Role Play, Uniforms, Tights/Pantihose, Micro/Mini skirts, Gloves, Corsets, Satin/Silk, I am a smoker, Furs, Attached, Photography, Museums, Movies / Cinema, Good Food / Wine, Music Festivals / Gigs, Comedy Clubs / Festivals, Charity / Voluntary Work, Historic Places / Architecture, Girdles, Professional Photography, Computer related help/advice, Musician / Sound engineer, Cosplay / Costumes, Dresses, Skirts, Knitwear, Casual Tops, Smart Tops

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