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Donate via Bank Deposit

Bank Donations must be sent electronically, via your own banks Online Banking website.

Please note that Barclays will no longer accept cash deposits over the counter.

Account Name:


Sort Code:

4070 6426

After sending a Bank Donation, use the button below to let us know.

This is important, to allow us to identify your donation and credit it quickly.

The following notes apply to Bank Donations:

  • To ensure the fastest possible processing for bank donations, it helps if you donate a 'random' non-rounded amount, For example, £20.12 instead of £20.00

  • If you are given an option to enter a Reference for your payment, please ensure it matches what you enter on the Register Bank Donation page.

  • I am unable to accept International Bank Donations via IBAN or SWIFT, sorry.

  • Please allow 5 working days for Bank Donations to be processed.
    They are always credited the same day they appear in my account, although this can often be several days after they appear on your own statement

  • For instant processing, please consider instead making an Credit/Debit Card Donation, which is both secure and discreet

Other Donation methods:

Credit/Debit Card (Instant) Postal Donation

Thankyou for supporting tvChix.



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