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How to become a Friend of tvChix
tvChix is funded solely by user contributions, and a small commission stream from the tvChix shop.

We chose to keep the site free from commercial adverts, and from mandatory paid membership, so that everyone and anyone can enjoy the site without being forced to pay, or annoyed by flashing banners.

However, if you contribute a small amount to tvChix, we do have a number of benefits which are given to you, for either one or three months, as a way of recognising and thanking you for your support.

Our recommended donation for one month of Friends benefits, is £3
We do still rely on the generosity of some users who wish to donate more to help the site, and to recognise this, we award three months of Friends status for donations of £20 or more.

Naturally, if you would like 3 months of Friends status, but wish to pay as little as possible, then this option is not necessarily good value. In these cases we recommend you donate a smaller amount If you wish to donate and become a Friend of tvChix, you can click on the 'Contribute' links on the right, at any time, for further details.

We sometimes give out complimentary Friends status for users who have given significant help or advice to other tvChix users, have brought new visitors by linking to tvChix from their website, or have in some other way helped me to run tvChix.

For further details on the benefits of being a Friend of tvChix, please see our article entitled 'Friends of tvChix benefits'.

Thankyou for your support.

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