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It's all about the clothes....

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Last Visited:     19 April, 2024
Registered:     17 February, 2009
Location:     Streatham, London, England


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General / Everyday wear

See me at RETRO RENDEZVOUS on WEDNESDAYS It's a meet up in a friendly LGBT pub for chatting, drinking, and showing off that new dress. Everybody is welcome, and there is no entry charge. If you're an ingenue who's afraid to take that first outing, this could be the perfect debut.

Also DINNER LADIES, a monthly supper meet-up, usually on the first Tuesday of the month.

Now, ABOUT ME: (you don't have to read this stuff. I expect you'll just cut to the chase and look at the photos; that's what I often do, particularly if there's reams and reams of writing. But if you want to know a little bit about me, read on.....)

I've enjoyed the feel of wearing thin, flimsy clothing since I was little. It made me feel good. When I became a teenager I started to try and create a fantasy female in the mirror. Over the years I came to accept that I was a "transvestite". Always felt rather guilty about it, and usually did it in secret. One or two girlfriends were sympathetic, most were not. They couldn't understand why a guy should enjoy wearing the sort of things which THEY enjoyed wearing! On odd occasions I dared to go out after dark, and by middle age I was even daring to go out sometimes in public, but never confidently. (I now regret not being more open then). Anyway, a few years ago I started to see a councellor. I confided in her, and she was very supportive, helping me to be myself and have confidence. Since then I have been able to do things I would never have dreamed of: going out in daylight, travelling on public transport, etc.

It still feels a little strange to be out in tights and heels, and when I catch sight of my reflection it shocks and thrills me. It's rather like having an out-of-body experience; it's not really me who's out dressed up, but another person. I enjoy being that other person, and I'm getting quite used to her.
I don't mind if people notice me, and show an interest in me. It makes a change from my usual anonymous existence. And I actually find it easier to talk to people; perhaps it's because I'm hiding behind a mask. (See below) In fact, I have met and chatted to far more people, men and women, than I would ever have done as the drab me. I have to confess that the older I get the harder it is to get the face how I would like it. I may have to have "work" done eventually, if I can afford it.

I confess to having become a shopaholic - charity shops and ebay mainly, with the odd visit to TKMaxx or Long Tall Sally. I try and buy clothes to suit tall girls. Oh, and shoes, shoes and more shoes. If I wasn't a size 9 I'd have even more than I do. You girls who take size 7 or even 8 are so lucky. I'm running out of wardrobe space! Trouble is - I'll never get the chance to wear most of it. Nowadays I try and be really strict with myself, and even take things back to charity shops if they're not quite right.

I'm retired, in that I don't have a 9 to 5 job anymore. I like the arts - film, theatre, music, etc. I try to look after myself physically, to stay healthy, and keep slim to look good ( hopefully ). I like walking, but don't currently do much. I love animals but don't keep one. I believe in respecting others, keeping to the general rules of civilised behaviour and avoiding conflict. ( In other words I'm turning into a grumpy old man/woman )

I'm tall ( about six feet without heels ). Slim build ( currently about 71 kilos naked ). I'm brunette, blonde, grey or redhead, depending on which wig I choose. And I have a weakness for shorter skirts! I don't dress for my age!

I'd like to link up with like-minded attractive people, and empathetic females (a rare breed, and often out-of-the-ordinary themselves). I'm not after sexual encounters, and I'm NOT into men sexually, although I must admit when I'm dressed I do tend to regard men as the opposite sex! The thing is - I then think of myself as a lesbian. I'm looking forward to re-incarnation as a fully paid-up lezzie! I enjoy being able to relax in the company of other TVs, and I've made a lot of friends in the community.

Lastly, here are a few lines which I have lifted from a review by the actor Simon Callow of a book (about Charlie Chaplin) which appeared in 2009. I think it precisely sums up the effect of dressing up and going out:

"Masks are uncanny things. They can release strange energies in the wearer and create powerful, sometimes overwhelming feelings in the spectator. They need not be stylised facial carapaces: they can be created by the simplest means - sticking on a false nose, or applying a lick of make-up, or donning a wig. It can be a pair of shoes that make you walk in a certain fashion, or an oversized coat. You look at yourself in the mirror and something starts to happen. The body changes shape; unexpected impulses take you over. Every actor, every dancer, knows this wonderful moment."

One of my admirers (you know who you are) has also given me another quote on that subject, by Oscar Wilde:

"Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth"

So, ladies, get out there and show the world another you! (Maybe the real one).

Interests: Cross-dressing, Shopping, Boots, Lingerie, Dressed nights out, Groups, Couples, Email chat, Wigs, Other TGirls, Full Makeup, I am Sub, Convincing, High Heels, Daytimes, Evenings, Can Travel, Trendy/Modern club wear, No Male Admirers Please!, Mature, Tights/Pantihose, Micro/Mini skirts, Corsets, Pubs, Nightclubs, I am a non-smoker, Relationship (casual), Females, Attached (Open Relationship), Friendship, Art Exhibitions, Museums, Movies / Cinema, Good Food / Wine, Comedy Clubs / Festivals, Holidays / Travel, TV/TG Activism & Awareness, Charity / Voluntary Work, Historic Places / Architecture, DIY Help / Advice, Social Meets Only!

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