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Dom Daddy alpha male type

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Last Visited:     25 June, 2024
Registered:     21 February, 2013
Location:     Coventry, Warwickshire, England


Can Accommodate Can Travel

Male Admirer

Favorite Look:
General / Everyday wear

I'm a single fit healthy athletic build fifties solvent business professional, non-smoker, little drinker, green eyes, light haired, who is into very femme Tbabes who get a 'strong gurly rush' from wearing frilly doll-like attire, Maid uniforms, sexy secretaries, etc, and for the right Tbabe there maybe a LTR in the offing which will mean saying good bye to 'pretense male mode' forever.
A more accurate description is....I'm Dom Daddy 'alpha male, biker bear type', looking to claim/collar/own a very femmy pretty subGurly type, between 25 to 55 years old, to totally girlify/beautify/feminize/dollify/bimboize/slutisfy/sissify to my liking for a controlled disciplined subservient 'full-time alternative lifestyle' arrangement!!!! (Your submissive/slutty fetish's/fantasies will be exposed and turned into useful demanding everyday realities as you possibly become a dedicated devoted 'specially kept' Daddy's little Playgurl!) Are you ready and available to submit yourself for consideration and if selected are you prepared to start feeding off the strict power exchange regime dynamic so you can feel like the pretty subGurly of your dreams who is always forcefully coerced into her subordinate chastised captive domesticated roles while having her on-going 'need for seed' fully exploited?
In real-time work-wise I'm a busy professional so my new pretty subGurly will also be my new sexy secretary/PA/frilly Maid, etc, and she will travel around as I deem necessary so she can then always live her life as my extremely emasculated special femme!!
For those who show genuine interest I have compiled a very comprehensive picture illustrated document on what the TPE D/s alternative lifestyle is all about, so if you message me your email addy and I believe you maybe the right type I will post it to you!
(Note:-In this type of 'lifestyle arrangement' there is 'only Bondage & Domination' involved, so if you also need the S&M side, this posting is 'not' for you, AND, I do not answer short thoughtless messages with little content!)

Interests: I am Dom, Can Accommodate, Can Travel, No Male Admirers Please!, Mature, Pubs, Relationship (serious), Females, Single/Unattached, TV/TG Activism & Awareness, Can Accommodate (Overnight)

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