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I love Panties!!!

Last Visited:     06 May, 2011
Registered:     01 May, 2011
Location:     Amarillo, Texas, United States


Can Accommodate


Favorite Look:
General / Everyday wear

I started with wearing panties when I was younger, about 9 probably. I remember loving the way they looked and how they felt. I love the pretty colors and the waistbands and ive been hooked ever since. After a few years of sneaking panties from my sister at night and acquiring my own through different means i started moving on to pantyhose and from there i just steadily progressed into fully dressing up. I didnt really start getting into it til about 4yrs ago when i first started living alone. I then started shaving my legs and wearing panties 24/7 and crossdressing more often. After a little bit of that i finally worked up the courage to actually dress up and go out in public. I love it!!! I love being girly and wearing lots of pink and short skirts. Im 24 now and i only plan on having more adventures. Im about 5'6 and small bodied, i have hazel greenish eyes and dark black hair.

Interests: Cross-dressing, Shopping, Sex, Dressed nights out, Panties, Email chat, Wigs, Admirers / men, Other TGirls, I am Sub, I am Dom, In the Closet, Daytimes, Evenings, Can Accommodate, Inexperienced, Tights/Pantihose, Satin/Silk, Females, Attached, Friendship, Movies / Cinema, Music Festivals / Gigs, Comedy Clubs / Festivals, Holidays / Travel, Dresses, Skirts, Leggings, Books & Literature

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