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Mission Statement (and our Corporate Business Model.... or something)

tvChix aims to become the most useful FREE contacts site for T-Girls, Crossdressers, Transvestites, Transgendered people, and their admirers, partners and friends.
Its as simple as that!

Who runs tvChix?

tvChix is run by a single person. Just me. No-one else.
As such, I dont have to answer to advertisers, venture capitalists, or the vast array of other lifeforms who plague the web these days, seemingly driven only to make a fast buck.

Why did you create this site?

Whilst I dont specialise in web development, I have done numerous web sites.
It was clear there was demand for a good contacts site for TGirls, which didnt try to rip them off, sell them crap, or screw money out of them in some other way.

Why is this site free ?

I am a believer that freely available sites and software will eventually become worth more than any commercial venture could ever be.
I dont mean it will make more money. Clearly it wont. But thats not my aim.
My aim is to create a site that is useful, popular and respected within the community.
If I can do that, then Im happy.
This is why Im constantly pestering you for ideas and suggestions!

What do I get back for donating ?

There are a wealth of various website enhancements you receive when donating to tvChix
I try to design the enhancements so they are just that: enhancements, rather than essential features.
Unlike many other sites, you wont be pressured into paying just to send messages, search, or use the chatrooms or forums
Likewise, tvChix does not spam you with ads or marketing.
I hope that in return, you will be encouraged to support tvChix, since donations are our only source of funding.

Ah I get it. You are just creating a free site till you build up your userbase, and then youre going to start charging, right?

No, thats not my intention at all. I have promoted tvChix as a 100% FREE site, and so 100% FREE it will remain

There is a teeny ickle caveat however:

What costs money with website hosting is bandwidth. Since tvChix contains hundreds of user images, these all eat heavily away at the bandwidth.
When my monthly bandwidth is exceeded, the site is disabled. So far I have been happy to pay more (so far thats over £450) to keep the site going, but if im out of pocket by hundreds each and every month, then clearly tvChix cant stay afloat.

This is where I rely on donations to help offset some of my costs.
I would like to point out that Im not trying to make a profit from this site, I only hope that it doesnt come close to bankrupting me each month.

So if you like the site, and use it regularly, please consider making a small donation.

Whats 'small'? Well already I have had two very generous donations for £10 and £20. You know who you are and Im very grateful.
But my recommended donation is something in the region of £5 per month.
But anyway, enough of this. My intention is not to beg, just to be quite clear about how the site works.

So why dont you get some banner adverts in to make some revenue ?

Lets face it. We all hate banners and adverts.
Nothing more annoying than a great big flashing banner in your face when youre trying to read.
Yes, with the traffic tvChix is generating already, I could probably generate a few pounds, but Id prefer to keep the site advert free. That way, the site is hopefully a pleasure to use, and thats very important to me.

Hey! Im pretty poor. I want to use tvChix but I'll be damned if Im donating!!

Relax! Thats fine. You are still very welcome to use all of tvChix's features.
Maybe you can think of a good idea to improve my site, or even a nice bit of feedback is worth a lot to me also.

But whoever you are, I hope you have a lot of fun on tvChix, and meet lots of new friends!

Lots of Love



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