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Tart with class. Spank and use

Last Visited:     22 October, 2017
Registered:     26 December, 2004
Location:     London, Surrey, England


Can Travel


Favorite Look:
Smart Tart

A couple of preliminaries before my main profile:

I go to clubs when I can... I'm going the Amy Jane's on Friday 27th October and then Truly Vivacious party again on Friday 3rd November, so do come along and meet me...

And if you want to read about my naughty activities at the various parties, clubs and events I've been to over the last few years, I've written all about them (fully detailed!) in my Blog at... ... so do go and have a read. I write it up after every party and meet I enjoy and you could feature in one too if we bumped into each other at a club or somewhere... (anonymously, of course 'cos I'm a very discreet girl).

WOW! I've passed 280,000 views on my profile... well over a QUARTER MILLION... WOW!!! I've been celebrating that, big time, ever since!

Now for my MAIN PROFILE...

Hi guys and girls, Doms and Dommes...

Before I tell you more about myself, I must tell you about my 3-volume e-book available from 'online/Kindle' stores. It's called JOANNA'S TRAINING and is the true story of how an American Mistress turned me from a shy new virgin 'girl' into the fully experienced 'Girl of the World'... or perhaps 'Girl of the Night'... that I now am. It's VERY explicit and detailed... all absolutely TRUE... and you can find out more about it and see my large Gallery, on my website. There's also my naughty Blog on there where I tell you what I've been getting up to at events I've been to more recently. Have a look at...

Ok... so I'm Joanna (but you already know that!)... a sexy mature TV on here amongst thousands of gorgeous t-girls… isn’t it delicious to be in such terrific company? I joined Chix when it started up back in… whenever… and it’s such a great site for making friends and meeting lovely people. As for me, I'm a subby girl and go for mature and DOMINANT guys, particularly those of you with the experience (very important) in applying some good CP... oh God... my bum is tingling with anticipation already... (along with a few other bits too...!)

I've sometimes been told I'm attractive... not that I'm blowing my own trumpet of course (never quite managed that.... giggle!), but then, how can I question the opinions of people of taste? My height (I'm about 6ft), slim figure and legs up to my... er... yes, up there, along with my blue eyes and honey blonde hair have, on occasion, caused me to be referred to as the 'Elle Macpherson of Earls Court'... (I love the Earls Court bit but I think the rest may be a tad OTT!)

The boring bit is that I'm educated and intelligent, cultured and artistic (I'm a musician and writer), imaginative and creative... but then I may just be a bit biased so that's enough of that! Oh, and I live near Sutton on the edge of south London... well, we all have to live somewhere. Oh, and I DON'T smoke... and if you do, that's not a problem as long as your clothes and breath don't stink of stale smoke!.. yuk!...sorry.

Basically, I love being the girl of my dreams... a girl to be shared fully with others… or at least as many as I can accommodate! Having fun is what I’m here for... and the kinkier the better. I often go to fetish and t-girl clubs in the London area where I'm pretty well-known and have some delicious times. If you would like to meet me at a club, do drop me a line... you never know what could be possible.

Having become very experienced in all aspects of CP over the last twenty years or so, I have guided several Mistresses and pro-Dommes in London through the finer aspects of using a cane, whip, strap and other 'weapons' etc. and, if any of you girls starting to realise your dominant side would like me to show you a few ideas and some finer points of technique on how to successfully deal with your girl or guy, drop me a Chixmail!

As I said above, I'm subby so like to meet assertive and dominant people... men, females and tgirls... and, of the men, I usually find that mature men do that for me best. I can be a bit of a 'reluctant' girl to start with so, if you're looking for me to be nice and naughty with you, you'll probably need to MAKE me... and a good hard spanking and even a purposeful strapping or caning will usually achieve that! I'm always a naughty girl... (I find it so difficult to be good!)... but there are certain things that I've been told I'm VERY good at...hehe, so I often get punished, sometimes even BEFORE I've been naughty. Then, once I've BEEN naughty, I get punished again... (for being naughty, of course!) and then I'm often made to be naughty all over again! You see, a girl just can't win - I'm still trying to work that one out.

I was chatting on here with a dominant man recently and he told me that my personal mantra should be: 'Be naughty, be spanked, be contrite, be used'... but then I realised that, being 'used' can be the same as being 'naughty' so it's a round... 'be spanked, be contrite, be used, be spanked...' etc. It keeps on going round and round.. never stopping!

Now, if you are a single subby guy or are a guy younger than 35, I'm sorry, but it probably won't work for me, so please don't ask me for a meet... but if you are a male/female couple, then I'd love to get together as long as at least one of you is dominant/top.

I love roleplaying and have a wide range of outfits I can wear... schoolie, naughty nun, sexy secretary, maid, pvc and gorgeously sexy clubwear etc. etc.... and even a sexy pirate that I call the 'Scarlet Buccaneer'... but after a drink or two, that usually turns into the Scarlet Fu... er, you get my drift... hehe! You can see many of them in my Gallery at

Occasionally I do naughty filming, both for commercial adult dvds and private websites and I am sometimes looking for new people, especially guys, to join me on shoots so, if any of you are interested in me being very naughty with you in front of the camera, please do drop me a chixmail. But you'll need to be comfortable for your face to be seen.

I'm an experienced Maid and, whether as a Maid or simply as a compliant tart, I really love serving at private parties. So if you're thinking of having a party, I can help receive your guests as they arrive, serve food and drinks, help get the party mood swinging along and, if you wish, be fully 'available' for the use of any of your guests who might enjoy a 'special' desert! I also enjoy other 'group' activities and events too, the naughtier the better and the more the merrier... so please do invite me.

Can I share one of my big fantasies with you?... but promise you won't tell anyone 'cos it's a secret...! It's the scene early in 'The Story of O' when O is put into the library for the first time where four men are lounging in armchairs chatting and reading. O is made to submit sexually to them all several times in a variety of ways, then she's strung up by her wrists and severely whipped with a riding crop... oooooooooh... mmmmmmm... Oh to be O! Are there any guys out there who can set this scene up for me...? Pleeeeeeease?

Many of you guys and girls have put such lovely comments on my guestbook... many thanks and lots of kisses to you all... it's very sweet of you.

Finally, I hope you enjoy my photos. Some fabulous ones were taken by the brilliant and gorgeous Angelica ( near Gatwick Airport... and she's here on Chix under her name... Ange1ica... note the 1 instead of an L). Also some wonderful images were taken by the kinky Peter Birch, the imaginative cornwallbiguy (on here), and also by (who have also taken a lot of naughty films of me over the years!). All of these professional photographers have taken some fantastic photosets of me.

And I repeat, please do go to my little website... ...where you can see many of the images in my Gallery and also in my naughty Blog (I hope you'll read that too 'cos it details so many naughty things that I've been getting up to! Maybe you could be in my Blog with me one day, if you'd like to be!

I hope to chat and, maybe, have some fun with you soon.
Joanna xx

Interests: Cross-dressing, Fetish clothing, Shopping, Pvc, Boots, Stockings / Suspenders, Sex, Online chat, Office wear, Lingerie, Dressed nights out, Groups, Couples, Panties, Petticoats / slips, Email chat, Wigs, Erotic nights in, Leather Skirt/Dress, Admirers / men, Other TGirls, Full Makeup, I am Sub, Convincing, High Heels, Daytimes, Evenings, Weekends, Can Travel, Trendy/Modern club wear, BDSM / Bondage, Swim/Beach wear, Toys, Mature, Role Play, Experienced, Micro/Mini skirts, Outdoor Fun, Corsets, Pubs, Nightclubs, Satin/Silk, I am a non-smoker, Relationship (casual), Females, Single/Unattached, Friendship, Photography, Art Exhibitions, Museums, Movies / Cinema, Good Food / Wine, Comedy Clubs / Festivals, Holidays / Travel, Historic Places / Architecture, DIY Help / Advice, Maid Service, Musician / Sound engineer, Dressing / Makeup Services, Mature Admirers / Men, Cosplay / Costumes, Dresses, Skirts, Casual Tops, Books & Literature, Theatre, Kilts

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