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Sexy Katie, wanting more x

Last Visited:     25 August, 2017
Registered:     26 August, 2005
Location:     Loughborough, Leicestershire, England


Can Travel Adult Transvestite Pics


Favorite Look:
Classy / Stylish

It's way past time I overhauled this description. Like many girls, I've been "taking a break", just peeking in from time to time. Lately I've found myself thinking about being Katie increasingly, so maybe I'll be dipping in more...

Slim, sexy and hopefully attractive (though now over 40 I suppose edging into the mature category?) Katie is looking for VERY occasional discreet meetings, for mutual satisfaction! I love to play with other sexy t-girls (would especially like to entertain a t-girl/real girl couple - or just a girl!) and can be a little submissive (though nothing too extreme!). I would just love to please and be teased by you...

**I'm a petite girl and everything is in proportion - I'm preferably looking for the same (i.e. nobody and 'nothing' too big!!)**

Unfortunately I get little time to indulge my feminine side, so arranging to meet is tricky BUT ... when I do get to play, I like to be sure I can have someone to play with, and that we'll both enjoy our time together ;-)

I've realised that I'm on the 'conservative' end of many interests (surely not the only one?!) - light restraint rather than full-on leather n' chains bondage, wilfully accepting being told what to do rather than being whipped into submission. You know the sort of thing.
My photos give a pretty accurate picture of what I like to wear, which is the sort of thing that 'does it' for me. Stockings (I love opaques), satin underwear, sexy dresses. And HIGH heels!!

Now to address the profile rules, for blind readers:

Hair - well, that can depend.
Height - small (for a t-girl!) -5'5".
Build - slim, a size 10-12.
Eyes - two green ones, plus one elusive one.

IMPORTANT - emails: my 'junk mail' filter is set to remove any messages from anyone without the ability to take a photo or write more than one coherent sentence. Anyone else will get a response even if only to say 'no thanks' - I'm hoping it's 'yes please!!'.
PLEASE READ: I know the rating for my 'responsiveness' is poor, and it's because unfortunately 50% of the mails I get are in the short-and-not-sweet/incoherent category. Save us both time - similarly if you...

* are just some random bloke (who ignored the big 'no blokes' thing at the top of the page)
* look like you might have worked in a steel mill for 50 years (be honest...)
* are just a psycho

AND: please find time to rate not just my pictures, but those of all the other girls who've made the effort! Unless you're going to score low, of course.

'COGIATI' score of -195, which apparently is TWO, FEMININE MALE. The description was quite accurate, so I'd certainly recommend it to anyone curious with a bit of time to spare!

Interests: Cross-dressing, Stockings / Suspenders, Sex, Office wear, Lingerie, Couples, Email chat, Wigs, Erotic nights in, Other TGirls, Full Makeup, In the Closet, Convincing, High Heels, Daytimes, Evenings, Can Travel, No Male Admirers Please!, Experienced, Gloves, Satin/Silk, Dresses, Skirts, Smart Tops

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