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Sometimes shy, mature tlady.

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Last Visited:     01 March, 2024
Registered:     25 July, 2014
Location:     Tooting, London, England


Can Travel

Non-Binary T-Girl

Favorite Look:
Innocent Virgin

Hello I am a transvestite who can sometimes be shy. What I am I really do not know. I have dark blond hair and blue eye's, naturally. 5ft 8in (+ a smidgen) and shrinking is my height and I weigh almost 11st (68kg). Dress size 12-14 varies a bit. Waist 10. Bra 36 B-C. Wig blond or auburn.
Cogiati score 205 probably transexual, possibly cheated a bit. Actually Cogiati is a load of crap.

I am slim except for a small abdominal protuberance. This little bump varies according to my consumption of chocolate and chocolate biscuits. When I eventually got the courage to dress in public I found it a lot easier than I imagined. The Magic Theatre was my first venture. I have all the wants and desires that go with my transvestism, as I am sure lots of you do too. I am never satisfied with my look and wish I could wave a magic wand and turn myself into a physical woman; sometimes.
I would like some tits even A cup would do.
Makeup is still a bit of a chore but I have reached a standard that makes me feel satisfied. I am not happy with it either as I think I can do better.

Someday's the old anxieties return. I thought I had left them behind a few years back when I started going out dressed. Maybe I should go the whole hog and embrace GRS. Then I think its such a massive step. I don't know what to do about this or other issues. I seem to be back to a balance again.

My desires and wishes sometimes make me feel depressed and I hope I can offer support to others and receive some when I need it. It's not often I need it as I am usually strong enough but life, the odd time gets you down. 71% trans people develop mental illness. I find it hard to make new friends but those I have seem to stick around.
My interests include current affairs, history, make up, fashion and a small interest in geology. Lots of females like geology and most students at uni are I believe female. I also like pubs and clubs and the banter that takes place there.
My favourite event, after Sparkle of course is Retro Rondezvous just off the strand in London. Lovely pleasant girls and the odd Admirer. A few nice cis lady also attend.

I love nearly all varieties of chocolate except extreme dark ones. I eat too much chocolate.

I don't do any drugs except drink. On occasions I may drink a little too much but usually am moderate.
The music I like includes The Beatles, Rolling Stones. Who, Kinks, Ray Charles, Peter Greens Fleetwood Mac, later Fleetwood Mac, Santana, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Elvis Presley, The Eagles, Willie Nelson, Moody Blues, Annie Lennox, Dire Straits, Dusty Springfield, Small Faces many more rock and pop artists and a bit of Opera and classical.
Favourite movies are One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, The Deerhunter, The Sting and The Last of the Mohicans.
Books are For Whom the Bell Tolls, The Great Gatsby, The Power and the Glory, As I Walked out One Midsummers Morning.

11/02/17. Went to She World via 24 hour Tube. Had an easy pleasant night. Thought it was closer to Stratford, went astray, consult map back on track but audition for frozen not part of script. Loretta (Wimbledon Couple) helped with the make up (ok 99.9%). This was my birthday present to myself. Thanks also Nena, Lucy, Sabrina and the other girls and guys there. Thank you.
I still shiver when I think of that night.

A few years ago I did a test to see my mental age. It came back as !18 !!! Maybe it relates to not having lived as my true self for so many years. Maybe I just never grew up. Always knew I was mad.

30/03/15. When it comes to voting on pictures it seems some people forget the support bit of our reason for being here. If you enter a beauty contest though you have to be prepared for some people looking and thinking, not beautiful. Personally if someone is willing to show their face I would never dream of giving less than 6. The most perfect headless figure or shapely bum cannot compare to the human face.
Some profiles display how hurt members have been by low scores. I don't mean people vote whoring but just your average chixter. So be a little more social insect like. Defend each other and ultimately the whole.

02/04/15. What is love, or who is it for.

19/06/15 Went to Florence last month. Most certainly one of the most interesting places on the planet. It was only for 4 days and I was sorry to leave. It reeks of history and art. I really want to go back sometime soon.

01/11/15. Went to the Magic Theatre, despite not being 100% well, dressed. Magic place the Magic Theatre. Such a gay happy pleasant crowd dancing beneath the Chinese lanterns and chandeliers. An atmosphere you can touch. Thank you Ms Claire.

I wish I was able to put on eyelashes. I nearly stuck my eyelids together once. I would be so embarrassed in A+E. !!!

20/11/15. Today is International Transgendered Remembrance Day. It is terrible to look at the list of sisters who have been murdered all over the World. For every murder there are more victims crippled or injured by ignorance and a chance to bash a brave but frightened person who dared to be different.
The USA and Brazil seem particularly bad but maybe they just have better reporting or monitoring.

Had a makeup lesson with Abbie/Sister Hyde. Well worth the visit to Ashford via the High Speed Train. Due to the deep chasms and canyons on my face she had to use Polyfilla to fill them.(Do not use Polyfilla it will burn your skin to the bone. It is dangerous to get it on your skin Abbie has asked me to mention.)
I picked up more tips from Abbie in one day than I have in years from youtube or other sources.
Please, do not deny yourself the benefit of a visit to this wonderful artist. I must go again for a makeover when I feel I deserve pampering.

Went to the Wayout Club, with the bubbly Sasha, and met the very entertaining and fabulous Miss Cosmic who was the cabaret act. She is not just a good entertainer but seems a really nice person too.

11/07/16. Went to Sparkle. Had a great time, drank too much and stayed up too late. Dressed, possibly, inappropriately for my age and danced badly but enthusiastically until closing time in Napoleons.

Met some really lovely people George, Tina and Graham, another Tina and Jackie all from London, Liverpool's friendly lovely blond Roxanne and her friends from everywhere. That Waterford girl, Wigan's lovely Nicky. Someday I may meet Nicky from Essex. I forget more people than I remember.

On a bad note there were some people there who were on their own and they told me no one had talked to them all night or even passed a remark good or bad until our mob kind of swept them up. I was never the one who made first contact. Some seemed to come from areas with no scene and Sparkle is their one outlet. Sparkle is for a fun time but lets not forget some of our more isolated tgirls. I was never short of company because my travelling companion, the effervescent Sasha, saw to that. Society needs to be more inclusive so do we.

Will be back next year unless someone gives me an excuse to see Manchester for a second time, earlier.

I have been known to frequent the Wayout Club the odd Saturday night.

19/07/17. Went to Sweet Wednesday. Really enjoyed it mainly because of the people I met Andy Cindy Rachel and several others. Very nice crowd, arrived late because of work. Very pleasant staff security. The lovely admirers and girls really made it. Cabaret enjoyable, great mixture of songs left late and had a last drink in Molly Mogs on my own. Last tube south then. Satisfied.

Warning to any institution or individual NOT using my profile and/or photos for academic research or personal pleasure. This insult will be remembered. My friends in low places will exact proper retribution. Do you want hints of plagiarism and other infractions to surface in academic circles and The Daily Mail.

Interests: Cross-dressing, Shopping, Pvc, Stockings / Suspenders, Sex, Lingerie, Dressed nights out, Watching porn, Panties, Wigs, Leather Skirt/Dress, Admirers / men, Other TGirls, Full Makeup, I am Sub, High Heels, Weekends, Can Travel, Trendy/Modern club wear, Swim/Beach wear, Toys, Mature, Role Play, Tights/Pantihose, Outdoor Fun, Corsets, Pubs, Nightclubs, I am a non-smoker, Relationship (casual), Females, Single/Unattached, Photography, Art Exhibitions, Museums, Holidays / Travel, Girdles, Mature Admirers / Men, Dresses, Skirts, Casual Tops, Smart Tops, Books & Literature

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