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Classy, stylish and glamourous

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Last Visited:     22 April, 2024
Registered:     20 December, 2018
Location:     Southampton, Hampshire, England


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Classy / Stylish

Last updated: 2023-11-26

Hello and welcome. I have now been on tvChix and out and about for over five years and what a remarkable, life-changing period it has been. If, before then, someone had told me what I was going to be doing, I would have not believed them.

I am a tall, slender, fit, well-educated, witty, intelligent (well, I think so!) heterosexual male who likes to crossdress; a male 'lipstick lesbian', if you like. At different times, I can feel very feminine or masculine.

In case you are wondering, all my pics have been taken by my friends, when we have been out, and have not be altered in any way.

*** Profile *** (Updates/Blog follows)

In nature, it is often the male that is more fancily adorned than the female. Currently, however, in Western society at least, the opposite is true. Ornithologically speaking, I want to be a Peacock, rather than a Peahen, or a drab LBJ, Little Brown Job.

Women's adornments (clothing, make-up, hair styles, etc) are considerably more varied and can be much more expressive and exciting to wear than men's.

Please do not get me wrong. I respect women and adore feminine women (probably more than is for my own good!). I particularly value character traits, considered to be feminine, such as kindness, tenderness and gentleness, that can help foster a flourishing exuberance. I think the world would be a better place with more of them.

My attempt to imitate women is not to denigrate them, but, rather, a sign of my appreciation of them.

I prefer a classy, glamourous, stylish, but vulnerable look, with some drag queen tendencies, like big hair, long false eyelashes, big jewelry and long nails. I love to wear make-up, jewelry, wigs, lingerie, corsets, glamourous gowns and high heels (and I mean high, despite my height!) and any other feminine attire. It surprised me to find out how natural it feels when I am dressed this way. Also I was surprised how much I enjoy looking this way and feeling delicate, dainty and graceful. I am rarely happier than when I have long nails and I am tottering about on a pair of impractically high high heels, both of which constantly remind me what I am wearing and how I appear.

Chastity and wearing restrictive clothing (like hobbling skirts, not straight jackets!) interest me and I have evolving fetishes with leather, latex and PU/PVC. Also, I adore Victorian and Edwardian fashions.

I would love to meet women and male dressers of all types for friendship and perhaps more. I think my height makes it difficult for me to pass in public, but I have now been out in public many times and do not really care if I am 'read'.

As for male admirers, I have relaxed my views somewhat of late. I am, of course, flattered. If they just wish to admire, that is fine. I may chat and consider friendship, but I am only sexually attracted to very feminine people.

I am interested in the role of being a trophy wife, looking pretty and glamourous, being cared for and looked after, but not doing any household chores and such like. I think I could get used to that! Also, I would like to be worshipped (who would not!).

I guess I am a switch and I think I would like to be a sub for the right gentle domme or dom, especially if they encouraged me to dress and act in a feminine manner, but I do not suffer fools gladly and could turn bratty!

Height: 1.91m/6'3"
Weight: 77kg/12st 2lbs/170lbs
Hair: Naturally salt and pepper. Still all there on my head but shaved elsewhere.
Wigs: Varies, but love blonde
Eyes: Brown

I am fortunate to have relatively small hands and feet. My shoe size is UK 7/8/9, EUR 41/42, US 10/11 depending on the brand. I have been deliberately slowly losing weight over the past year or so and am now a UK size 12/14 clothing-wise, though a size UK 10/12 waist down (EUR 40/42 and 38/40 and US sizes 8/10 and 6/8 respectively, I believe).

I have not had, nor do I intend to have, any medical intervention (hormones, surgery and such like) though I do fantasise about have a nice pair of boobs!

In my teens and early twenties, I was attracted to high heels and fetishwear, principally PVC, and very quickly realised the best stuff was designed for women to wear and, therefore, I began to crossdress.

Things really started to develop in my late thirties, when I had my first series of makeovers, thanks to a woman who ran her own unisex makeover and costuming business. Honestly, I can not remember who instigated those makeovers, though I doubt it was me. I was her model on a couple of occasions and we developed a friendship that lasted for years. By then, my tastes had started to move away from fetishwear towards glamourous, classy and stylish attire, though my love of high high heels has remained a constant.

Although I have continued to crossdress in private, it is only relatively recently that I had another makeover. Pleasantly surprised by its results, I decided I should learn to apply make-up myself so I can do it easily where and when I want.

Over the past couple of years, I have joined a few friends on several holidays away from home in places like Sussex, East Yorkshire and Northumberland.

It may surprise many of you that I like to read The Economist newspaper, not only for its coverage of economics, in all its forms, but its international political, scientific and arts articles.

Thank you to all the people who have taken the trouble to rate my pictures, especially if you have given them a 10! Your feedback will influence the pictures I post in the future. I dress to please myself. If you like my efforts too, that is great. If you do not, that is a shame. In case you are wondering, none of my pics have been doctored in any way.

Thanks to Stella, who maintains this great web site. Please contribute to help ensure it continues to be available in the future.

*** Updates/Blog (in reverse chronological order) ***

Added three new pics. In one, I am wearing a white polka dot mini dress and white block-heeled knee boots, captured via a mirror. In a second, I am posing on a seat in a 'Christmas present' (it is still November!), wearing a white pom-pom and a black fur-collared long coat over the outfit in the previous pic. I wonder under whose Christmas tree I will be placed?! And a final one, where I am posing in front of a Christmas tree wearing a pink long coat, white Cossack-style hat and white block-heeled knee boots.

Added a pic from the Halloween Totton Disco, where I am wearing a black velvet and chiffon strappy midi dress, black suede platform stilleto sandals and a purple pointed witch's hat.

Added a new pic, of me wearing an ivory hi-lo mini dress and gold wedge platform espadrille sandals,
from the recent Totton Disco. Previously, a couple of us had had a meal in a restaurant and, when walking back to my car, in a multi-storey car park, and wearing some white high-heeled stiletto court shoes, a passing woman said "You look fabulous". I thanked her. Who am I to disagree!

Added a new primary pic, taken in a restaurant in Hastings, when I was wearing a yellow bardot crochet lace mini dress.

Added a pic, taken at the Lyndhurst Transgender Friends meeting, wearing a yellow floaty strappy midi dress and yellow ankle-strap wedge sandals.

Added another pic, taken at the Totton Disco, wearing a black sequined backless halter-neck maxi dress, with a thigh split, and gold platform high-blocked-heeled sandals, with 'jewels'. The theme was 'Sparkle and Shine'.

Added a pic, taken at the Totton Disco, when the theme was 'Facemasks, Fringes and Feathers'. I wore a dark blue and yellow feathered facemask, a sheer yellow fringed midi dress and cobalt blue platform narrow-heeled ankle-strap sandals.

Added a pic, taken in Kensington Gardens, during a day trip to London.

I have just spent a couple of long weekends away, dressed. In fact, I was dressed 9 out of 11 days. It just seems so natural to me to be out and about and dressed prettily.

Added an evening pic from a pub garden, wearing a pink strappy lacey flared midi dress and pink ankle-strap stilleto-heeled sandals.

Added a pic of me, at a picnic, in the New Forest, wearing a lilac crochet lace off-the-shoulder mini dress and high-wedge platform espadrille sandals. Someone refered to the sandals as 'gladiator', but did the Roman gladiators really wear these?!

Added a pic of me, enjoying the sunshine, outside the National Trust's Petworth House, wearing a long black fur-collared coat over a blue fit'n'flare midi dress, shoulder-length fingerless mitts, rich-tan stockings and off-white high-heeled knee boots.

Added a pic of me at the Totton Disco, was wearing a green satin backless halter-neck maxi dress and gold strappy high-stiletto platform sandals.

Added another pic of me at the Totton Disco. I was wearing a white bandeau hi-lo dress and gold strappy lace-up high-wedge espadrille platform sandals.

After trying to navigate the labels again, I have changed mine to genderfliud, not transgender, because, although I am only sexually attracted to very feminine people, at different times, I feel very feminine or masculine.

Added a pic during a recent outing to to a pub. I wore a crimson sleeveless floaty fit-and-flare midi dress, a black bolero, black stockings and black strappy lace-up stiletto sandals.

Added a pic of me at Brighton Races' Ladies' Day. I wore a white translucent wide-brimmed hat, a sleeveless multi-coloured floral crochet lace pencil dress and a pair of strappy snakeskin high stilleto heeled sandals. The weather was brezzy and later wet; not really hat-wearing weather!

After trying to navigate the labels, I have changed mine to transgender, because, although I am only sexually attracted to very feminine people, at different times, I feel very feminine or masculine.

I have successfully temporarily dyed my hair blonde, but as it is just a temporary dye, it only seems to have affected my light 'salt' grey hair and not my darker 'pepper' hair. I think the only way to dye my real hair blonde is by permanently dying it.

I have finally come to the conclusion I have been edging towards for some time; I much prefer wearing stockings and suspenders than tights, partly because of their practicality, but also because I think they look much nicer.

The group of TGs, of which I am a member, have restarted our weekly picnics, though, I has to be admitted, the weather conditions for the first were decidedly on the cool side.
I have not had my hair cut since before the first lockdown and it now reaches well below my shoulders. Yesterday, when in male mode and wearing a plain navy blue face mask, I was referred to as a lady, by a young woman. That was a first!
I am toying with temporarily dying my grey hair platinum blonde! I do like being a blonde when en femme.

I have recently finished reading 'Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind', by Yuval Noah Harari. Besides being an interesting book, I was amused by the descriptions of a couple of photographs, on facing pages.
The first, 'Eighteenth-century masculinity' is of King Louis XIV of France. It notes '.... the long wig, stockings, high-heeled shoes, dancer's posture and huge sword. In contemporary Europe, all these (except the sword) would be considered marks of effeminacy. But, in his time, Louis was a European paragon of manhood and virility.'
The second, 'Twenty-first-century masculinity' is of US President Barack Obama. It notes 'What happened to the wig, stockings, high heels and sword? Dominant men have never looked so dull and dreary as they do today. During most of history, dominant men have been colourful and flamboyant, such as American Indian chiefs, with their feathered headdresses, and Hindu maharajas, decked out in silks an diamonds. Throughout the animal kingdom, males tend to be more colourful and accessorised than females - think of peacocks' tails and lions' manes.'
Added a second pic from Ladies' Evening at Fontwell Park, when I wore a black and white wide-brimmed hat, strappy bodycon midi dress and white sandals.

Added a second pic taken, seated, in the Pantheon at the National Trust's Stourhead gardens, wearing a long black fur-collared coat and taupe high-heeled knee boots.

Added a pic taken, seated, in the Pantheon, in the National Trust's Stourhead gardens, wearing a long black fur-collared coat and taupe high-heeled knee boots.

Added a pic of me feeling the 'rays', wearing a blue fit & flare mini dress and white & beige espadrille platform wedge sandals, out in a clearing in the woods.

Added a pic of me in my natural environment, the shoe department, in an M&S.

It has been a while since I updated my profile. I have been a member of a small group of TGirls have that managed to have an outing at least once a week, usually a picnic, often in the New Forest, since the lockdown was relaxed. Also, we have tried to have outings to places that would have usually had TG events, had there not been the pandemic.

I have added a pic of me in a multi-colour geometric bodycon mini dress and white jacket, in central Salisbury.

I have now been on several lockdown picnics, with sister TGirls and partners, and I have really enjoyed them. They have been better than many of the social events I went to pre-lockdown. Of course, the nice weather has helped, as has the vicinity of the New Forest, with its numerous sites suitable for picnicking.

I have added a posed photograph of me wearing a coral crocheted lace bodycon mini dress and white espadrille platform wedge sandals.

I met an admirer in Oxford and we chatted and walked together along some of its canals and through its University parks and nature reserves. I had only visited a few times before and had never seen this side of the city. It increased my estimation of it markedly.

It was a very warm and sunny late spring day. I was all dolled-up and wore a bodycon ivory mini-dress, with a pink and grey butterfly pattern and tiered skirt and capped sleeves, tights and white trainers, along with large-framed sunglasses. I took some high heeled sandals along, but it never seemed an appropriate time to wear them.

We both had a lovely day and I would be happy to have similar experiences.

I went out hiking dressed; the first time I have been out en femme since the beginning of the lockdown. I wore a red cold-shoulder top and leather-look leggings, along with large-framed womens sunglasses and my male/unisex hiking boots.

Added pic of my green satin backless mermaid maxi dress and multi-colour platform stiletto sandals taken at December's Totton Disco.

Attended and participated, as that is what you do, in a live (The) Rocky Horror Show at the Bournemouth Pavilion Theatre and later went to the Does Your Mother Know, DYMK, nightclub, until the wee small hours. I was part of a twenty or so-strong group of TGs and friends and the whole evening was quite an experience.

As it was forecast to be a cool evening, I dressed preparedly, starting off in a long black trenchcoat over a red and black overbust corset, long red tutu and black knee boots, later removing my tutu to reveal my red and black satin and lace panties, black suspender belt and lace topped stockings and swapping my boots for black suede stiletto sandals when dancing.

Had a wonderful day out with another TGirl at Hillier Gardens, near Romsey, Hampshire. I so love walking in a beautiful garden when dressed. We received the same type of reception as I have received at other public gardens and properties.

I wore a navy blue floral print midi dress and beige low tapered-heeled sandals.

Went to the Lyndhurst TGF meeting where the optional theme was 'Chicago Gangsters and Molls'. I dressed as a 'flapper', with a black fringed 'flapper' mini dress and suede lace-up stiletto sandals.

Went to Northern Concord's Summer Event Break, at the Ringwood Hall Hotel & Spa, near Chesterfield. This is the first multi-day TG event I have attended and the first time I have spent several days only dressed en femme. Obviously, I wore several outfits during my stay there.

I really enjoyed it, not just the organised activities in the hotel and its gardens, but also visiting the National Trust's Kedleston Hall and English Heritage's Bolsover Castle with other TGirls. We also went shopping in Chesterfield and at some outlets in Rowsley, near Matlock. Perhaps, I need not add that we were treated very nicely, especially by women, everywhere we went.

There was entertainment in the hotel each evening and, on a couple of evenings, there was live music and a disco.

The final evening was entitled 'Dress To Impress' and I wore a red satin backless mermaid maxi dress and gold platform stiletto sandals, a pic of which I have added.

Attended the first LGBTQ and Friends Retro Disco in Southsea at the Best Western Royal Beach Hotel. I wore a red satin one-shoulder mini dress and red satin stiletto-heeled sandals.

Joined a small group of TGirls, for Ladies' Evening, at Fontwell Park Racecourse. It was lovely to see so many beautifully dressed women and the horse racing was okay too!

I wore a wide-brimmed black and white hat, along with a black and white bodycon midi dress and white high heeled sandals. One young woman said she admired my confidence to wear the hat, as though dressing en femme did not require much confidence and was a sort of everyday thing!

I was surprised how many women seemed especially friendly towards us. Perhaps they regard us as less threatening than 'normal' men and, if so, they may well be right in that regard.

I have added a pic, showing me with and without the hat.

Visited another National Trust property, Kingston Lacy, near Wimborne, in east Dorset, with another TGirl. Again, the staff and general public, especially the women, were kind to us. After having lunch outside the cafe, we spent most of the afternoon wandering through the house, so, unfortunately, we had little time to spend explore the gardens and grounds.

Afterwards, we went to a public house, in Wimborne, and, after a round of drinks, moved on to another pub, that provided meals. We stayed late into the evening and again everyone, especially the women, were very nice towards us.

I wore an ivory crocheted midi dress and white sandals with a block heel.

Decided to go to Uppark, a National Trust property, in West Sussex, alone, partially because they had a string quartet playing in the early afternoon. I was undecided, until late the previous evening, whether to go en femme, but as pleasant warm weather was forecast, I decided to give it ago. It took me most of the morning to get ready and drive there.

I wore a floral boat-neck midi-dress and white low-platform sandals with a fairly low-block heel.

Everyone, the staff and the general public, was very polite and I did not really receive much attention and, what attention there was, may have been partially due to what I was wearing; I think I may have been one of the most nicely dressed people there! The only comment I received was at the reception, when the lady remarked on my 'coral' nail polish colour and asked how I coped with my nails' length; they extended around a centimetre/half inch beyond my finger tips.

I spent around five hours there, listening to the music, eating in the cafe and wandering around the gardens, grounds and house. It was the first time I have been anyway dressed, when I was not expecting to meet anyone I knew; I was totally on my lonesome. I had a lovely time and I think I ought to repeat it often. Walking around, in a beautiful garden, when dressed, has been one of the things I have dreamed of doing!

I nearly always forget something when going out en femme (there is so much to remember) and this time it was my repair makeup, that, fortunately, I did not need anyway. Also, I forgot to put sun lotion on my shoulders, which my dress did not cover, and I received a little sunburn.

I attended Sparkle, in Manchester, over the past weekend. It was my first multi-day TG event and the first one I have attended more than 50 miles from Southampton. It was quite an experience and one I would like to repeat.

I joined a small group of TGirls on a lovely day out at Arundel Castle and its gardens, as the weather was pleasantly mild and sunny.

Since the last update, I have attend several TG events, like the ones above, and have had another day out, this time in Salisbury.

Today, I went out dressed in daylight for the first time. I joined a small group of TGirls on a cultural and shopping trip in Basingstoke.

Leaving my house was the most nerve wracking part of the trip, as I could be seen, dressed, getting to and into my car, from the few neighbouring houses. However, I do not intend to be confined to my house, in daylight hours, any longer and, therefore, I will be seen sooner or later anyway.

I toned down my make-up; no false eyelashes, just mascara instead. I wore a black miltary-style long coat over a long sleeved plain black top, black faux leather leggings and black suede-like over-the-knee boots and added a small necklace. I also wore a large chunky light blue bangle, on one wrist, to add a little colour. Actually, once I put it on, I can not take it off without soap and/or water. And, as my handbag was small, there was no room for it, so it was easier to keep it on my wrist. In hindsight, a longer necklace or a scarf would be jazzed up the outfit a little more, as I think it was a little too plain, but it is probably better too plain, than too elaborate, for a first outing. It is the first time I have ever contemplated wearing a scarf for decoration.

We met in a car park of a shopping centre in Basingstoke and then ventured as a group to a museum before getting lunch in a restaurant. Then we spent the reminder of the day shopping, both in charity and regular shops.

What an experience for a newly liberated girl! All these wonderful new things made for me to buy! I just loved going into a shoe shop and picking up a gloriously high heeled sandal that was on display. Of course, buying everything I liked would seriously damage my bank account!

I felt confident and comfortable throughout the day. I detected the occasional look, but I could not tell if that was because they thought I was a crossdressing male or because I was attractive. I vainly hope all, or most, were the latter! It was another unforgettable experience for Clarissa and I would like to thank the other girls who organised the outing and invited me along.

A group of we TGs attended the Guilty Pleasure disco at The London Hotel in Southampton and, once again, I had a great time dancing with GGs for a few hours.

I wore the same sleeveless bodycon mini dress, tan tights and beige and gold flat gladiator sandals outfit I wore to the Surrey Swans meeting I attended the previous weekend, as I figured they would provide me a lot of ventilation when I danced, after I swapped, from the black over-the-knee black suede boots I arrived in, to the sandals.

Both my dress and my sandals received compliments from GGs and a twenty-something GG even said she wished she had my figure, presumably with the breastforms and hip pads, though minus the 'equipment' between my legs!

I ventured out to the Lyndhurst TG friends meeting this evening. The optional theme was 'Hearts and Flowers'. I have a few dresses that satisfied the flowers criterion and I selected a black midi dress with short flutter sleeves and a large floral motif. The hearts one was more difficult, as the only hearts-related items in my wardrobe are a couple of pairs of cork platform wedge sandals, each with black and white straps and decoration; hearts are outlined in leather on the outside of the wedges. I chose the black pair.

The sandals are slingbacks, a style I rarely wear, but I loved the way the wedge heels sprung back to gently slap the underside of my heel, when I removed my weight from each sandal, at the end of each step.

I am somewhat amazed that I continue to make new friends at each of the meetings I attend.

Attended the monthly Surrey Swans meeting in Ash for the first time with Justine justineb_uk .
We were made to feel very welcome.

I wore a white sleeveless bodycon mini dress, tan tights and beige and gold flat gladiator sandals and I brought some white and gold platform stiletto sandals to swap into.

Two of my tickets actually won prizes in the raffle; the first time I have won anything in a raffle for over forty years. Perhaps my luck is changing. I selected two pieces of jewellery as prizes.

Went to the Guilty Pleasure disco at The London Hotel in Southampton once again with Aj, amberjane2006 . We only spotted one other TG besides ourselves.

I wore a purple crocheted off-the-shoulder midi dress, tights and swapped into silver flat gladiator sandals from the over-the-knee black suede flat boots in which I arrived. I received compliments about my dress from a GG and a guy.

Again, I enjoyed dancing with GGs for a few hours and had a great time.

The monthly Totton Disco was my destination this evening. The optional theme was 'Thigh Boots and Mini Skirts', so it was an excuse for me to dig out some of my leather gear and dress tartily. Actually, I am not a huge fan of mini skirts, but I wore a black leather micro mini skirt, with a white leather sleeveless top and white leather platform stiletto thigh boots with 7" heels (with a 2" platform, making them feel like 5" heels). The skirt left little to the imagination, despite my repeated attempts to pull the hem down!

Somewhat surprisingly, I was able to dance in the boots comfortably for over half an hour, until all the leather caused me to overheat, so I swapped the boots for some black suede 5" heel stiletto sandals.

Again, I had a great time and made some new friends.

I attended the Wimborne Girls meeting, in a pub, shared with the general public. As I was given a lift by another girl, to and from the event, I did dress a little extra flamboyantly.

I wore a classy crocheted pale lilac short-sleeved midi dress and 5" stiletto silver and blue sandals. Also, I wore a long dirty blonde wig, with highlights, and long false nails that extended a centimetre/half inch beyond the ends of my fingers and rendered my hands somewhat useless, but what fun! I love the feeling of being in such a predictament and, because I am unaccustomed to the nails, I was unable to take off my dress, because of the buttons at the rear of the neck, until I removed the nails first!

The venue was very nice, as were the people attending, and I was made me feel very welcome and made some more friends.

Well, who would have thought Clarissa would enjoy ironing! In male mode, I often used to iron shirts on Sunday evening, ready for the coming week. I found it so tedious and boring. But today, as Clarissa, I was ironing a beautiful dress and loved seeing the creases melting away, as I anticipated wearing it. What a change of perspective!

I arranged to meet Karen, karen_maiden1973 , at the Test Valley and Thames Valley TG group meeting on 2019/02/06. Another new venue for me. Yet again, I was made to feel very welcome. Drinks and a sort of buffet were included in the entrance fee. There was no disco, but there was background music, so it was a pleasant environment in which to talk and make new friends. Next month there is the promise of a photographic session with minimal fees.

I arrived fully made-up and in my 'standard' faux fur coat, glittery black midi dress (it is so easy to wash and look after) and flat over-the-knee boots and then swapped my boots for some black strappy suede high heel stiletto sandals.

I attended the Lyndhurst Transgender Friends meeting for the first time and was made to feel very welcome again. Some of the people I met at the Totton Disco (2019/01/17) were here also. I went fully made-up and dressed (I am getting braver!). They had a disco and a chatting room as well as caterers.

I arrived in my glittery black cowl-neck midi dress, which again received a compliment from a genetic girl, faux fur coat and over-the-knee black flat suede-like boots. Then I slipped into something a little less comfortable; a navy blue backless fishtail gown and platform stiletto heels. This gown required glue-on boobs, which I am glad to report were both present and correct at the end of the evening! I danced in the gown and heels and felt so girlie and gooey again!

I experienced my first time out, in public, fully dressed and made-up, when I ventured out to a TG-friendly pub, The London Hotel, Southampton, after being invited by Aj, amberjane2006 . We were joined by an other girl, Samantha.

I wore a faux fur coat, over a glittery black cowl-neck midi dress, and over-the-knee black flat suede-like boots. The boots are the only flat footwear I own that are suitable for a damp winter night and were bought a few weeks ago for such an occasion.

The only sticky situation occurred straight away after parking my car, when I tried to use an unfamiliar car park ticket machine, in the dark. Fortunately, two GGs (surely they should be called GWs, for genetic women) came to my assistance. I adopted a gentler, huskier voice and all seemed to end well.

Then I walked a 100m or so along a busy road to the pub. Oddly, I was not that nervous, but just concentrated on the job in hand; taking smaller steps than usual and trying to stop my shoulders swaying, which has the effect of making ones hips wiggle a little. Perhaps the sound of my boot heels on the concrete paving slabs helped to focus my mind. Once I entered the pub, I soon found Aj and Samantha. I believe we were the only TGs in the pub all evening. However, nobody seemed to bat an eyelid at our presence.

The dance music was already going when I arrived, though there were few, if any, people dancing. Eventually, more people started dancing and we were invited by GGs to join them. That was it and I spent most of the next few hours dancing with GGs, something that I have always been reluctant to do in male mode. It probably helped that I am now fitter and leaner than I have been in decades.

It was great when a GG said she loved my dress, when I was en-route back from the ladies. I guess she will never know how big a confidence booster it was for me and I will always be in her debt.

I was the last of our trio to leave the pub when it closed and I went with a couple of GGs to a lounge bar which they said would be open for another few hours. Unfortunately, it was not the case and it was closing as we arrived. However, I walked, with the GGs, through the throng outside and into the bar. I had no concern of how I was dressed or appeared though I think I detected some nodding and whispering. Perhaps a 6'3" blonde in a fur coat will always get that anyway!

It was another very liberating experience for me and I would like to thank Aj, amberjane2006 , for inviting me. It will be another evening I will remember forever. If someone had told me I would be doing this two months ago, I would not have believed them!

Oow! Apparently, I have been voted into the top 40 mature babes! I have only been on this site a month and never thought of myself as a 'babe' before. Clarissa is still very much a work in progress, but the past month here has been such a positive and exciting experience for me. Thank you.

I ventured out dressed, solo, for the first time, to the Totton Disco. A big step for me. Everyone was so nice and friendly and I was made especially welcome by the hostess, Eleanor. I left home and arrived made-up, wearing everything except my wig, gown and heels, and was able to change there. It was such a liberating experience, to walk and talk, dressed, in a relatively spacious environment, as opposed to my home/'closet', and one I will remember for the rest of my life. I even danced a little and must have done something right as I won the first prize for my themed costume! I did my own make-up and was described as stunning and looking twenty years younger than I am (who am I to disagree?), so I am getting there.

The downside was that I wore a backless satin-like floor-length gown, that required me to go braless. So I used glue-on breast forms for the first time. Unfortunately, one decided to go AWOL during the evening! Not a good look! However, I love this gown, especially to way it slithers over my stockinged legs as I walk and how I have to lift its hem to avoid treading on it. It makes me feel so girlie and gooey inside. So I intend to try using glue-on breast forms again and nail the look!

Interests: Cross-dressing, Fetish clothing, Shopping, Rubber, Pvc, Boots, Stockings / Suspenders, Online chat, Office wear, Lingerie, Dressed nights out, Groups, Couples, Panties, Petticoats / slips, Goth wear, Hair accessories, Email chat, Wigs, Erotic nights in, Leather Skirt/Dress, Admirers / men, Other TGirls, Full Makeup, I am Sub, I am Dom, High Heels, Daytimes, Evenings, Weekends, Can Accommodate, Can Travel, Trendy/Modern club wear, BDSM / Bondage, Bridal/Wedding wear, Swim/Beach wear, Toys, Mature, Role Play, Uniforms, Inexperienced, Tights/Pantihose, Micro/Mini skirts, Gloves, Outdoor Fun, Corsets, Pubs, Nightclubs, Satin/Silk, I am a non-smoker, Furs, Relationship (casual), Relationship (serious), Females, Single/Unattached, Friendship, Photography, Art Exhibitions, Museums, Movies / Cinema, Music Festivals / Gigs, Comedy Clubs / Festivals, Holidays / Travel, Politics, Charity / Voluntary Work, Historic Places / Architecture, Sporting Events, Girdles, Mature Admirers / Men, Cosplay / Costumes, Dresses, Skirts, Leggings, Playsuits, Knitwear, Casual Tops, Smart Tops, Books & Literature, Theatre, Indian/Ethnic garments, Can Accommodate (Overnight), Vintage, Social Meets Only!, Chastity

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