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Blossoming Crossdresser

Last Visited:     26 September, 2023
Registered:     28 March, 2019
Location:     Durham, Durham, England


Can Travel


Favorite Look:
Glamourous / Pretty

27/11/19 Update - Went to Darlington, had makeup done in boots, got some lovely tips from the lady, she suggested couple areas of eyebrows to pluck to give a better look and also kindly said i had long lashes and should try eyelash curler. On cloud 9

10-10-19 Update - Well 3rd time out, this time into Newcastle City Centre round Eldon Square, so much busier than when out in Durham. Had booked appointment with Boots this time and had wonderful makeup session, completed by lovely guy called Daniel. Loved every minute of it.

3-10-19 Update - 2nd time out as Katie, went to Durham town centre this time, new wig minimal makeup - just foundation eye liner masscara and some lippy. Quite surprised how calm I was as much closer to home than last time and also when got out of car realised were builder doing work on the multi storey and had to walk past them. But hey nothing said and went to Boots to ask some advice on a lipstick shade ended up been there for 50 minutes and got help with blusher shade, eye-shadow was amazing been sat at makeup counter, then had wander round shops got a coffee and came home. Confidence has took a massive boost today x

Thank you so much everyone for the birthday wishes made me feel so happy.

Oh god wow- top 10 babe thank you everyone who voted for me I must say I am shocked never expected this when signed up a few months ago a confused shy girl.

20/07/19 Update went for a makeover and dress, love my photos, love the different look they achieved for me, have to do it again sometime.

22/05/19 Update - i went out around Darlington town centre today as Katie, did makeup in house before left and put on sunglasses and hood up then drove for bit with dress under loose pants and t shirt. Stopped wig on tidied up makeup and drove rest of way then had a wander, felt nervous but happy.

I have recently admitted to my counsellor that I like to crossdress, was the first person I had told face to face and felt good to get it out there. I struggle still at times with my desire to dress and have had many binge and purge cycles but want to get past that and fufil desire to fully dress with makeup and clothes.

I am looking to find other crossdressers to make friends and find people to chat with.

My wife doesn't know i like to do this and would not understand she has made it abundantly clear through her comments when crossdressers have been on telly what she thinks of them. Change to this now she does know but made it clear she thinks its weird but wont stop me but doesnt want to see or talk about it

I have cross dressed for as long as I can remember, one of my earliest memories was seeing knickers and tights in mum's bedroom and putting them on before bed and climbing into bed with them on before taking off and putting back on chair, think I was about 6 then. Ever since then i have struggled off and on with my desire.

I would like to find people who share my interests for help and fun.

I am average build, and around 6ft 1 in height. I have brown eyes, short brown hair.

Interests: Cross-dressing, Shopping, Online chat, Office wear, Lingerie, Dressed nights out, Groups, Panties, Email chat, Wigs, Full Makeup, In the Closet, Daytimes, Can Travel, Inexperienced, Corsets, Satin/Silk, Females, Attached, Friendship, Good Food / Wine, Comedy Clubs / Festivals, Dresses, Books & Literature, Vintage

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