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Last Visited:     23 June, 2024
Registered:     20 July, 2022
Location:     Harrogate, Yorkshire, England



Favorite Look:
General / Everyday wear


I'm a single SISSY girl Gemma well my female persona is and has been since I guess my journey went from simply trying clothes on to allowing those 1st fem thoughts in my late teens.

The truth is it's been a secret life. A fantasy that always develops each little milestone ticked off going further into the journey. From the 1st lingerie bought at a shop to the 1st time meeting someone. After I Guess 35 years keeping this secret some people have come to the conclusion I'm Gay & pretty sure 1 or 2 guess I may dress up. Truth is I do it on very few occassions. It's a thrill when it happens and yes when dressed I crave a man to validate me.

I have met a few people (dressed as Gemma) over the years and been to a few events (lff Bham Belles) as an admirer & still find girls attractive. Deep down though i'd like to meet a nice guy but reality etc kick in & I still fool myself I can meet a genetic girl.

It's not a deep desire to be fem etc simply an attraction and the wonder of being fem sometimes. that said sometimes it's a stronger desire to experience more fem emotions etc own more outfits, shoes, have more girly memories etc.

Anyways I'm 5'11. Blue eyes & have 2 wigs blonde/brunette and almost 50 now so figure to match. Mostly just be nice to be Gemma in the chatrooms. Other interests football, music, travel.

Christmas present to myself. I got some knee high boots, wig, skater dress. Yah go me, more girly every year hopefully get a piccy up aswell 1 day.

Aug 19th New black pvu mini skirt from river island.

Dec 16th 2023. mini shopping spree on internet, 2 tops 1 tartan mini skirt & a black floral dress all from next. will make a total of 4 different outfits to wear now and also realise I look better as a brunette which surprised me a bit.

Jan 22 2024, Got some new panties and satin lace Victoria's Secret slip (pink with black trim so sexy). Kinda buying more stuff than I can store let alone have the chance to wear it's fun though

jan 29th 2024, Ok it's not the best piccy but is is me slowly getting more femme x

Gemma x

Interests: Boots, Stockings / Suspenders, Online chat, Lingerie, Wigs, Admirers / men, Full Makeup, I am Sub, In the Closet, High Heels, Weekends, Uniforms, Relationship (casual), Single/Unattached, Mature Admirers / Men, Cosplay / Costumes, Dresses, I am Bottom

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