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Gold Digger!

Last Visited:     05 September, 2011
Registered:     09 March, 2011
Location:     20 minutes from most places, London, England



Favorite Look:
Classy / Stylish

Elegant T-lady (yes, lady, please, I am not a girl, still less a gurl) of the transgendered persuasion, who would like it to be known that she is prepared to consider offers from persons of either sex provided that they are in possession of a considerable fortune. I say a considerable fortune, so please understand that mere millionaires are of no interest to me. I am only now open to proposals since being forced to break off my latest engagement when my former fiancé revealed a reluctance to buy me a Cartier diamond necklace to go with the Cartier diamond ear-rings he had already given me. He had the nerve to plead poverty! So he had to go, leaving me with nothing more than the Knightsbridge town house and few measly hundred thousand, and I had to sue him to get that! What a cheapskate! Henceforth I will only consider candidates who provide me with documentary evidence of their fortune – bank statements, share certificates, accountants’ letters, etc. An initial signing-on fee will also be required together with the usual gifts of jewellery. But to win my heart completely another Lamborghini always goes down well.

For those for whom such petty details matter, I am tall – 5’ 11” – slim and have eyes of electric blue. My age is utterly immaterial but since it seems to concern people of limited imagination I will admit to being 70.

Alternatively, I could own up to being a quietly closeted CD with a love of make-up and glamour… so please take your pick of the Betty you prefer.

Make-up, wardrobe and photos courtesy of the wonderful Claire and Maria at AMC.

Betty Browne

Do have a look at my pictures on the following links:

AMC Gallery #1

AMC Gallery #2

Interests: Online chat, Dressed nights out, Email chat, Admirers / men, Full Makeup, Convincing, Will not meet, Mature, Females, Art Exhibitions, Museums, Movies / Cinema, Good Food / Wine, Holidays / Travel, Politics, Mature Admirers / Men, Books & Literature, Theatre

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