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Wanting social invites.

Last Visited:     17 September, 2017
Registered:     05 June, 2011
Location:     Warwick, Warwickshire, England



Favorite Look:
Classy / Stylish

If you're having a dinner party or something nice, I'd love to join you!

Jan 2016.
New location near Warwick.
Only out a few times now and then.
Went Pinks in December.
Bit apathetic these days.
Couple of new recent pictures to show I'm not too old and haggard yet. Taken within last few months.


At Pinks tomorrow night, come say hi !



I've left The Windmill at Harbury and I'm now living near Silverstone, Northamptonshire.

Say hello if your local !


Room to share at the camp for night at pinks this saturday.
Message me for more info.

Facebook name; michellemalvern1
More info on there.

Is it wrong to want rubber bed sheets and Marmite? 'She' said she'd like it.


Hoo-bloody-ray!! 8th March BNO !!

Finished at The Swan and I am now able to go out on a weekend and enjoy myself!
So, this Friday 8th March I will be heading to Pinks again for the first time in around 6 months! see you there!

26th January 2013 will be the next Swan Soiree here at The Swan in Hanley Swan and everyone is invited for a fun night out.

More to follow.

6th November 2012

So that was the first trannie night here at The Swan. I think it all went well and people enjoyed themselves. I've had some very kind feedback from people on the events page. I will do another one but it's unlikely to be until after Christmas now.

A very big heartfelt thanks to all those who made the effort to come along and support the night. You all made it worthwhile and your company was welcomed very much by all the locals who had a fabulous time and look forward to seeing you all again, as do I.

The Swan Soiree.
3rd November 2012

1st Trannie night party here at The Swan on 3rd November. Check out events page for further details.

August 23rd 2012

The Swan at Hanley swan, Worcestershire.

So here I am living at The Swan and wondering when to organise my first Trannie night here.
I could do with some feedback from local girls about when, how and what sort of thing to try and organise.

Please get in touch!

This is going to be a LGBT friendly place all year round and always welcoming of all genders and tastes, and all the locals are very very supportive and look forward to supporting events.......well, having had me for last year for a few months and having had them all check my pictures, curiosity and beers has gotten the better of them and now there all very eager to be a part of the scene!!!

August '12.

OK, so I'm now back living in Malvern and looking out for new friends in the area, so please drop me a line if your not too far away.

Manchester Sparkle July '12

Highly recommend Velvet Hotel on Canal Street for anyone considering visiting the area. Perfectly located, fantastic service, great rooms with huge bath tubs big enough for 4 people !!

Had a pretty good weekend at Sparkle and now looking forward to Milton Keynes Pride on 11th August.

May '12

Thank you Sophie and Shona for a very enjoyable night out on Canal Street in Manchester over the weekend. Your hospitality was wonderful and Cyndi and I look forward to seeing you both again soon.
Don't forget the open invite for anytime you fancy coming down here- though it's obviously no where near as lively as you've got up there!

9th April '12

Great time again at Pinks with Cyndi_jacobs. Met lots of fabulous beautiful people and had a very enjoyable time talking to everyone.
So many stunning young genuine girls there last night, almost made me want to go straight again!

Looking to get out to some newer venues now so if your heading to Manchester or where ever please do give me a shout to see if I can come with you.

Had a lovely day down in London at one of Annabells private parties. Very good fun! Will be back again!

10th January 2012

This Friday I'll be going to BNO at Pink Punters with a few friends. Any one else want to come along?

5th Deecmber

Yippee!!! Christmas in Qatar meeting friends and staying with a very special Tgirl !
Then New Year back in China ! Any tgirls in Shanghai/ Hangzhou please get in touch.
Happy days.

18th November '11.

I'll be at The Swan Inn in Hanley Swan near Malvern this Friday night with a couple of other T-girls. It's a small little country pub where I used to live and work. I'm going back for all my friends who want to see me dressed. I think half the village are turning out ! If any one fancies coming along please do.
It's not going to be a wild night or anything amazing, just a few drinks and a laugh.
Message me if you'd like to know any more.

9th October.

Back from a fantastic night in Leeds. Definitely be going again!

5th October.

So....this Friday...I am thinking of Leeds with the gorgeous sexy Agnieszka69. Will anybody else be going? Where is a good place to stay and best places to go. I've not been before.

17th September.

Wow, a pretty full on time for the last few weeks. Quite a few nights out dressed, quite a few very late nights/early mornings and even straight on through, no sleep!
Had a few lovely folks around to our new house for nights out and met some stunning girls.
Honestly it seems like its all just not real- I am living the dream.
I am just buzzing right now and so happy with life. It is just f#*king awesome and amazing!

Beautiful, sexy, convincing T-girls are welcome to visit us at our place in Milton Keynes.
I'll post some pictures of the last few weeks soon.

5th September

Now moved into my new house with a very sexy gorgeous Tgirl ! Hooray! Long time getting there.

Looking forward to this Friday and BNO at Pinks!

15th August

In Daventry for a few weeks now! Slowly making my way to Milton Keynes.

7th August

Looking forward to BNO at Pink Punters this Friday !!


8th July

Not happy in current job-
I came all the way back from China just two months ago for this job- what a let down.


12th June '11

Great Friday night at Pink Punters. Met some really nice cool people again.
Thank you again to Maddie- A genius with the make up and hair.

I cannot recommend her services enough- and yes, I would love to sleep with you next time gorgeous!

her page;-

Looking forward to the next BNO!
Thank you to Gloria of course- will return your things soon!!


Tranny of many years and one of those off and on types that's kind of typical of many.
Been abroad for a while now back in UK for a time.
Was here as Michelledaventry before.

Last time in Uk I had a great night out down at Pink Punters as my first time in full gear and in public.
Met lots of great folks there and I look forward to going soon.
Catch up with Madddie, Jackie & Gloria for another amazing night of experiences!

Not the most convincing of tv's but I try and in the dark, if you've had enough to drink, maybe I may pass!

Bi-sexual and fairly easy going with anything.

Ideally looking to meet other tv's and unlikely to want to meet admirers. (Unlikely, but not impossible.)

Avaerage build, 175 tall, clean and healthy, practice safe sex only.
Hair colour usually blond.

Interests: Photography, Art Exhibitions, Museums, Movies / Cinema, Good Food / Wine, Music Festivals / Gigs, Comedy Clubs / Festivals, Holidays / Travel, Politics, Charity / Voluntary Work, Historic Places / Architecture, Sporting Events, Books & Literature, Theatre

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