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Manchester Wednesday Night Out: Social & Chilled Evening Out, All Welcome
Other Social Gathering

Hosted at Slug & Lettuce,
Greater Manchester, England
Open from 6pm to
Added by: AlisonManchester
67 Reviews of "Manchester Wednesday Night Out"

Value for Money: 4.64/5.00 Venue: 4.70/5.00 Atmosphere: 4.75/5.00 Staff Friendliness: 4.81/5.00 Security: 4.82/5.00
Next upcoming 'Manchester Wednesday Night Out' can always be found at this address:
I am going to be wandering around checking bars and cafes in Northern Quarter in the afternoon so if anyone wants to meet up before 6pm please send me a message and we can discuss where to meet.

The 6:00pm to 8:00pm meeting and eating location will be the Slug & Lettuce, 11 Portland Street M1 3HU. If you arrive before 7pm there is a special "after work" menu for only £10 which gets you a main and a drink, super good value for the city centre.

If you are not comfortable leaving the Village then you can go to Via at 28-30 Canal Street M1 3EZ as some ladies might be there so you might have company until we get back into the village at 8pm.

Around 8:00 to 8:30pm we will be in Iconic at 29 Richmond Street M1 3NB.

Around 10:00 to 10:30pm we will go to The Church at their side bar, entrance is at 37 Chorlton Street M1 3HN.

If you want to meet earlier in the day or need to find out exactly where we are during the course of the evening please just ask for my phone number.

Every Wednesday from mid-afternoon until at least 2am there are very chilled and social local and visiting Ladies out in Manchester. We have the whole City and the Village to hang out in to spend a relaxed social time shopping, chatting in cafes, bars, pubs and clubs. It is a great way to take your journey to the next level, to socialise and make new friends. The local Ladies are not all in Chix so there are always more Ladies attending than shown here.

Experienced Ladies can just drop right into our relaxed social scene, shy, nervous or new Ladies are very welcome and I will do whatever is necessary to make you feel relaxed and safe such as meeting you at your car or hotel and then introducing you to the other Ladies who are out.

We make a new itinerary each week which I post here and we stay in touch with each other by phone messages, Chix chat, emails, chat apps and our Manchester Minx Facebook group to discuss and agree where to go. You are welcome to have my details for messaging me and if you want inviting into the Minx Facebook group please ask me.

If you don’t know Manchester, just check Chix venues for insights as I keep those up to date with hotels, parking, club and restaurant information. Go to Chix venues and search “Manchester” or ask me if you want to know about anywhere not listed as I will either know it or can check it out for you.

Men are very welcome to join us but please make contact with one of the Ladies attending before putting yourself on the list and come as her guest. This is so that you have someone to accompany you, to introduce you to everyone else there and to be responsible for you. This is because we ask men to be polite and respectful to the girls because we are a social group, not a knocking shop :)

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