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A bit broken...

Last Visited:     13 November, 2018
Registered:     11 June, 2011
Location:     Rotterdam, South Holland, Netherlands


Adult Transvestite Pics


Favorite Look:
Burlesque Babe

Some time ago i had a(relatively mild) stroke. Can't complain actually as i've not been living as a saint and one has to pay eventually for abusing ones body. Virtually stopped the serious drinking now but i refuse to give up cannabis. There has to be some escape from everyday drudgery........

Well, that was back then. Still a bit crap as a result of my stroke, walking like i'm permanently drunk so heels are still off the menu. Not much interest in dressing my age and too sane to look ridiculous. Dressing up and stuff now mostly internalized and happening in my head. Only have the urge to practice the art very seldomly nowadays.(which is sorta ok)

April 2018 -
Sexual preference :"young" Mr. Grace ( always had a thing for slightly depraved elderly gentlemen)

Saskia, an attractive 60 year old non-transgender transvestite. I don't have a gender problem, i'm just a pervert with ellaborate fantasies. It's a form of method-acting without an exact script. Nothing wrong with owning a penis.
Little to no bodyhair, average height and size and build. Seriously blonde. Blue eyes.
Not to be messed with. Once a fairly outrageous dresser. Theatrical and slightly obnoxious.
Into full eveningdresses, bridal wear and the whole frills and bows bonanza.

"SASKIA'S TV BLOGGYWOG" (probably one of the coolest depraved transvestite blogsites around)

Tried the prozzy stuff once but wasn't really my thing. Reality just didn't match the fantasy Just couldn't keep a straight face when the guy whipped out his two inch half erect weeny and said "that's all for you ,baby"(lol). Took all the excitement out of the experience i tell you...Especially when he lost his Rolex while fumbling around in my panties and had to crawl about the floor of the car looking for it(lol).

Not really into trannies in general but i might eventually like to get into contact with an extremely frilly sissy transvestite who REALLY is into the whole satin, silk fetish thing and who takes it to the extremes-your wife's old slip is not enough- i want true girly total princesses.......and then some......

At the moment i'm mainly interested in meeting a gentle much older boyfriend (70 and older). No dominant types and no instant sex dates. Love adoration, servility and a bit of grovelling in a gentleman without being actively into domination. Love to play Bride and Groom games. Of course i already got a stunning weddinggown with all the trimmings....... In reality not here with dating in mind(just don't expect to find what i want these days). In the end i'm mainly here for the banter and amusement. I am of course still completely mad.

People often see me as obnoxious but that comes with the terrain of being painfully honest and frank. I've often suffered the consequences of that myself but it's compulsive.


I will now recite a piece from my favourite erotic story ever:


"I was alarmed. Her tone was so menacing. She was much stronger than I
was. She could carry out her threat if she chose. I stood up. I had
a special reason for being obedient to-night.

"That's better, Miss Denise," she said.

I was dressed in an exquisite decollete'd frock of white transparent
chiffon glittering with silver embroideries over an underdress of soft
white satin. The corsage was cut very low, the sleeves being merely
shoulder straps of flashing silver bugles, and my tight unwrinkled
white kid gloves reached up to my shoulders. A sash of white satin
encircled my small waist and was tied in an enormous bow looped through
a huge diamond buckle on my left hip, whence the broad streamers
fringed with silver floated down to my feet. A bunch of pink roses was
pinned on the right of my corsage at the waist. The sheath skirt
molded my legs in its gleaming satin and chiffon, outlining the girlish
curves of my figure and was caught tightly in at the ankles by a scarf
of tulle passed through a big sparkling diamond buckle in front of the
dress and tied in a great bow behind. My legs were quite bound by
these dainty fetters of satin and tulle. The skirt was hemmed with
tulle and was bordered with a festoon of tiny pink roses, and on the
left side a row of flat diamond buttons sparkled up to the knee. The
skirt had a long train of white satin, lined with pleats of tulle which
rustled deliciously at each movement. Phoebe arranged the train in a
gleaming swirl about my feet, and stood up.

" Now Miss Denise, those smartly-gloved hands behind your back!"

" Behind my back! Like a child!"

" Don't argue. Behind your back with them at once, palm to palm, the
fingers pointing down."

I obeyed. How humiliating it was!

Now lift up this pretty face.

She took my chin and tilted back my head.

"I must say, Miss Denise, your governesses have done wonders for you at
your school. You always were a pretty girl of course, but you are
quite lovely now."

I blushed - was it altogether from shame, or was there not some thrill
of pleasure and of girlish vanity in the blush? Oh my two years at a
girls' school had left their influence upon my disposition.

"Now put the high heels of your satin slippers together under your

She looked down to the billowy satin and tulle of my skirt.

"Have you done it? Are the toes daintily turned out?"

"Yes Phoebe.""

"an oldie on flickr"

Interests: Stockings / Suspenders, Lingerie, Petticoats / slips, Wigs, Full Makeup, High Heels, Trendy/Modern club wear, Bridal/Wedding wear, Role Play, Gloves, Corsets, Satin/Silk, I am a smoker, Furs, Single/Unattached, Politics, Girdles, Mature Admirers / Men, Cosplay / Costumes, Dresses, Skirts, Vintage

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