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Seeking the alternative me...

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Last Visited:     23 April, 2024
Registered:     25 October, 2022
Location:     Burgess Hill, Sussex, England



Favorite Look:
Submissive Maid

I have been a solo crossdresser for many years (since leaving home in 1977) and have moved from simple lingerie through to PVC clothing, masks and mild S&M (all in the privacy of my bedroom!). I have only had one relationship in which I confessed my interest to my then girlfriend following which I was permitted to wear simple lingerie whilst learning to serve her. After splitting in 2003, I returned to solo dressing at home although I recently summoned the courage to discover more about what I actually look like and how I behave when fully dressed and in the company of someone else.

Indeed, I seemed to adopt a different persona and this experience is certainly one that I would like to re-visit and explore further.

I am 5' 10"with blue eyes, a Diabetic 2 who currently weighs in at 77kgs. I am size 14 and 38DD with forms and the attached image is the first time that I have actually seen what I look like (a lot to learn). However, both my dress sense (I seem to have many maid outfits) and make-up skills (my craggy skin suggests that I should perhaps use Polyfilla) are poor and I am now attempting to remedy these skills.

In conclusion, I believe that I am probably a Bi-sub who is seeking a m/F relationship that would encompass BWD and S&M.


Have discovered that there is far more to cross-dressing than cross-dressing! This is particularly true when using make-up and I am astounded, partially frightened and hugely excited by the person I become when that make-up is properly applied.

A Woman can transform seemingly effortlessly in minutes by simple use of make-up. However, it takes me ages (and even then its not really right, too much Blusher!) but the end result is well worth it.

My admiration and respect for Women also grows every time I discover what they have to endure, Eyebrow Waxing providing the latest insight. Using my experiences to date and with my 'male' head on, I can only say that all Women should receive far more support and respect from men, they deserve it.

However, I still have to discover the 'real' T-gurl within me. I know I am incredibly submissive when dressed but I do not have a character, an image, a personality and it these that I will seek to find in the coming months.

Feb 14 2023

Thank you to the anonymous Valentine Card senders, your interest is much appreciated. Indeed, your contact has inspired me to keep going as MissChristine (I have to admit that I had been thinking of returning to being a simple 'boi') and I will be doing my best to search you out and make a contact, initially for a chat, but who knows?

And on that score, I have two 'Makeover' days planned for this month so hope to post some more pictures and write-up each visit.

March 18 2023

Having enjoyed and learnt much from two recent 'makeover' sessions, I then proceeded to discover that I was BWD. However, it has left me feeling somewhat deflated and questioning myself, indeed, I seem to have lost my way.

I continue to enjoy cross-dressing and make-up practice at home so have not lost interest as such so there must be more. But what? There are just so many 'kinksters' out there, all seemingly well satisfied with their lot. Is perhaps simply an age-related problem?

March (update)
Isn't it funny, all of a sudden it's the bright uplands again and for that I must offer thanks to Mistress Joanna Silk. A case where a few words can mean so much and make such a difference.

Interests: Cross-dressing, Fetish clothing, Boots, Stockings / Suspenders, Panties, Email chat, Wigs, I am Sub, In the Closet, High Heels, No Male Admirers Please!, BDSM / Bondage, Toys, Mature, Will not meet (yet!), Role Play, Uniforms, Micro/Mini skirts, I am a non-smoker, Relationship (casual), Relationship (serious), Females, Single/Unattached, Museums, Historic Places / Architecture, Cosplay / Costumes, Skirts, Books & Literature, Chastity, I am Bottom

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