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I made a bank donation but it hasnt been acknowledged
Firstly, thankyou for supporting tvChix.

For us to identify a bank donation, we do ask that all bank donations are registered on the site, with the exact amount. Without this info it is very difficult (often impossible) for us to identify which user sent the donation.

Please see the Register Donation page, if you have not yet done this.

We ask that Bank deposits use a random unrounded amount for the pence, ie £9.62 instead of £10.00. This will help us identify your donation quickly and easily, and ensure you are credited with it as soon as possible.

Bank donations are acknowledged as soon as the transaction appears on our online bank statement. Please note however, that this can often take between 4 and 7 days.

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I made a bank donation but it hasnt been acknowledged
What currencies can you accept via Postal donation?
Do you accept debit/credit card donations?


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