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Last Visited:     20 February, 2017
Registered:     23 May, 2011
Location:     Stanmore, London, England


Can Travel Adult Transvestite Pics


Favorite Look:
Innocent Virgin

New Years resolutions for 2017.
To try to come out of my shell a little bit more and do 'meets'.
To take my the advice from my sisters at Sweet Wednesday club- 'Go on Natasha, try it, it feels so good and doesn't hurt. It will make you feel more feminine and its natural.....all the other girls do it'.

I have been dressing now for almost 5 years and I can’t believe it’s been that long. How time flies when you are having fun. I realised there was no turning back when I first pulled down my pink panties (the cute pink tiny ones with the little kitty on the front) that summers afternoon in the field with the help of that kindly gentleman farmer, little did I know what a wonderful journey I had begun. I would also like to point out that it is simply not true when they say British farmer's meat is not as tasty as European meat. My doctor informed me that change was good and it’s perhaps what I needed. I doubt she expected me to take it as far as changing sex!

I soon discovered TV Chix and joined purely for the great book reviews and look what all the pornographic images and filthy talk has done to me! I blame all you perverts for my hyper sexualized life!

I have never ever had an issue or been worried and concerned over my transformation into Natasha. It often feels more right then the other me. And something that feels this crazy wonderful is simply way too good to be ignored. My desire to be a girl doesn’t need explaining, I don’t need therapy, I don’t need a search into my childhood to reveal events that have influenced this state of mind. I just need better make up, higher heels and help getting my lashes on.
I’m a mixed up lil girl in a big mixed up world desperately trying to make sense of it all. Making mistakes along the way and trying to be brave and pretend I’m a tough little survivor when in fact I’m still too naïve and young to be out at night. When I do venture out I’m lead to dark places by older men with big hands who give me that tickly feeling in my tummy and I’m too helpless to refuse.
I can be found relentlessly brushing my hair, fluttering my lashes, adjusting my pointless barely there micro mini and straightening my pretty lacy blouse whilst sipping my Chardonnay in most London TV venues.

My look and influences are pretty straightforward. Think Lolita, a tempting teen way too impatient for adult hood. A naughty little girl who is jealous of her older sister’s late night antics coming home drunk, make up smeared with no knickers. I’ve noticed her boyfriends checking me out and other older men and it gives me a thrill. So I’m out making mistakes and being somewhat precocious. The outfits in the photos are what I wear when out.

I’m part Thai on my mum’s side. It may explain the high cheekbones, good skin, slim build and graceful femininity (yeah right…LOL). I speak some Thai and can converse with my Thai sisters in the T girl clubs. I’m 5’7” without heels, have long straight black hair down to my perky lil bum. I have a pretty face with good skin and fluttering eyes. I have long legs and one very cute bottom, which appears to become public property when out in clubs. I walk like a hooker on a catwalk in my heels and can work a pole like the number one girl in a Pattaya brothel.
It is impossible to put into words how utterly exciting and invigorating it is to dress and to then be out in public looking like this. I don’t think it can be topped as an all-encompassing physically and emotionally explosive experience. It is addictive and for all those girls that have a crisis and burn their clothes and chuck the make up, my advice is don’t bother. You can’t ignore who you are and the massive emotional and physical urge that builds within you. Accept, embrace and enjoy!!! The sensation of having people come onto you whilst you are dressed is like a missile surging through your body that ignites every nerve in every part of you. It makes you feel so alive and for sure is the walk on the wild side that many of us crave!!

I have a sense of humour; a great imagination and can hold a conversation. Adore all the amazing friends I’ve made over the years and the crazy adventures I’ve had along the way. My usual hangouts are: Way Out, Sweet Wednesday, Candy Girls, Legs, and Teds Place. I also hit other venues when I can.
I often get asked what’s my type so I figure it’s along these lines: someone who is confident, a great sense of humour, caring and understanding, successful, and intelligent. And if Marcus Schenkenberg walked through the door…..well its game over. And I fancy other T-girls too but mostly drawn to my Asian sisters!

I have so many fantasies but I’ve written way too much and nobody ever reads this stuff anyway so will keep that sordid stuff in my head!

Take care all, Natasha xx

Interests: Cross-dressing, Stockings / Suspenders, Sex, Online chat, Lingerie, Dressed nights out, Watching porn, Couples, Panties, Petticoats / slips, Hair accessories, Wigs, Admirers / men, Other TGirls, In the Closet, High Heels, Daytimes, Evenings, Can Travel, Swim/Beach wear, Toys, Role Play, Inexperienced, Micro/Mini skirts, Nightclubs, Satin/Silk, Relationship (casual), Females, Single/Unattached, Friendship, Photography, Art Exhibitions, Dresses, Skirts

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