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pussycat from outer space

Last Visited:     29 June, 2016
Registered:     16 October, 2005
Location:     Tallinn, Estonia


Adult Transvestite Pics


Favorite Look:
Goth Chick

July 2016.

Going to visit LONDON and hopefully BRIGHTON too, the second half of July !!!
Id love to meet new people, so guys and gurls, give me a message, Id love to have fun, maybe go clubbing or just visit places and get to be friends !

Havent used this site for quite some time, although I do like it a lot !


I just returned from a 3 month trip to South-East Asia.. Loved it to the max. I want to live in Bangkok ! Or London ? Or maybe Berlin.. Not in Estonia, though.


Visited Brighton UK in the end of October and had such good times there !
Looking forward to being there again.


I am thirty something yrs of age T-girl from Estonia.
I have been a tg person as far as i can remember. I recall beginning crossdressing at a very early age already. There's been a period in my life when I felt I could be a TS. But these days I am living my everyday life as a kind of little bit androgynous male. But love becoming a woman as often as I can.
Sometimes I feel really feminine and want to doll myself up and look beautiful and sexy yet there are periods when I am not so active with crossdressing. When I was in my early teenage years I chose my femme name to be Vanessa, as I found it kind of real feminine and somehow innocent and cute. These days I am not so sure about in anymore. I sometimes like to call myself Luna when I am en femme.
But Vanessa is also still a sweet one as well ;)

I am slim, have a little bit sexy-athletic body type.
i am 174 cm tall (without heels ; )
and weight some 68 kg. Like to stay fit, but have stopped working out and going jogging these days, as I feel wanting to become more slender and not so athletic, more feminine.

I totally love wearing pantyhose and stockings very much, it's a real passion for me, and it feels so wonderful ! Of course I love wearing high heels, lingerie, make-up. Well the usual tranny kicks ;)
Like taking care of my body and skin and give myself pedicure and manicure sessions, keeping my skin smooth and hairless.
Very much interested in arts, music, movies, photography, culture. I like travelling (though have done it too little) flirting, dancing, going out en femme and want to do it more and more. I wish to make many new tranny friends here. I am also a real admirer of other beautiful T*girls that take effort in looking good and stylish. I also like men/admirers, but of course I am very selective. I actually feel I should move away from Estonia, because there's too little going on here and there's almost no tranny scene..

It's been awhile since I updated my profile here. But it feels good to have done it now.

And I finally put up some photos on my Flickr site, there are only few at the moment, but I will surely make it more versatile real soon.

Interests: Cross-dressing, Fetish clothing, Shopping, Pvc, Boots, Stockings / Suspenders, Sex, Lingerie, Dressed nights out, Watching porn, Couples, Panties, Goth wear, Hair accessories, Wigs, Erotic nights in, Leather Skirt/Dress, Admirers / men, Other TGirls, Full Makeup, I am Sub, High Heels, Evenings, Weekends, Trendy/Modern club wear, Toys, Role Play, Tights/Pantihose, Micro/Mini skirts, Gloves, Outdoor Fun, Corsets, Nightclubs, Satin/Silk, Furs, Relationship (casual), Females, Friendship, Photography, Art Exhibitions, Good Food / Wine, Music Festivals / Gigs, Holidays / Travel, TV/TG Activism & Awareness, Historic Places / Architecture, Girdles, Professional Photography, Mature Admirers / Men, I have Tattoos, I have Piercings, Dresses, Skirts, Leggings, Knitwear, Books & Literature, Theatre, Can Accommodate (Overnight), Foot Fetish

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