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pure electricity..

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Last Visited:     11 February, 2016
Registered:     08 November, 2004
Location:     London, Surrey, Surrey, England


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Classy / Stylish

Welcome to the Chlöe Tanga profile page!

I love some of the compliments that I'm fortunate to receive, simply too good not to share...and heartfelt thanks to my many friends and admirers, both in the UK and overseas. So here are some that I'm really fond of....

"I have followed your profiles for many years ... and you always look dignified, sensual and desirable"

"what a delightful profile... it gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "as advertised on TV"!

" It's a pure natural beauty that flows from your eyes to the natural like the sun shine certainty; It's smile simple but no less enigmatic and charming that makes me travel in the shape of your face and body and get lost in the brightness of your eyes . It may be the reason I wake up or the reason for my insomnia and when asleep makes me happy makes me dream , that's how you feel , as I see you , it so far away , sometimes so close, but ever so present."

I'm sure that I'm worth of such fine words, but hey, this girl's not complaining!

And as for "Chlöe Tanga" - I've been informed by a friend that my name is a perfect anagram - "change a lot"..... truly something that I never spotted ever before, but how simply perfect is that?

Some recent reviews....

"Quite angel in the making XXX" - true or false?

"Coquette, luscious little tart, sexy bitch, minx, fox, kitten, temptress and chikka" are just some of the words that have been used to address or describe me. The list still continues to increase and always tickles my fancy...and if I'm honest it pampers to my vanity I suppose.

"You ooze class, sophistication and sexiness" - is that really true? and another - "an attractively sexy girl who's sweet and sassy; a lovely person with a gorgeous smile. Upfront, honest and wonderfully chilled - a naturally stylish and delectable woman with a delicious secret"......"Your body was made to be a t-girl and a very beautiful one at that"..."you are just pure sex". Its all done with mirrors....;)

- this I just love..."You are a wonderful little bundle of feminine energy and temptation"

- but this is my favourite...."you look like a dirty aunt, a horny next door neighbour, a sensual cougar, but with a hint of schoolgirl about you, every woman has that inner schoolgirl in them but you seem to have it in are like a best friend's mum that you wanted to f**k as a teenager"

For most of us, being a t-girl is a potentially all consuming expensive clandestine hobby as opposed to a full time lifestyle choice, and balancing two lives is never going to be an easy task. Many admirers fail to realise this and also some venues, who don't always appreciate the sacrifice and risks that we t-girls take. However, achieving a satisfactory status quo in our complicated lives was probably by nature never destined to be simple.

Anyway, a bit more about the Chlöe that you see here, as described by a special friend............

"Petite, brown eyed, and either blonde, brunette, platinum or redhead depending entirely upon her mood, her hair is sometimes bobbed, sometimes shoulder length. Amongst other things, Chlöe is extremely fortunate to have been blessed with a wonderful pair of smooth and shapely legs; and of course she loves the amount of attention that they provoke. Being smooth, well presented and tanned is essential for her as she takes so much pride in her appearance".

And you might be wondering by now, what blows my frock up? metaphorically speaking of course..;)

Well.......I'm a very open minded girl, have a good sense of humour and a rather flirtatious nature. My fashion preferences reinforce this statement, as flimsy dresses, pretty panties and high heels usually top my list of favourite items to wear. Modelling for photos in different outfits never ceases to thrill , and tends to bring out my exhibitionist streak as well. I enjoy going for walks, and drives, in fact almost anything that gets me outside, although I do rather love my home comforts too.


I'm quite happy to chat on line if you want to get to know me better (I'm often on Yahoo Messenger as chloe_tanga) and enjoy meeting others when invited providing I'm comfortable with what's being suggested and whenever circumstances permit. I always prefer to get to know any potential new friends by chatting on the net first. Please don't be shy, do drop me a line or two, tell me all about you; and above all, do please tell me also what attracted you to my profile, and prompted you to get in touch in the first place.

I will always try to reply to all e-mails or messages within a day or two - barring the one liners asking me asking me to meet and drop my panties to meet in a car park, presumably because I've nothing better to so. Although I sometimes enjoy being in the great outdoors, that particular scenario is just too sordid and emotionless for me. I'm happy in the company of other convincing t-girls, but will happily meet meet real girls and will consider exceptionally special couples. As a general rule, although I'm not really physically attracted to guys, but it's not an issue if a guy is attracted to me. I have been known to meet guys on very rare occasions - but it's strictly on my terms only - as one or two privileged and trusted friends can testify.

I can't ever accommodate but I will promise to consider visiting you if we get on and you are in a position to entertain me. I'm exceptionally discrete and genuine as my friends will testify, and needless to say I do expect those qualities in others too.

I'm always willing to chat online or e-mail - just drop me a line and introduce yourself if you like what you've seen and read about me so far. I'm reasonably unshockable, so please feel free to say hello and do feel free to exchange your thoughts with me.

And as you have probably gathered, there are more than a few more pictures of me on Flickr, too. However, I do expect your profile to be visible and to be able to see an image of the person who wants to chat with me. It'd unlikely that I'll reply to you if you are faceless, please be warned. Another link if you are interested here, to copy and paste into your web browser-

To friends and supporters, a heartfelt thanks for the encouragement, support and regular stream of correspondence that usually makes for a fun bedtime read.

Chlöe x

And finally, an all too necessary caveat these days - Nobody has my permission to use any of my profile information or pictures in any form or forum; both current and future. Such action will be considered a violation of my privacy and be subject to appropriate legal ramifications.

Interests: Stockings / Suspenders, Sex, Office wear, Lingerie, Groups, Couples, Panties, Erotic nights in, Other TGirls, Full Makeup, Convincing, High Heels, Daytimes, Evenings, Can Travel, Swim/Beach wear, Role Play, Uniforms, Experienced, Micro/Mini skirts, Outdoor Fun, I am a non-smoker, Relationship (casual), Females, Photography, Art Exhibitions, Movies / Cinema, Holidays / Travel, Historic Places / Architecture, Professional Photography, Dresses, Skirts, Books & Literature

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