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tgirl loulabella camden

Last Visited:     20 January, 2020
Registered:     26 July, 2007
Location:     Islington LONDON, London, England


Can Travel


Favorite Look:
Glamourous / Pretty

----///------put this
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------///-----or has passed away from
----///-----Thank you

wow i got a lucky escape from a psycho i met on here so girls be warned
i sick of users but wow do i care not at all as i have more then enough friends to have fun with and a sexy wife ass well
you know who you are fake and the thing is i should have know better but better of with out them bum holes ha ha
not into old age men or Asian men or silly ugly tvs who think there gods gift and aren't
sorry a lot of people chat a lot of shit and make shit up oh whats that smell i know horse shit

I love my wife dearly. More than I can ever say. The fact she was very promiscuous and remained so, does not diminish my love for her. I will simply do anything for her. Including sucking her lovers' cocks clean after they fuck her. Sometimes they make me eat her cream pies. I know she only married me for the material things I could provide for her

hello guys and girls
i only meet by my meets on here unless we know each other and have meet b4

back now for the time being into men 100% real man only or dom girls
and i am not into users plenty out there & i am not a time waster & don't do meets at short notice too....
to all men who time waste you only get one chance with me as my time is valuable and for people who are genuine and the ones i know.....
Stop wasting your time looking for the key to happiness… the door is open and unlocked… just walk through it.”

bwc bbc { any genuine w/e men welcome top men only} and yes i like dark meat too sorry if you don't like that is that they are just more superior biggest bwc 9 bbc 11 and a lot fatter 24 years lots of fun
my Experience anyway
im only here for nsa sex nothing serious as i have family Commitments and a work life
i work at a bar and finish work 9pm most nights so i don't really do day times
性行为 性感 艳史 性高潮 做爱
sub T girl very fem and smooth free most nite from 10pm can accom in small flat off Camden rd if any men interested and are genuine mail me and ill give you info or go to my meets on tvchx?? please and hygiene is a must both ways
no bb first off all don't even go there unless you have 100% proof of no std
bc loving loulabella sub passive tv girl hiya boys and lady's my name is louisbella and i am a horny smooth cross dresser tv sissy bitch i love to meet other cd ts tv for girlie nights.and genuine men who are top only im very shy at first but once i get going im horny and love sex and i love to x dress so much too, im looking for NSA friendship and maybe more im 5.6 with my stilettos long red brunet blond hair or short sometimes and very girlie and i am smooth all over i look like a lady boy so ive been told maybe because i am half Chinese half Turkish from London ,and i also been told that i look like girl more like a butch les but soon as i slap the make up on i look very fem im a size 12 a perfect 12 and a sexy body an a nice round bum love the retro look i love rht stockings and 50s 60s retro look for the right person so if u wanna meet get in touch loulabella ps not into hairy tvs you must be smooth like me or don't bother me thanks lou xx
genuine top men only pleases and i also have no time for time wasters life to short ..size and fitness is important and of course hygiene i have a partner and she knows im a x dresser she sometimes joins inn the fun she also a professional mistress she more into bbc hotel meets for that service 7plus c,,k size men? no photo shot on my pics guys what you see is what you get not done by professional m/a just by me in 20 mins
Ultra feminine loulaBella is a horny power-bottom for a huge POV cock! loulaBella’s an object of desire in her blue and white floral miniskirt dress. The dress is form-fitting and displays Bella’s mouth-watering curves perfectly. Bella pulls up and off the skirt, strips off her panties and is ready for action. Bella’s pretty cut cock hangs as she attacks the big POV cock. Bella’s mouth and hands service the rod as her small globe tits sway. With the dick wet with spit Bella lowers her ass onto it. Bella is insatiable with the perfect bottom for hard fucking. Her ass swallows the erect shaft inch-by-inch until it’s balls deep inside. Bella rides cowgirl and reverse cowgirl, stroking her girl stick as the dick touches her horny prostrate. Bella takes the changes in position to show off how sinful she is licking the cock in ATM action. It’s doggy style where Bella shines. The view of her looking up at you over her shoulder while she’s being power plowed is divine. Bell is laid on her back for a long hard fuck and the cock goes back into her wide gaping mouth. Bella shows off her flexibility with her legs high in the air when getting it. Her calves are at her shoulders as she’s pounded with no mercy. And Bella LOVES it. Bella feels the cock ready to cum and instinctively gets on her knees and opens her mouth. Warm jizz coats her mouth and tongue which she greedily swallows when really horny. Bella is the top of the mountain when it comes to t girls who really know how to be a passive bottom. oh and one more big thing i love bbc black men must be mature 30plus
L is for look, the way you look at life.

O is for openness, it's refreshing!

U is for unique, your love of life.

L is for loyalty, that you show.

A is for able, for you surely are.

B is for busy, your never idle life.

E is for enrich, a quality you share.

L is for lofty, your ambitions are high!

L is for lofty, your ambitions are high!

E is for exquisite, who could argue?

1. Tell me all the dirty little things you do when you masturbate, you naughty boy/girl. Tell me everything, baby. Tell me how you play with yourself.
2. Do you like it when I touch myself here?
3. Lie back and shut up! I’m going to make you come until you can’t breathe.
4. Kiss me there… Lick every inch of me.
5. Come over here and ride me hard!
6. Fuck me. Right now!
7. Use me as your toy all night long.
8. Touch yourself and let me watch you.
9. Do you want more? Take it!
10. Give me that come, honey. I want it in my mouth. Come on, give it to me.
11. It drives me crazy when you look at me that way.
12. I’m going to do you right now, honey. Your pussy… or your ass…?
13. Well, you stupid fucker, I won’t let you fuck my ass… So what?
14. Shut the fuck up! I’ll fuck you wherever I want, naughty little whore!
15. I always get what I want.
16. Okay, babe, you can have any hole you want.
17. I love the way it sounds when you fuck me. Hear it?
18. I want you to suck out all the juices you put in me with your mouth.
19. Baby don’t stop! Oh my god, I love it when you do that!
20. I’m so fuckin’ wet, just let me suck your sweet lollipop…
21. Put your baby maker inside my hole and fuck my brain out!
22. Just grab my head and force me closer!
23. I’m your slave for the night. Tell me what you want.
24. You can have me any way you want…
25. Get over here, big boy. And show me who’s the boss!
26. Where do you want to come?
27. I want it all over me. Cover me with it.
28. What a sweet sexy ass!
29. Do you like my juicy pussy/big dick? Tell me what you see. Describe it to me.
30. You’re my bitch. I adore how naughty you are. I love you.
31. Babe, you have to follow all my rules tonight.
32. No stops this time. Let’s see how many times I can make you come.
33. Don’t you dare come until I say you can!
34. Maybe you should spank me – I’ve been very, very bad.
35. I want you to undress and wait for me in the bedroom.
36. Get on your hands and knees, sweetheart… and wait like a good girl.
37. Spread your legs wide for me, sweet darling. Your body is mine tonight.
38. You like it when I spread my legs and take you in?
39. I can’t believe what you’re doing! Please do not stop!
40. I love pleasing you and the sounds of your pleasure drive me crazy.
41. You little slut, I’m going to fuck you till you can’t walk! Ready?
42. Fill me up, daddy, fuck my tight cunt! Make me scream with that big dick of yours!
43. Faster! Deeper! Harder!
44. What a hot nasty girl you are! I will wash your mouth out with my cum if you talk dirty, naughty girl.
45. I love how big your cock gets when I talk to you like this.
46. I love sucking your cock. And I’m going to lick it clean.
47. Cum for me baby, cum in my mouth, I want to taste you.
48. I could spend hours between your legs; teasing… sucking; sipping; tasting you.
49. I want you. I want to make love with you. I want to enjoy sex with you. I want to fuck you.
50. Oh, baby, that was the best fuck I’ve ever had. Thank you for that.
----///------put this
---|||----|||----on your
---|||-- -|||----profile if
---|||-- -|||----you know
-----///-----who is living with, survived
------///-----or has passed away from
----///-----Thank you

Interests: Cross-dressing, Fetish clothing, Stockings / Suspenders, Sex, Online chat, Office wear, Lingerie, Dressed nights out, Watching porn, Couples, Petticoats / slips, Goth wear, Hair accessories, Wigs, Erotic nights in, Leather Skirt/Dress, Admirers / men, Full Makeup, In the Closet, Convincing, High Heels, Evenings, Weekends, Can Travel, Trendy/Modern club wear, Toys, Mature, Role Play, Uniforms, Inexperienced, Experienced, Micro/Mini skirts, Pubs, Nightclubs, Satin/Silk, Relationship (casual), Females, Attached, Friendship, Photography, Museums, Movies / Cinema, Good Food / Wine, Music Festivals / Gigs, Comedy Clubs / Festivals, Holidays / Travel, Politics, TV/TG Activism & Awareness, Historic Places / Architecture, Dressing / Makeup Services, Makeup advice, Mature Admirers / Men, Dresses, Skirts, Theatre, Foot Fetish

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