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March 2024
Events on Monday 18th March, 2024
The Bi Fun Club: Daytime Play Party For Bi and Bi Curious
Daytime Get-together
Hosted at Central Station,
London, England
Open from 1pm to
Added by: SurreyDave69
33 Reviews of "The Bi Fun Club"

Value for Money: 4.45/5.00 Venue: 4.24/5.00 Atmosphere: 4.33/5.00 Staff Friendliness: 4.67/5.00 Security: 4.61/5.00
The Bi Fun Club hold parties for Bisexual and Bi Curious Males, Females and members of the trans community. We always ensure a good turnout of single ladies and T Girls so the ratio of male to female is kept as low as possible. This is done by our pricing policy and through our vast experience and contacts within the swinging community. The average party will have 80+ attendees with a typical split of 62% men, 23% ladies and 15% T Girls. The parties are held at a venue which is a 8 or 9 minute walk from Kings Cross station
The Central Station Bar,
37 Wharfdale Road,
Kings Cross N1 9SD

To attend you reserve your place via the website and then pay on arrival. No money ever has to be paid in advance. Entry is free for all ladies and mixed sex couples. If you are a single man then the admission cost is £55 if you arrive between 1pm and 4pm or £45 if you arrive at 4pm or later. It’s £10 pounds for T Girls.

Unlike some other bisex party organisers WE INSIST that any male attending one of these events is Bi Sexual or Bi Curious. If you are not prepared to be involved in mutual cock play with other men you should not attend. IF YOU ARE A STRAIGHT MAN YOU ARE NOT WELCOME AT A BI FUN CLUB PARTY. Please respect this entry requirement.

Some miscellaneous points
- There is no dress code, in the play area you can be naked or clothed
-There is a safe, secure and supervised cloakroom where you can leave clothes, bags, valuables etc
-There is a fully stocked licensed bar in the playroom
-Single guys are very welcome
-No membership or id required
-Payment can be made by cash or card
-There is an area set aside for ladies to use to get changed
-The venue is an 8 or 9 minute walk from Kings Cross station
-There is no best time to arrive, there is play throughout the duration of the party.

If you have any other questions then please check the FAQ page on the website or if you can't find the answer there send us a PM

Jimmies: Daytime party
Daytime Get-together
Glamorgan, Wales
Open from 11am to
Added by: tvloverjohnny
1 Review of "Jimmies"

Value for Money: 5.00/5.00 Venue: 5.00/5.00 Atmosphere: 5.00/5.00 Staff Friendliness: 5.00/5.00 Security: 5.00/5.00
I found this event on Fab swingers & is a glorious play event, nothing to do with me but feel its worth advertising. Please note ; You must arrive in drab & change there in the changing room.

I NEVER give out personal information so don't ask
Mon Mar 18th late St Patrick's day colour theme 40 shades of green Mix and Match
Mon Mar 25th Tgirls Tgiris Tgirls Tgirls
Fri Mar 29th Social Victoria park hotel upstairs bar canton Cf51jl starts 7pm no list
Sat Mar 30th sexy lady attending for a gang bang start 8pm
Mon Apr 1st Easter Bank Holiday colour theme yellow and white Mix and Match
Mon April 8th Tgirls Tgirls Tgirls and admirers
OPEN 11am
CLOSE 6pm sometimes late finish
No drugs
SHOWER available
TVs Don't arrive dressed
Normally a mix of a dozen types and ages attendees
Safe or BB your choice
Couples welcome that means both not one half
Gays welcome to Mix and Match parties
Chubbies welcome I
BBWs Welcome
Bi married welcome
Single Females welcome
Don't arrive in work clothes
Bi Couples welcome
31 Gangbangs completed so far
Gangbangs arranged Blind folded or not
3 porn TVs
No Smoking
Tea coffee squash on arrival
121 lockable playroom
Spanking stool
Group playroom
Masks available try one
Buffet opens when the bell rings
Lockers available
Dressing room available
No attendees information given out
Friend request accepted once we have chatted on the phone
Parking is good

Cardiff Cf117ez
Mix and Match
Gay guys
Bi and straight Ladies
Bi and straight Couples
TVs and admirers
Bi guys
Private Local Cardiff Guest house
Close by


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