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June 2016
Viewing All Events on Wednesday 1st June, 2016
Sweet Wednesday Club Party: What is so rare as a day at SW?
Night Out (Club)
Hosted at Sweet Wednesday Club,
London, England
Open from 1pm to
Added by: sweetwednesday
845 Reviews of "Sweet Wednesday Club Party"

Value for Money: 4.68/5.00 Venue: 4.27/5.00 Atmosphere: 4.60/5.00 Staff Friendliness: 4.77/5.00 Security: 4.64/5.00
Sweet Wednesday, London

Another fab day/night at London's favourite venue for t/girls and their admirers. Friendly. Sexy. Delightfully sleazy. Stay late for the fabulous Sandra, drag comedienne and songstress upstairs.

Night Out (Club)
Hosted at Shadow Lounge,
London, England
Open from 10pm to
Added by: ladylloyd
19 Reviews of "BOMBSHELL!"

Value for Money: 4.42/5.00 Venue: 4.37/5.00 Atmosphere: 4.53/5.00 Staff Friendliness: 4.37/5.00 Security: 4.63/5.00
The sexiest & busiest midweek party for TS/TV their admirers & friends at the plush Shadow Lounge (no membership required)

Londons busiest Trans get together...Pop RnB and Disco classics..

Hosted by: Mzz Kimberley
GoGo Girls: Melissa Hotgal and Honey Foxxx
DJS: Lady Lloyd, Tasty Tim & Silver Summers on the decks!
Door : Chrissy Darling

Shadow Lounge
5 Brewer Street

Entrance free for TVTS before 11pm £5 after / Others £10

Retro Rendezvous: Let's all go down the Strand!
Night Out (Pub / Meal)
Hosted at The Retro Bar, Strand,
London, England
Open from 8pm to
Added by: Tinawithatee
21 Reviews of "Retro Rendezvous"

Value for Money: 4.90/5.00 Venue: 4.67/5.00 Atmosphere: 4.57/5.00 Staff Friendliness: 4.81/5.00 Security: 4.71/5.00
On the first and third Wednesday ( and the fifth if there is one ) each month, girls ( and guys ) get together over drinks in the cosy upstairs bar at RETRO, a busy gay/mixed bar in an alleyway called George Court off the south side of the Strand, between Superdrug and the Halifax. It's just a couple of minutes walk from Charing Cross. Bar prices are very reasonable. There is a section reserved for us girls, and admirers are welcome too. Lots of restaurants in the area if you want a bite, and Kinky Boots is on stage at the Adelphi, just down the road, if you fancy a night out. There is usually another group with a particular interest ( eg. record club, lesbian poly-amorists, etc ) meeting in the upstairs bar too, so there tends to be a bit of social interaction which adds to the evening's fun.

If you need to get changed, we can use the second floor loo as a changing area. It's got a mirror, and a little bit of space.

T-Girls: T-Girls & Admirers At TOUCH SAUNA
Other Social Gathering
Hosted at Touch Sauna,
Wiltshire, England
Open from Noon to
Added by: touch_tv
31 Reviews of "T-Girls"

Value for Money: 4.81/5.00 Venue: 4.94/5.00 Atmosphere: 4.74/5.00 Staff Friendliness: 4.97/5.00 Security: 4.87/5.00
01793 433 326

£15 entry for both t-girls and admirers (no extra charge for being an admirer)


T / G I R L S is a WEEKLY event held at Touch Sauna in swindon, the southwest's biggest venue. Opened in 2012, touch sauna is a gay owned, owner operated gay sauna, aiming to offer that more personal touch ,) One thing you can always count on is a friendly face at the bar, Skot, Ollie and newbie Gary are the only workers at Touch Sauna, 5 days a week, every hour we're open, allowing everyone to get to know at least one of us, making your visit more intimate...

We host a fully licensed bar and lounge area, catering for the girls who enjoy a little evening relaxation. Sofas, magazines, television and much more... we encourage people to get comfortable and make themselves at home. Almost every t-girl event that touch sauna has held, the evenings have been centred around the girls, sitting at the bar, having a good gossip, but most of all having fun!

The rest of the building caters more for the naughty noon girl ,) we have a wide variety of glory holes; from being watched to having five at once! Our cinema rooms provide both gay and straight porn, so there's something for everyone... But if none of that takes your fancy, and the sling just isn't private enough, try one of our private rooms, with lockable doors so you and your playmate(s) can really get to know one another ... Along with a newly renovated wet area, offering sauna, steam room, an intimate hot tub, and wash facilities, kick your heels off and relax in style who knows what might pop up ,)

For the smokers or even sun lovers, our private roof terrace catches the sun all day, and for those chilly winter evenings, dressing gowns and a heat lamp are provided to take the edge off...

Words aren't really enough so we ask to to come down and try it for yourselves!
We're sure you'll find the venue comfortable and welcoming, pop into the bar for a chat and a quick drink before heading down the other end (if you so desire) and make use of the facilities .... When you touch it P U R R S.

Scott Ollie and Gary

Drab or Dress: Friendly TG peer support/social group in Ashford
Other (see description)
Open from 7pm to
Added by: SisterHyde
378 Reviews of "Drab Or Dress"

Value for Money: 4.91/5.00 Venue: 4.60/5.00 Atmosphere: 4.84/5.00 Staff Friendliness: 4.94/5.00 Security: 4.76/5.00
Joe Fagg Pop In Centre

Vicarage Lane Car Park



TN23 1NJ

This is a friendly get together of like minded folk .
Meet new friends & have a chat , laugh & share the trials & tribulations that people within the transgender community face every day .

Come dressed or in drab (drab meaning in birth gender mode ) or get changed here at the venue.

Disabled access to building and disabled toilet facilities available.
Please contact us if you will require assistance to attend.

Free tea and coffee provided.

No alcohol/drugs allowed on the premises .

Plenty of free parking at the new venue after 6pm

This groups is held regularly on the 1st Wednesday & 3rd Tuesday of each month .

The new venue is not as discreet as our last one but there is loads of free car parking but if you're nervous please call if you would like someone to walk you in from your car .


Its hosted by Heather (The_Princess) & me Abbie (SisterHyde).

Please feel free to contact either of the hosts for further information or directions .

Its open to CDs ,TVs , TGs TSs & genuine supportive partners but not admirers .

NOTE We now ask people to make a £3 donation for this event to cover the cost of renting the venue as we no longer have use of the free one in Dover (but we will not turn anyone away who cannot afford this.)

PLEASE FOLKS....would you please add your name to this event listing , even as a maybe , as it encourages other people to attend and will help assure the future of this group .

This also helps if anyone needs a lift or wants to share travel costs.

And by they way we tend to get quite a few more attending than put there names down as many are not on this site at one meeting .
We tend to get 30 plus at most meeting sometimes 40 plus but if you add your name it is really appreciated .

For more info or if you get lost call me Abbie/Kev on

07527 953615

Please note this number is for incoming calls only as this is my own private phone .

If you would like someone to call or text you back then you can text or call Heather at TG pals on

07568 073678

You can also email Heather at

or send me a chixmail here

Thanks and hope to see you there .

Tgirls and Admirers: Tgirls and Admirers @ The Gatehouse
Night Out (Club)
Hosted at The Gatehouse Alternative And Cinema Club,
Greater Manchester, England
Open from Noon to
Added by: dee_selecta
33 Reviews of "Tgirls And Admirers"

Value for Money: 4.91/5.00 Venue: 4.85/5.00 Atmosphere: 4.79/5.00 Staff Friendliness: 4.97/5.00 Security: 4.85/5.00
***** ADMISSION 12 -12 £10 *****


LIPTASTIC: Ladies night
Night Out (Pub / Meal)
Hosted at Titanic Public Bar,
Hampshire, England
Open from 8pm to
45 Reviews of "LIPTASTIC"

Value for Money: 4.89/5.00 Venue: 4.76/5.00 Atmosphere: 4.80/5.00 Staff Friendliness: 4.96/5.00 Security: 4.67/5.00
Hello all and welcome to Liptastics Ladies night at the Titanic

Dear all just to let you know the Titanic is still under refurbishment i visited on Friday eve Martin the Landlord has assured me things will look fine for Wed.

Myself Lady Louise and Karl have run this event now since 2013


Lincoln Girls Social Night: Trans Social every wednesday eve
Night Out (Pub / Meal)
Hosted at The Scene,
Lincolnshire, England
Open from 8pm to
Added by: ms_pink
92 Reviews of "Lincoln Girls Social Night"

Value for Money: 4.80/5.00 Venue: 4.54/5.00 Atmosphere: 4.52/5.00 Staff Friendliness: 4.86/5.00 Security: 4.53/5.00
Lincoln Girls Trans social


Support your local mid week event

Be the person you are .

So come alomg and surport us .


Blackpool Daytime Party: INFUSION Tgirl/Admirer/All Sexes Party Day
Daytime Get-together
Hosted at Infusion Blackpool,
Lancashire, England
Open from 11am to
Added by: Cathylacy
52 Reviews of "Blackpool Daytime Party"

Value for Money: 4.54/5.00 Venue: 4.58/5.00 Atmosphere: 4.31/5.00 Staff Friendliness: 4.83/5.00 Security: 4.58/5.00
Northwest Tgirls and Admirers meet at Blackpool INFUSION club between 11am and 8pm every day Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday for their dressing & cruising mixed party days.

FRIDAY is usually the best day for Tgirls and admirers as it is called the 'Anything Goes' party day and i


RFW (Ripley First Wednesday): RFW Hawaiian Night Aloe-Ha
Other Social Gathering
Hosted at Out Of Town PH,
Derbyshire, England
Open from 7pm to
Added by: GeorginaG
28 Reviews of "RFW (Ripley First Wednesday)"

Value for Money: 5.00/5.00 Venue: 4.79/5.00 Atmosphere: 4.82/5.00 Staff Friendliness: 5.00/5.00 Security: 4.75/5.00
Aloe-Ha Fem de la Fem RFW Summer Hawaiian Night


The Out of Town Inn
101, Butterley Hill Ripley Derbyshire DE5 3LW
Tel: 01773 744458

Proprietors: Dave & Jackie
Bar manager: Debbie


Midweek T-Party: Midweek T-Party @ Northwich Sauna
Other Social Gathering
Hosted at Northwich Sauna Sauna,
Cheshire, England
Open from 11am to
Added by: cjthedj
384 Reviews of "Midweek T-Party"

Value for Money: 4.82/5.00 Venue: 4.87/5.00 Atmosphere: 4.67/5.00 Staff Friendliness: 4.82/5.00 Security: 4.85/5.00
Midweek T-Party's are held weekly (Wednesday's) at Northwich Sauna.

Open 11am to 9.00pm.

The admission price is £12 if you arrive between 11am and 4.30 pm, £10 after 4.30pm

You can arrive dressed if you want, or leave dressed, or alternatively change when you get there. If you want to find



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