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She's got legs.....

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Last Visited:     24 June, 2024
Registered:     05 February, 2024
Location:     Canterbury, Kent, England


Can Travel


Favorite Look:
General / Everyday wear

Hiya, I am Danni. Top T-Girl/Tranny/ me what you like. I'm just me.
This is a return visit to Chix for me. After a health scare, a purge and period of reflection, I have found the pull back into this wonderful world was just too strong to resist.
Some of you lovelies may recognise me from before and if you do, i have no objection to you telling me so. It would be nice to catch up with some old in particular.
I would describe myself as a Milf meets Sexy Auntie.
Sexually, I am totally top for T-Girls. I like my girlfriend to be smooth, as I am and smelling nice as I do. However, there is something special about being held by a real man and I am only bottom for him.
I am of average build with nicely shaped legs. My hair is whatever colour I fancy at the time and I have no idea what colour my eyes are. (Is bloodshot a colour?)
I will post a few pics after Stella has reviewed this description and hopefully, I will get to start chatting to some lovely people.
Danni x

Checkout my Facebook page - Danni Hunt (It's only for fun).

You know you have unknowingly upset someone when your best photo receives a single score of 1.

I'll have a dark rum and coke, please.

I would like to send a note of congratulations to all of you who are members of the Timewaster and Fantasist Club 2024. You Guys have managed to score 5/5 against me with one of you waiting until 2hours before our date, knowing I had been driving for an hour and had booked a hotel, to tell me by text, about the family crisis that had just torn your world apart. FU!
None of the genuine girls on this site deserve to be used like that. Find some other wanking material.
Correction 6/ must be me. On the other hand, well done...great acting. Ba****d!

Things that do not remotely interest me:
'Bi-curious' What does that even mean?
"Willing to try anything once"... You're not experimenting on me.
Rubber fetish-wear.
Profile names that contain the words Sissy, Slut, Dump or any other word that makes a T-Girl sound like a desperate whore.

Update February 2024: Thank you to all the lovely boys and girls who sent me birthday wishes. I started thanking everyone individually but there was so many. I have made a couple of birthday resolutions and they are to have a nice makeover and photo session and I am starting to go to functions and events again, starting with BNO in April.

Update March 2024: Had a fantastic day with the amazing Abbie - Sister Hyde, today. She made me feel so good about myself and I cannot thank her enough. Absolutely amazing lady. I will post some of the pics on my profile and I hope some of you girls pay her a visit. You will regret nothing x

Update April 2024: Great night at BNO. Lasted until 5am. Discovered that blondes actually do have more fun. Ooh la la, eh Marie? x

Update May 2024: Decided to go to my first LFF in June. Hotel booked, and a makeover by the beautiful Kate Worthington of Worthers. x

Update June 2024; Oh my gosh...beyond my wildest dreams. No 17 in Mature Top Babes. Thank you so much for this wonderful confidence boost, you lovely people xx

** To whom it may concern** "I don't give a shit what you do with my photos, they'll never prove it's me in a million years".

Interests: Cross-dressing, Pvc, Stockings / Suspenders, Sex, Online chat, Dressed nights out, Watching porn, Groups, Panties, Wigs, Erotic nights in, Leather Skirt/Dress, Other TGirls, In the Closet, High Heels, Daytimes, Evenings, Can Travel, Mature, Tights/Pantihose, Pubs, Relationship (casual), Single/Unattached, Friendship, Mature Admirers / Men, Dresses, I am Versatile, I am Switch

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