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April 2014
Viewing All Events on Thursday 24th April, 2014
Queen-Bea's T-Party: Perfect for your first time out
Daytime Get-together
Hosted at Queen Bea's, Essex, England
Open from 11am to
Added by: Queen_Bea
15 Reviews of "Queen-Bea's T-Party"

Value for Money: 4.87/5.00 Venue: 4.87/5.00 Atmosphere: 4.80/5.00 Staff Friendliness: 4.93/5.00 Security: 4.67/5.00
Queen Bea is holding another day-time social at her home. this is a relaxed, comfortable place to dress and be gorgeous. It is ideal for that first time out. There is no play at all, purely converstaion and relaxation.

Please feel free to check the previous endorsements and ask any of the girls that have been before for the 'low down'.

I am sorry but there are NO ADMIRERS, girls are here to relax and be safe.

There is a £10 entrance fee.

You can arrive dressed, dress here or book Bea to make you over before hand, just call and book. 07584656440.

I look forward to seeing you xxx

Bam Bam,s Cofffee Day: For the transgender community.
Night Out (Club)
Hosted at The Batcave., Cornwall, England
Open from 11am to
Added by: Paula_DeVine
Bam Bam,s Coffee Day.

Comfy surrounds and a very quiet location.

Come along and be yourself for the day, or even an hour or two.

Dressing and Makeup area,

Tea, coffee and soft refreshments will be available from the bar.

This will be our fourth event, so please come along and support us.

Entrance fee of only £1

Various charities will be supported from the proceeds of this event.

Please note, this is a Dressers and Females ONLY event.

Kinky's Closet: TV & Admirers Afternoon Party
Night Out (Club)
Hosted at Kinky's Closet, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Open from 1pm to
Added by: kinkycloset
35 Reviews of "Kinky's Closet"

Value for Money: 4.91/5.00 Venue: 4.94/5.00 Atmosphere: 4.91/5.00 Staff Friendliness: 4.97/5.00 Security: 4.97/5.00

Due to popular demand the events will now be alternated each month between Wed and Fridays and now Thursday afternoon events.

A chance to meet others socialise in downstairs lounges and if you wish to get a bit more intimate then why make use of the 4 playroom upstairs.

The parties are very relaxed and non pushy and are held in a secluded private house in the North of Glasgow.

There are 4 playrooms one with love swing, dungeon, 2 lounges, one with dancefloor and one with pole dancing and smoking area.

TV's, CD's, male admirers, couples & female admirers all welcome.

There is a party contribution towards running costs, food & drink.

Parties 1pm-4pm.

Soft drinks & snacks provided.
Bring your own alcohol.
Condoms and towels provided.
Changing facilities available.

If you wish to have a make over & use of my wardrobe then please contact for details.

Makeovers betweeen 11am & 1pm.
Make over extra £20
Make over & clothes £35

If you wish to be added to the guest list or for further info then please get in touch.
07986 611419

The Townhouse TGirl Event: A safe place to meet
Night Out (Club)
Hosted at Townhouse International, Merseyside, England
Open from 6pm to
Added by: Riccarda
Tgirls, all flavours of trans, couples and all admirers welcome too. You will be met by welcoming staff in the reception as soon as you enter, they will explain how it works and give you a brief tour.

A quiet area on the A41, no curious neighbours and not too secluded either. Ample, free parking with only ten steps to the discreet, secure entrance. Come dressed or use the first floor locker rooms to get changed.

Ground floor with the bar area is ideal for chit-chatting and staff have always been helpful in Ice Breaking for newbies, you will be made feel at ease from the beginning. Showers on all floors, 1st and 2nd floor have private and shared play rooms, even dungeon rooms too! Wet areas with Jacuzzi and Sauna, if you want to test your waterproof mascara!

You want to socialise, you want to be admired in your fab clothes and shoes, you want to meet other people to share tips and tricks with, you want to see where it leads. The night can be purely social and there's no expectation for you to play. Last, we all know what a hassle it is arranging meets online, in a club you can get one to multiple meets in a night, no promises made, no time wasted writing back and forth and everybody present showed up!

Once a month, 4th Thursday, every month. However, the club welcomes Tgirls any night.

Use of towels included, condoms free. Soft drinks at modest prices and TownHouse now has a licence to dispense alcohol, but you are still welcome to bring your own too as before (£1 pound corkage price).

Contact details?
07788634850 or 0151 645 3552
9 Union Street, CH42 3TL.

Teds Place - Fulham: The best midweek venue in town
Night Out (Club)
Hosted at Ted's Place, London, England
Open from 7pm to
Added by: NikkiMay
27 Reviews of "Teds Place - Fulham"

Value for Money: 4.89/5.00 Venue: 4.48/5.00 Atmosphere: 4.63/5.00 Staff Friendliness: 4.89/5.00 Security: 4.78/5.00

The club opening time is 7.00 pm with last orders 2.00 am closing 2.30 am.

Entrance fee £5.00

Ted has now been running his club for 23 years and it is a firmly established venue for T girls and their admirers every thursday night. He also runs a more chilled out evening on Sundays.
Thursday night is well known by the established community but there may be many newcomers who are unaware of one of the premier meeting places in London.
I wrote an article about two years ago on Teds Place for a magazine and append a slightly amended version below so that you can get the flavour of the evening.

305a North End Road,
W14 9NS
0207 385 9359

The Friendliest Place in Town.
Thursdays TS TV Disco Night
Admirers welcome
London's top Night Club
for TG's and their friends


Hidden away in Fulham, west London, is one of the scene’s best known bars.
Walking down the North End Road, you won’t see flashing lights and bouncers outside the door of one of the oldest venues for trans people. In fact, you could walk past the entrance without knowing it was there. For those in the know, there is a big sign in the window in red proclaiming:-


Described by the ever faithful and wonderfully informative TV / TS UK Community News as the ‘Friendliest Place in town’ it provides a unique meeting place for T girls, friends and admirers every Thursday night from 7 pm to last orders at 2.00 am.
The staff are wonderfully friendly and you are warmly welcomed by Ted,
who will invariably greet you with ‘Hi Babe. How’re doing?’
The club is in the basement and is a blend of bar and disco with music mixed by resident DJ Dennis (who also DJ’d at Ron Storme’s club in Stepney).
The club started in 1945 and was originally run by Ted’s uncle as The Sports Supporter’s Club, through to 1990, when it closed. If it hadn’t been for a chance remark by Ted’s mother, as they were walking past, that the premises were empty, the Club as we know it would never have evolved.
Ted had been running the bar and functions at The Hurlingham Club, in Fulham, and decided that he had the right experience for taking number 305 on. Ted’s Place was born. It ran as a general bar until 1992, when it became a women only club (Fannies), which won the Women’s Best Bar Award in the Pink paper for two years running.
Along with the regular evenings, there were Blind Date and Karaoke nights and Ted found that a number of T girls were coming along. He tells me that he had read an article in the Beaumont Society magazine and decided to start advertising in Time Out Thursday and Saturday nights for T girls and their friends. On Saturdays he arranged cabaret, with well known artists, such as Dave Lynn. This was about fifteen years ago but because of pressures on Ted’s personal time and the fact that other clubs provided venues on the Saturday night, the Club is closed Saturdays, apart from occasional special events.
It is possible that Ted could proclaim the Club to be by Royal Appointment. The story goes that one evening four young men arrived wearing male garb but faces made up as girls. One or two of the patrons thought they recognised one of the heirs to the throne and later they were spotted being whisked away in a car bearing HRH.
In fact Ted’s is host to many Queens and Kings if you think about it, so no big deal.
Ted’s has visitors from all over the world and caters for all T girls at whatever stage they are at. There are changing facilities in the loos but you must get there at opening time before the rush starts and I warn you it is very cramped.

Dogging Gang bang Couple: Married Cum sluts doogin in our van
Other Social Gathering
Essex, England
Open from 7pm to
Added by: nickyo
Married couple dogging in Danbury ford thursday early evening about 7ish start (google Hurrells Lane)

Wife will be naked and blindfolded waiting in the back of our van sniffing poppers.

We want 5 (or more) guys and 2 TV maids to join us for a very kinky time.

Last time was great, so hope to repeat, new and old friends welcome.

No fees but please be polite and bring the lady a nice bottle of dry white wine. We know we have arranged to meet and we find this way is a good signal.

Gang bang, Bukkake Cumfeast BB type fun.

Mail us for details

legs800: tv & admirers club
Night Out (Club)
Hosted at Legs 800, London, England
Open from 9pm to
Added by: tinateaser2
89 Reviews of "Legs800"

Value for Money: 4.71/5.00 Venue: 4.42/5.00 Atmosphere: 4.52/5.00 Staff Friendliness: 4.85/5.00 Security: 4.56/5.00



02085581331 07833652136

TWISTED: Weekly Event For TV's, CD's & Their Admirers
Other Social Gathering
Hosted at The Greenhouse, Bedfordshire, England
Open from 10am to
Added by: fannyless
3 Reviews of "TWISTED"

Value for Money: 4.67/5.00 Venue: 4.67/5.00 Atmosphere: 4.00/5.00 Staff Friendliness: 4.67/5.00 Security: 4.67/5.00
Every Thursday @ The Greenhouse Sauna Luton 10am till 1130 pm.

Come along and meet your friends and admirers, enjoy the clubs facilities, chat to the friendly staff.

Powder Room to change and make up.( lockers in main changing room)

Cafe Bar

Rest Rooms

Fetish Room

Sauna, Jacuzzi, Steam


Entrance £14

Car Parking close by couple mins walk, run by local council.

Ring 01582 487701 and ask to speak to Chloe for furthr infomation.

The Isis Club in Leeds: Sweet Amy's Birthday Party
Night Out (Club)
Hosted at Isis Club, Yorkshire, England
Open from 11am to
Added by: BrianWYorks
5 Reviews of "The Isis Club In Leeds"

Value for Money: 4.80/5.00 Venue: 4.60/5.00 Atmosphere: 4.80/5.00 Staff Friendliness: 5.00/5.00 Security: 5.00/5.00
Continuing with the new opening time of 11 AM
Its party time for all you lovely Easter chicks and bunnies
So come along and enjoy a relaxing time spent with like minded sexy people.

Sweet Amy is another year older, so cum along and give her loads, of kisses of course!!!

Every week is our Afternoon of fun n frolics.
Loads of sexy guys and girls have been cumming to our afternoons of jolliment so why not join us.

This event occurs every Thursday afternoon, along with some evenings of sexiness.

1st Thursday evening is Fetish night at the Isis Club

2nd Thursday evening is a Greedy Girls night. This is a night for girls without that little bit of extra who like to enjoy as many guys as they can. It's not a TV event.

3rd Thursday evening is the Isis Bi Night and anything goes.

4th Thursday is the All Day party.

5th Thursday evening, which occurs 4 times a year, The Isis Club is closed.

Come and spend an afternoon and evening of fun and frolics with like minded people in the North’s premier TV club.

Take advantage of our Thursday event. Entrance is £10.00 per person each time you attend.

Do you want to spend time as someone else? Well this is your club, and this is your time!

Have you ever wanted to dress as a woman and be who you're meant to be? Of course you have girls, it's a great thing to do and the place to be is Isis.

How would you like to meet with other people who share the same interest?

Come on down to Isis the place for beautiful people, who want to meet other beautiful people with the same interests. We have weekly parties for people just like you every Thursday afternoon in Leeds at Isis. We also have a once a month 'Special Party Day' this runs from 1.30pm till 11.00pm, for a good get together, in great company.

We understand that you need privacy and security, and we assure you that we only allow like minded people to attend these events. The venue we offer is not only comfortable and filled with like minded people, but it is discreet, private and friendly.

We would like to give people the opportunity to feel like they can bring their lifestyle into the 21st century. Be it transvestites, or cross dressers, male, female or couples. We are all individual people and all have our own ideas on how we would like to run our lives, and not how someone else would want us to run it.

But be assured we have a strict privacy policy and discretion is our middle name. This club separates different lifestyles by holding events on different nights. If you would like to attend any one of these events please contact us 0781 828 2255.

In the evening we offer music and dance, we have a non alcoholic bar which serves soft drinks and coffee. If however you prefer an alcoholic drink you are very welcome to bring your own favorite tipple.

Come and join us and feel totally at ease in this very welcoming friendly environment. We look forward very much to seeing you all soon.


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