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Damsel in Dis Dress

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Last Visited:     20 September, 2017
Registered:     07 April, 2011
Location:     London east, Gloucestershire, England


Adult Transvestite Pics


Favorite Look:
Smart Tart

To hone my own skills as a domme, I am now in training with Trinity Stafford, who has kindly taken me on. It's a bit like training in psychotherapy; to become a psychiatrist you need to undergo a certain number of hours of therapy yourself.

I am lucky that she has taken me on as her project.

30th May 2013:

Just been to George & Dragon, Hackney Rd. Who IS the lovely DJ? Does she spin things every week? Go and gawp at her - she's lover-ly


Thanks to everyone who sent me a Valentine's message - you lovely people. Who says romance - or indeed smut - is dead?


Hello Lovelies,

Me, in top babes? I can't believe how chuffed I am. Guess I'll change my name to Shallow Sam. Thanks for all the votes, even the 1s from boys with tiny, tiny penises. It's not a self-assessment chart for the size of your manhood you know. Just in case you were getting confused, what with all that blood rushing into such a small place...

Oh, maybe it's the menapause hitting me - but to certain girls (only a small few) who obviously think they'e so special with their X-Factor backing-dancer looks and pout and spout about other girls desperate for votes... use your arse for pleasure, but fire it as your spokesman.

And don't even get me STARTED on the situation in Syria...


FINALLY managed to get a full set of pix up. Any suggestions re. outfits more than welcome (especially if they come with said outfit attached. Sounds impossible I know, but I'm sure the Interweb can do anything).

Oh, and without meaning to sound like a bitch, NO MEN. Not unless your covered in girls' clothes.


New pics at last - but only two on here at the mo' because I have to shrink this and tweak that... and that's hard what with the Eurozone crisis and all. I'll get more pics up when A) I've finished the bottle of port in front of me and B) my maid stops whimpering and SERVES me the port. All her 'no miss' this and 'please miss' that makes it hard to concentrate innit.

Loads more on my flickr page for all you spunky gals. Just don't look at them whilst operating heavy machinery xxxx


At present I am the invisible woman, wrapped in bandages, wearing sunglasses, and shuffling round dark alleys wishing I'd never drunk the accursed potion (ie deleted my old profile).

But in a moment of drunken panic, I killed off my old self, and am now waiting for my new self to blossom from the best dressing service in London. So I WILL post pics up soon - HONEST!

Description wise, underneath the bandages I'm a little chubby, tall, very long legs. Eyes nose mouth ears... all kept in a seperate bag.

Toodle pip

Miss Roberts xx

Interests: Office wear, No Male Admirers Please!, Corsets, Attached, Friendship, Movies / Cinema, Good Food / Wine, Holidays / Travel, I have Tattoos, I have Piercings, Books & Literature, Theatre

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Elomi Jodi Plunge Bra Velvet

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Happy Birthday to avalon09 (Thursday)



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