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J'adore la belle sodomie

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Last Visited:     01 March, 2024
Registered:     02 February, 2008
Location:     Manchester, Greater Manchester, England



Favorite Look:
Slutty / Trashy

Just had a memory from the past, was in the Arndale Market trying to buy some trashy undies from a stall. When I asked for some crotchless knix and quarter cup bras the woman who had the stall got a bit arsey with me, I was perfectly polite and had bought a see through robe and stockings from there before and she was fine. perhaps she thought I was indulging in a bit of onanism rather than bringing pleasure to a group of gentlemen and being practical where they can get to everything without me having to remove my knickers. I should have wound her up even more and invited her to get her suspenders on and join me in a group session.

09-08-2023 Been to the Gate House 1st time in ages, wore my black corset with pink trims.

30.07.2021 Discovered the photographic work of Pierre Molinier 1900 - 1976. The main theme is around his stocking and leg fetishes and him posing in corsets with no knickers on. He got other androgynous male artists to pose for him in stockings. Shame he was around before my time would love to pose in his studio and hopefully get taken up the derrière o#bent over the whipping bench he had in there as he did have a very nice cock! He also had a female model called Hanel Koeck who had a shoe and hosiery ferish, she looked good posing in her suspender belt.

14.02.2024 Thank you too for the valentines cards

13.02.2024 Thank you for all the lovely birthday wishes.

28.04.2021 Dressed for the first time in 2021, wore my white basque with black trim and black plain tops, got foundation on my thong but removed it with washing up liquid a very useful hack.

22.04.2021 My Ann Summers crotchless pvc suspender briefs have arrived, look perfect with my pvc 1/4 cup bra long gloves, fishnets with diamante seam and red ankle boots, Anticipating when I can get some fun in it.

13.02.2021 Thank you for all the lovely birthday comments xxx

26.8.20 My black satin vintage knickers have arrived in the post, perfect with a corset and ffs.

13.2.20 Thank you for all the nice birthday comments xxx

I only initially meet in clubs and like groups of guys, I realise that is a problem for some guys but there it is. I DO NOT do bareback, so please do not ask, or start pming me then becoming sleazy!!!!

5 .7.17 Looking forward to OUCH at the Gatehouse, have selected a kinky outfit to wear. Making sure I have my bag of paddles and floggers ready.

29.7.16 Wearing my gold basque, long gold opera gloves and sexy gold tanga knix tonight.

27.7.16 Will be wearing my red satin corset today hope it acts as a cock magnet.

30/04/16 New pic from a photoshoot nicely done by Leesa at Dee Selectas.
Finally got mycamcorder on order hope to make some dirty movies firstly with toys then with guys (note the plural).

Time to fulfill my anal bucket list, want to do it n the spoons and reverse cowgirl position, maybe double anal but that is tricky.

16/01/16 Going to get a photo shoot and makeover later this month, need to get some fresh pics on here.

02/10/15 Bought my witch costume for the Gatehouse halloween party, got some spider web stockings and lace gloves to complete the look.

08/10/14 Just got my glass dildos through the post. Looking forward to this Friday and giving myself a good seeing to with them, get my satin sheets on the bed, put on my sheer suspender tights and black platforms and all else I will be wearing will be my titty weights, then round off with a large Pernod and lie back in ecstasy!

19/08/14 Now accumulated a nice collection of paddles and whips, will be alternating my love of spanking (both ways) with my taste for cock n' bum fun.

02/08/14 Got a pair of these Will be 6'9" tall in them. Will be worn with metallic club wear should look good I hope.

19/7/14 Thinking about getting a camcorder and doing my own vids with toys etc.

11/7/14 My gold vibrator and "corn on the cob" vibrator arrived today, luckily batteries included. My hole is looking forward to christening them.

10/7/14 Put up no male admirers. Will still meet guys but only at venues and if I happen to be there, won't waste my time exchanging emails arranging times and dates that will simply never happen. Also will not be doing "private meets" i.e the guy turns up here for a quick jolly then is out the door 10 nano seconds after coming.

WARNING: Do not contact me without a proper profile pic as I will simply block you, people who contact me with no pic then say they can send me one, I am not interested. Another thing I hate are people who use text speak in private messaging. I also don't do cyber sex or yahoo messenger etc. A massive turn off is the question "wot u into" this always gets a flippant answer from me.

1/7/14 Took down can accommodate, with meet offers either getting no notice before or hearing nothing when I supply some dates when I am free. Looking to get my house done up, then will only use it for vanilla hetero encounters instead, as all the married guys do within their own homes.

1/5/14 Just won a "vintage garter belt" off ebay the kind of thing you would wear if John Holmes was giving you one.

20/4/14 No takers for the private party, so offer off the table now. Will spend the money on the satin sheets on a couple of bottles of wine instead.

12/4/14 Toying with the idea of inviting 3 or 4 guys round for a private party in June, and maybe getting some electric blue satin sheets for us to play on ? What do you think guys ?

29/3/14 Gatehouse, wore my M&S suspender cami for the first time. Found I had only one pair of stockings and they were laddered so had to wear them, very sophisticated.

21/3/14 Gatehouse again, my striped leggings got a few compliments.

13/3/14 Guys and Dolls at the Gatehouse, maybe the last Weds I can attend for a while.

5/3/14 Gatehouse again.

3/3/14 My gold boob tube arrived today, very tasteful, fits perfectly.

2/3/14 Sally Swings at the Gatehouse, hope to see a certain admirer/cd again.

26.2.14 Guys and Dolls at the Gatehouse, wore a set I got off Amazon, not that happy with the quality of it, had a wardrobe malfunction with the waspie coming unlaced as I walked across the lounge.

21.2.14 Another visit to the Gatehouse, wore my leather hot pants and long leather gloves.

19.2.14 Visited the Gatehouse, wore my cupless purple satin basque and liquid satin crotchless knix, the admirers liked it anyway.

18.1.14 Bought a very sexy lingerie set, looking forward to getting a good banging in it.

26.8.13 Once heard some religious nutter saying if you indulge in oral and anal and dress in black you conjure up dark forces. Well that's me knackered, that's if you class black suspenders as dressing in black.

20.8.13 I need a good seeing to.

14.7.13 Won some retro lingerie from ebay, a red basque by Berlei and some zigzag pattern black stockings by Mary Quant from the 1970s, and a lacy suspender belt by Gossard from the early 1980s. I am stuck in the past.

21.3.13 Cleared out a cupboard for my ever expanding collection of lingerie/funwear found letters from contact mags I had received 20 years ago, also found a mummified make up sponge I had bought from transformation back in the 90s.

16.3.13 Dressed up for the first time yesterday since last September. Went to the Gatehouse excellent venue very well run.

28.6.12 My rant on no shows and time wasters is a bit irrelelvant now as met alot of people since then who did show up. I am looking at doing meets differently instead of throwing my bedroom open to people I know nothing about will be looking to get to know someone properly first, then take things from there.

19.5.12 Just discovered the charcoal drawing by William Copley "untitled (lady with garter belt)" see link

I find this a wonderfully erotic piece, a mature woman lounging back in her sofa wearing only her stockings and suspenders, maybe waiting for a sexual encounter. I like to think with two guys who would enter the room naked, each one would suck her boobs and then she takes it in turns to give each one a suck, the thing climaxes with them having a dp. After the guys have climaxed she lies back and has a cigarette. Its a sexy retro belt, the kind you sometimes see on ebay.Because it was done in 1973 very much when tights were king it shows how sexual the woman is.

18.1.12 Booked my room for Sparkle 1012, next will be planning the outfits.

19.12.11 Oh dear my desire to dress has hit a low, normally at this time of year would be looking at some slinky evening dress and visiting the lingerie department at Debenhams but not this year. Will ride it and wait for it to come back in the new year.

28.10.2011 Name change and uplaoded some pics:
Decided to change my profile name to my proper tgirl name of Dominique, not too keen on being called Scarlett as it sounds abit lacking in culture. Also loaded some pics I did for a photo shoot in 2004 for a tgirl website.

16.09.2011 Uploaded some new pics, wearing my oldest surviving lingerie set which I bought in 1992. A black bra and suspender set from Littlewoods, have a blue set similar which I will wear soon for another set. of pics. Wore tan stockings for this one which go well with black suspenders.

25.8.2011 Thats scary, just blinked and realised I have not dressed since the start of the month, starting to get hairy legs. Something must be done about it!

3.8.2011 Seem to be having a basque phase, wore my purple one for a meet last week and a blue one the next day. Wearing my red one tomorrow which I wore gfor my first 3ome all the way back in 1994.

I am getting alot of people wanting to meet with no profile pic to save time for both of us I dont meet with anyone unless they have one, and I dont email people pics, if you want to see larger versions of my profile pics best become a friend of chix. If you send me an email asking to meet with no profile pic I will ignore it, and I will block you as people are ignoring my request.

I cannot accept a meet without a formal reciprocated meet request using the meets facility on here, without one it generally leads to problems, I will put on a meet request for you but unless it is reciprocated there cannot be a meet.
If you don't know how to make a meet request go to faqs on the left hand menu of the home page, or ask me. There seems to be a major misconception that meet requests are public and everyone knows your business and private details from them, this cannot be further from the truth only moderators and the two parties involved in the meet know about it.


1.7.2011 Willy pics are gone, promised Poppy that I would remove them as they can give a wrong impression and atract the wrong type. I am getting the slutty side of my nature out of my system, so if anyone wants a meet with my tarty side they had better hurry up lol.

I Would love to meet more couples, used to meet loads through contact mags. I can accommodate and ill get some wine on chill. I do only want to meet couples where the woman is genuinley into tvs, and it is a threeway experience.

I am getting alot of people wanting to meet with no profile pic to save time for both of us I dont meet with anyone unless they have one, and I dont email people pics, if you want to see larger versions of my profile pics best become a friend of chix. If you send me an email asking to meet with no profile pic I will ignore it.

Wow had a great time on Monday, had two guys turn up and had great fun. Thank you both xxx

Calling sexy admirers in the Greater Manchester area I fancy doing a threesome at my place in the next couple of weeks. Ihave a nice comfortable bed and satin sheets. If you are up for it please email me. Looking at Monday 13th of June 12pm my house in Prestwich. Dxxx

31.05.2011 Taking private meets off hold, but do not ask me for one unless you will go through with it as I may stop them permanently.

19.05.2011 Putting private meets on hold. This doesnt apply to proper friends whom I have already made arrangements with. May resume private meets after I have calmed down a little.

Likes couples, tvs guys and women

45, 6' tall medium slim long legs smooth shaven blue/green eyes.

Likes tgirl parties, fetish parties, meeting ggirls, other tvs, guys and bi couples for thressomes.

Likes fully fashioned stockings, corsets high heeled shoes, platform shoes and boots, rubber, leather pvc, tarty and retro lingerie. Loves designer lingerie, and fave set is a waspie, quater cup bra and accessories. I like to wear evening dresses and fetish wear.

Open minded and open to suggestions from sensible people.

My hall of fame: for all the wonderful and genuine folks I have encountered

Lyndsay Roberts a fabulous enchantress, who if she casts a spell on you it is no bad experience. Everything about her is loveley including her very kissable lips. I had been wating to meet Lyndsay since February and had been chewing the skirting boards in anticipation, I was not disappointed and I have sanded down the skirting boards lol, she was dressed like a high class escort and I like a 70s pub stripper. Anyone who lets her down needs their head examining, Lyndsay is as gorgeous in real life as she is in her photos.

geesimon -good name and good age (reminds me of someone I know), is an excellent guy to meet so do not let him down as it would be a missed opportunity. good company very considerate and even carried my bag. Simon should do master classes to wannabe admirers he would make a fortune.

joesexy24 good looking guy and very good in the bedroom, want to keep this one for myself lol.

A note about private meets - PLEASE READ

Yes I do meet and that means really meet in person in the flesh, and yes I can accommodate. But myself and alot of other genuine tgirls and genuine admirers we are getting mighty sick of no shows and time wasters, and people who cancel at the last minute with a lame excuse. If you want to meet, and you turn up and we have fun thats fabulous, if you suddenly say ooooh I cant get out of work etc that is cobblers unless you are a heart surgeon, part-time fire fighter or life boatman etc. Also lame excuses such as my brother in law broke his finger, that was unconvincing as at the time I had a knee, an elbow and a back injury and was still prepared to meet this person. For the same reasons I nolonger go on cam as I don't expect to spend an hour getting made up then the person doesn't show up after pestering me.

A message to all the time waters if you want to kill off private meets thats fine its your loss, those of us who are free and have the bottle to go to the excellent venues around the country we can still have fun and we will save alot of time, so think on.

So for genuine folks the above does not apply to you, but here are my ground rules if you want a private meet.

1. I will not accept witheld numbers

2. If we arrange a day I will not chop and change it to suit you, its that day or nothing

3. No last minute cancellations unless it is really serious, "cant get out of work" etc won't wash

4. We need to speak on the phone first, and if you want we can meet down the village if you feel more comfortable that way

5. Do not pester me for a meet then cancel.

6. Most importantly we arrange a formal meet with the meets facility on this site, if you waste my time I will give you a zero rating and tell everyone what a waste of space you are. If we do meet I will give a fair rating for you.

7. If you have no pic on your profile I am not interested, I don't mess about waiting for pics on msn or by email.

Sorry for that rant but I have had way too many people trying it on in the last two years, and I am no means alone in this. If we had £1 for every timewaster we would be all minted!!

To all the genuine people out there I love you all, and may we enjoy lots of great sex!!!!!

Interests: Cross-dressing, Fetish clothing, Shopping, Rubber, Pvc, Boots, Stockings / Suspenders, Sex, Online chat, Lingerie, Dressed nights out, Watching porn, Groups, Couples, Panties, Goth wear, Erotic nights in, Leather Skirt/Dress, Admirers / men, Other TGirls, Full Makeup, I am Sub, I am Dom, High Heels, Trendy/Modern club wear, BDSM / Bondage, Toys, Uniforms, Experienced, Micro/Mini skirts, Gloves, Corsets, Pubs, Nightclubs, Satin/Silk, Relationship (casual), Females, Single/Unattached, Friendship, Maid Service, Mature Admirers / Men, Dresses, Skirts, Leggings, Indian/Ethnic garments

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