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Pink Punters (Nightclub)
Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire
4 Watling Street
Milton Keynes

Venue added by: frankmcmahon
Contact Details:
Telephone: 01908 377 444

Venue Map
Home of the BNO.

The Venue
A family run venue set on the outskirts of Milton Keynes, on the doorstep of the world famous 'Bletchley Park', Pink Punters is the fastest growing LGBT venue in the UK. It is set over three floors with an outside bar/food area and a pool table in what has been said to be the best 'Smoking Area' in the UK (whether you smoke or not). We have new areas under construction at all times. Massive investment and a real commitment to providing a World Class venue is demonstrated in everything we say and do. The Campanile hotel is 100m door to door away. Whilst we are developing all areas, our main priority is to develop our transgender services and facilities.

BNO, Sparkle & TAG
Many of you will have visited or heard of the BNO held here every 2nd Friday for the past five years. Some of you will be aware that over the past couple of years we have become the main sponsor of Manchester Sparkle - the biggest transgender gathering in the world. A handful of you will know that we have recently set up a Transgender Advisory Group (TAG) who is now advising the club on what services and facilities need to be in place for us to become a World Class Transgender venue by 2012.

Quality & Standards
Pink Punters aims to become the premier UK Trans venue with very high standards and a reputation for providing a quality, safe and welcoming atmosphere. We do not have a dark room nor permit sexual activity inside the club and despite the fact that we operate according to our detailed values at all times, everyone still manages to have a great time in the very mixed environment. At the end of the night our security can escort you to your transport or to your hotel entrance and all under the watchful eye of our security camera network.

Coming Out
If you are 'Coming Out' Pink Punters and BNO is said to be the best place to start. If you are coming alone for the first time then one of our 8 TAG members would be more than happy to escort and introduce you on your first visit.

Rainbow Operations
Rainbow Operations is our personal commitment to supporting LGBT campaigns, events and charities nationwide. NO other UK venue does as much for the LGBT communities as us. We are confident none ever will and we are very proud. We will do all that we can to support those who support us. Have you seen Rainbow - the biggest gayest bus in the world, check it out, join our crew!!!

World Class
Our World Class (Trans) Journey is well underway and you are welcome to come and talk to us about that at any time. Have your say by e-mailing the Look for constant improvements/updates, better still come and join us any weekend and make your own mind up. Pink Punters - already said to be the best UK venue, it's our job now to prove it.

Remember it’s a family run business with family values and so you can ask to meet or speak to one of the owners at any time. You can also request to be met and escorted about by one of our varied TAG members whose profiles will be on our web pages soon. You can of course just turn up on your own or with friends. Any services that you receive inside the club from any of our range of recommended professional providers i.e. hair make-up advice is provided free of charge - so what are you waiting for??

Upcoming Events at Pink Punters
BNO: Spring forward
Night Out (Club)

Open from 8pm to

A Dummy's Guide to the night.
The event is centred on Pink Punters club.
Though most start in t'Camp bar from 8pm

The BNO is ideal especially for
- your first time out on heels
- bringing along your partner
- socialising with your friends from near and far

All are welcome.

Pink Punters
It has its own website –
It is a family owned and run LGBT venue and they are very supportive of the community. Check out their mission statement and commitment to develop the transgender facilities to become a world class venue.
Entry is £7 +£1 for coats and drink prices are typical club eg pint £3.50.
Please note that you will have to deposit any jackets or coats at the entrance cloakroom, for which there is a charge of £1.
The music can be loud in the cellar, which often features live bands.
Open 9.30pm- 5am

There are changing facilities in the Pink Room upstairs, with lockers - key at bar. So you can arrive in male mode and get changed if that is easier.

The club is aiming to be the number one Transgender venue in the UK, with help from its unique Transgender Advisory Group (TAG). There are 10 girls, of whom several are usually in or around the club during opening hours, especially on BNO. You can check reception to find out who is in or visit their website if you need any help, advice or want to meet up beforehand. If it’s your first time or would just prefer, then you can give them a call or email and they will put you in contact with a member of TAG who will be happy to meet with you first, show you around then introduce you to a few people. You can arrange this yourself through their site.

All local taxis are used to "us" but Skyline run an office at the club and do a priority service. Tel 01908 222 111 or check their website.

Caldecotte Arms aka Windmill
South Bletcham Way, Caldecotte, Milton Keynes Buckinghamshire MK7 8HP
On the A4146 at the southern end of MK Tel: 0870 990 6558 Fax: 0870 990 6559
Friday normally £55. It is possible to book ahead on the Premier website and get a reduced price.

Taxi to Punters around £6 or £7 but dearer for the late-night return journey. Many try and fix up shares through here.
There is a separate entrance to the hotel block and the Caldecotte Arms is a family pub/ eatery.

The Double Tree at Milton Keynes is very pleasant. Prices can vary depending on what is on at the stadium. If you can't get a deal online, quote Pink Punters D112991999 which should get you b&b £75 for a double £65 single.

If you check the events forum, there may be people looking for room and transport shares.

Another popular Premier is Furzton Lakes see:

Park Bletchley it seems rooms can be booked online for £30 and it is handy for the station!!

The Swan just up the road is getting more used, details below. Any feedback would be most useful.
36 Watling Street, Fenny Stratford, Milton Keynes, Bucks, MK2 2BL
Whether you need somewhere to stay after a hard days shopping or a night out at Pink Punters, The Swan Hotel can offer you a comfortable place to stay. With 11 en suite bedrooms we can offer you bed and breakfast accommodation with prices starting from as little as £40 a night.
For further information on the accommodation available, or to make a booking, call The Swan Hotel on 01908 766 726

Lastly there is always the Camp – Campanile, Penn Road, Fenny Stratford. Opposite the club.
Part of a French chain. It is rumoured that they use it as a training venue for staff to get used to the crazy English!

Cost £55 ish per night for a double/ twin room. It is difficult to get online discounts and it seems they are charging extra for towels, which means you'll probably pay £59.

Check-In Time: 2:00 PM Check-Out Time: 12:00 PM
80 Guest Rooms Full English breakfast at £6.95
40 Penn Road, off Watling Street, MK2 2AU Milton Keynes
Telephone:01908 649 819 Fax: 01908 649 818 Email:

There is now a US style diner at Punters. Burgers, pizza etc from £2.50

Turn left at the roundabout near the church and there are some take-aways, including quite a decent chippy for these parts.

If you head north past the pubs and over the double roundabout there is a shopping area with Next Clearance, TK Maxx etc. If you can get up early enough on the Sat there are some good bargains. Opposite is a large Tesco for clothes, petrol and food.
The centre MK is a massive shopping mall, but can get busy.

Travel/ Directions
The venue listing will give you a map for the location.
Driving: If you don’t have GPS etc MK can be rather confusing to say the least. At its simplest get to the roundabout at the southern end of the dual carriageway section of the A5. Go all the way round the roundabout, almost as if about to head north up the A5. Instead take the turning just before, which is the old road Watling Street. The Camp and PPs are about a mile up the road, just after the garden centre.

Coachways is located at Junction 15 on the MI and you would need to get a bus/ taxi to the Camp.
Rail to MK is on the mainline Euston/ Birmingham. Get off at Bletchley and there are (not very frequent) local trains to Fenny Stratford - about 10 min journey.

Luton – there are buses from the airport to MK Centre, best bet is check on times etc online. Alternatively bus down to Luton station, train to Bedford then change for train to Bletchley, then either local train for 10 min journey to Fenny Stratford or taxi.
Birmingham - station at the airport and train to MK/ Bletchley then local service to Fenny Stratford.


Recent Reviews for events held at Pink Punters
Escorted trip to BNO (Friday, March 10, 2017)

Value for Money:



Staff Friendliness:


Linda looked after us all so well as she always does. What a great venue, I had a fabulous time. There must have been 200 t-girls there and other punters all mixing to have a good night.

BNO (Friday, March 10, 2017)

Value for Money:



Staff Friendliness:


Had a great night at bno march 2017

BNO (Friday, March 10, 2017)

Value for Money:



Staff Friendliness:



IF you have already been to BNO before, then you do not need to read this review, as it is intended for those considering going for the first time, like I have just done.

Like many of you, I have long known of Pink Punters at Milton Keynes, but for me it seemed a venue ‘far far away’ in a distant place that we ‘boldly wanted to go’, to mix our galaxy metaphors!

Being unfamiliar with a location can be a disadvantage and the logistical detail involved daunting, but I was assisted in my first ever attendance to BNO by invitation from another fellow traveller, vickys, an experienced attendee over many years who invited me to go and showed me around and organised the hotel and ordered the taxis to and from there to BNO.


The Club owners and staff may not do justice to themselves in promoting the experience, or the facilities but I soon realised once inside that here is a club that is seamlessly well run and well organised.

I arrived by taxi and friendly security staff were on hand to give directions to the club entrance and to welcome guests.

There was a short queue to join in order to gain entrance (£8) but it moved quickly and the security arrangements and concern for everyone’s personal safety is soon apparent. There are numerous staff and much technology keeping watch over things, which felt comfortable and reassuring, and with this, comes a certain confidence in the surroundings and from that the ability to relax and then enjoy the experience without worry.

The club is set out over several floors within a building which gives a robust ‘industrial’ kind of feel especially clambering up the metal stairs to the main entrance floor to be then greeted by a roaring fire to literally give you a ‘warm’ and informal welcome and is the main 'smoking' area and part 'open' to the elements but sheltered.

Upstairs are dance floors each playing their own kind of music accompanied by numerous and varied video, light shows, strobes, etc, and having their own unique atmosphere and loud volume. During my time there, there were numerous musical excuses to want to dance.

There seemed to be a good mix of guests, both from the LGBT community and general public. There seemed to be a relaxed and tolerant good natured attitude everywhere. From our Tgirl perspective, there was a good representation, lots of pretty girls in all shapes and sizes and dress appearance but a credit to themselves.

Probably there were about 3 or 4 hundred guests or maybe more on the night from a rough estimate and observation, so lots of party atmosphere.

Around the building are numerous lit up ‘call’ buttons which can be used to summon security to any location, but security staff are so numerous and mobile that they probably know what is happening at any given moment, and all the activity is monitored, by CCTV, and everything is displayed on several display screens in their control room which can be seen as you pass by on the stairs.

On the top floor is the main lounge with seating and bar offering the usual drinks at above normal prices, but hey ho, the entrance price was amazingly cheap for a night out, £8 is what I pay for a cinema for 90 minutes of film.

All the toilets are ‘unisex’ and staffed which is a sensible arrangement for all concerned and avoids any angst about who goes where! The wash basins and driers all worked and in reasonable good condition.
Did not have to queue long either!

The party night goes on well into the early hours and guests arrived and departed at various times.

There is a ‘diner’ available which I used for a midnight replenish, with reasonable priced hot snacks!

When choosing to leave, there is a Freephone arrangement by the exit, for ordering Skyline taxis or you can just ask a member of security, they are so helpful. I stayed until about 1.30am and then decamped to the hotel to sleep for the rest of the night and recover from my long day.

So, it was a good night out and I would like to go back again, although obviously that is not going to be every month as many guests do, but for a long distance excursion, a very commendable occasion and a place to recommend. Try and get there and see for yourself.


From a standing start in Bristol, it was a 3 hour journey to Milton Keynes (with three breaks for various usual reasons!) but in retrospect, was well worth the time and effort and expense. I left home at lunchtime and was esconced in my room by 5pm.

Plenty of time to get ready, well for me anyway, Lol.

Although there is a hotel (The Camponile) which is conveniently opposite BNO, the rate quoted was higher than the rate I obtained from the Doubletree Hotel for the same date which turned out to be a superb facility for changing and staying overnight and well served by taxis shuttling girls to and from Pink Punters.

The Doubletree is also easy to find, as it is located at the MK Dons Football Stadium which is well signposted off the A421 the road I arrived on, and presumably is also signed off the A5 which is the other main road into MK.


From hotel to BNO, I used the Skyline Taxis, which charged £3.60 there, so £5 to include a tip, and coming back after midnight was £5.50 and so £6 to include a tip. Sharing the taxi meant total travel of £5.50 which meant I was still paying less using hotel closer to venue.

The drivers seem used to ferrying cross dressers or t-girls and chat happily away ten to the dozen so no problems there.


BNO (Friday, March 10, 2017)

Value for Money:



Staff Friendliness:


Loved the venue and nice to see so many girls who I've spoken to but never met..........

Escorted trip to BNO (Friday, March 10, 2017)

Value for Money:



Staff Friendliness:


A great trip to BNO thank you Linda for the makeovers, great company on the drive too..........

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