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Part time princess

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Last Visited:     26 September, 2018
Registered:     15 January, 2012
Location:     Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, England


Status: Online Online Now 


Favorite Look:
Classy / Stylish

Hi I'm Penny, and welcome to my little corner of tvchix. I recently realised that my profile had pretty much remained the same since the dawn of time, so I've added some bits, removed some bits, and left in the less rubbish bits from before. Of course, this is only for the benefit of the 6 or so people on here that actually read the profiles, but for the rest it's something new to ignore as they scroll quickly down to the pics.

My journey into crossdressing developed from kinky roleplay when my missus decided to dress me up in a maid outfit one day. Something just clicked in my head and I was hooked. Suddenly had the urge to step things up six years ago, and I think I may finally be getting the hang of this trannying lark at last.

I'm not out and about as much these days, but Pink Punters is virtually my local, so I seem to end up there quite often. Much as I enjoy PP's, I do get around to other places too. I've been to Candygirls, Wayout and LFF quite a few times, been to the wonderful Magic Theatre, and had some amazing weekends at Sparkle. I can also be found in my shiniest of shiny latex at Fetish clubs... most recently Torture Garden and Club Decadence.

So tell me about yourself, the voices in my head are saying. Well, I'm very tall.... 6ft 4 without heels, so my chances of passing are limited to people with guide dogs and white sticks. I'm in my mid 40's which means I've stopped giving a rats arse what people think about me. This is really quite liberating and helps immensely with the too tall to pass thing. I wear a size 14 dress, although I can squeeze into a size 12 skirt. It's a battle to stay slim, and I'm essentially a huge fat guy trapped in a thin girl's body. Well, a thin girl with a penis and detachable tits. Hair is interchangeable, but I'm usually brunette as blonde really doesn't suit me.

I usually do the makeup and pics myself, but I did recently have a professional makeover with the fabulous Cindy at BoysWillBeGirls just to see how it's done properly. When I started this malarkey I was only into fetishwear, hence the shiny part of my name, but I do have a more varied wardrobe these days. I still like to squeeze into some super tight latex but I'm just at home in regular girl clothes too.

I do seem to fall between two stools though when I'm out and about (not literally, I mean age wise... I'm not that much of a lush) as I'm too old for the cool kids, and not old enough for the mature ladies. Not sure where all you sexy girls in your 40's are, but hit me up if you fancy a night out sometime.

For 99% of the time I'm just a regular middle aged geezer plodding through life, but every now and then I get to unleash my girly alter ego and be someone way more exciting.


Rather than write a huge blog of what I'm up to, just pick any one of each of the following and make it up yourself:

OMG, had an amazing night out at....
Pinks / Candygirls / LFF / Mecca bingo

girls so pretty I want to kill them / middle aged cougars on the prowl / the pissed up hen night crowd / a strange Latvian taxi driver

I was wearing....
a short dress / a slutty dress / a short and slutty dress / a dress so short and slutty that even a Bulgarian hooker would think twice about wearing it

It was so funny when that girl....
was sick all over her shoes / fell down the stairs / started a fight / threw a 12 inch dildo at the barman

I was throwing some shapes on the dancefloor....
like a demented windmill / waving my hands in the air like I just don't care / like it was 1989 again / doing whatever the tranny equivalent of dad dancing is

We were done at 5am when I was....
passed out in the park / taken into custody / sitting on the pavement sobbing into a kebab / handcuffed to a radiator in a hotel room I'd never seen before

Ahh... good times


Your COGIATI result value is: Total Bollocks. Which means that you fall within the following category:
COGIATI classification: 3 parts cheesecake, 1 part giraffe. 4% Bulgarian, 2% tequila

Some of the emails I get are.... shall we say, interesting! Just to save time, here's my email FAQ:

1) If you are typing one handed and wanking into a sock, I don't need to know. In fact you'll probably already be done before you hit send

2) Yes, I live near Pink Punters, no you can't use my house as a free hotel for BNO

3) No I don't want to see a picture of your cock. If I want to see one I can look at my own

4) If you're under 25, then you should be aware that I'm old enough to be your mum, so your text speak and witty bants will be lost on me. Much the same as my 1980's cultural references will be lost on you. Now go tidy your room or you're not getting any tea

5) 'I know you don't like admirers but...' seems to be a common opener and won't get you anywhere, although it's not as bad as 'I want to be balls deep in you'.

6) Well done Mr Male Admirer, you go to the gym and have muscles like the Hulk. I'm still not interested!

7) 'I just gave you all 10s' Well, you didn't because my voting is turned off. Unless of course you wrote it down, attached the piece of paper to a carrier pigeon, and let it fly back to Stella

8) 'Can you give me a free makeover and let me stretch out all your clothes while trying them on?' Erm... it's tempting, but I think I'm busy that day

9) 'Hey, how are you?' is a one liner I get a lot. My default position is 'meh, not too bad', although I can sometimes be 'peachy' or even 'cock-a-hoop' if things are going especially well

10) I don't care how much you want to pay me, I don't want to kick you in the knackers!

11) For the guy that wants to come round with duct tape, 2 cucumbers, a giant purple dildo and some chopped liver... I'm so glad you don't know where I live!

I have a multitude of pics and a few videos of me flouncing around on Flickr although you need be logged in to see the naughtier pics. When I say naughty, only a bit of bondage that I'm sure no one except the Flickr mods would really find offensive. For the kinksters I'm also on Fetlife. If you like something a bit er... unusual, I'm also on a wam fetish site. Message me for a link.

I'm not on Twitter or Instagram, and only the geezer is on Facebook, so if you see my pics anywhere else it's an imposter. I'd be grateful if you let me know, so I can get them removed.

The secret phrase this week is 'banana fritters'... If you message me, put it in the subject line so that I can tell if you've read my profile.

I love being on Chix and it's been amazing getting to know so many fantastic people. Thank you to everyone who has mailed me, chatted, spoken to me out and about or left comments on my guestbook, it really is appreciated.


Interests: Cross-dressing, Fetish clothing, Rubber, Pvc, Boots, Stockings / Suspenders, Lingerie, Leather Skirt/Dress, Full Makeup, I am Sub, High Heels, No Male Admirers Please!, BDSM / Bondage, Uniforms, Gloves, Corsets, Satin/Silk, I am a non-smoker, Movies / Cinema, Music Festivals / Gigs, Holidays / Travel, Cosplay / Costumes, Dresses, Skirts, Leggings, Social Meets Only!

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