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Barcelona L'Eixample (Gayxample) Village (Communal Building)
Barcelona, Barcelona
Communal Building
Casanova Area

Venue added by: Sasha_Dixon
Date Added:
17th Sep 2012

Contact Details:

The main gay area in Barcelona is called L'Eixample or Gayxample, but let's start at the beginning. The beginning being the street everyone first heads for in Barcelona - Las Ramblas. It runs from the port, to the center of town, stopping just a few blocks short of the gay village and is famous for Barcelona's best street performers. It's a constant highway of people walking up and down it to see it's many visual delights. A word of warning though, Barcelona is renowned for professional pick pockets, never put your wallet in your back pocket and don't leave anything unattended, not even for a second. When the sun sets is when Barcelona really comes to life. After a hot day, the boys come out to play! Barcelona's gay scene is lively and stylish but remember in Spain you don't go out to eat until 10pm, the bars don't get going until midnight and the discos don't even open until 3am, so get some sleep in before you go out.

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Barcelona L'Eixample (Gayxample) Village
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Barcelona L'Eixample (Gayxample) Village
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Barcelona L'Eixample (Gayxample) Village

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