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Attractive feminine tgirl

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Last Visited:     12 April, 2024
Registered:     30 June, 2007
Location:     Shoreham-by-Sea, Sussex, England



Favorite Look:
General / Everyday wear

Hi i am gina an eary forties t girl i have been dressing for eleven years .I amlucky to know sandy of kentucky woman who has made me gina .My favorite looks are pvc and rubber .Idont get to dress very often but when i do i not only feel great but look great too.I am a tall tv and in 4inch heels am very statuesque.I adore the feel of nylon on my legs and love to wear corset and panties but being made up as gina with big hair makes my hair colour of choice is strawberry blonde and my eyes are blue i am a tall girl but very shapley.I look forward to showing my photos to you soon.Love Gina xxxx. Well thats some of my fave pics up to be looked at i hope everyone enjoys them .Last week idressed at sandi`s and she made me look amillion dollars when i`m dressed as Gina my whole world lights up i expect that happens to everyone else to .its just a shame i cant do it more often and that i dont have the bottle to go out being stuck in the closet can be very frustrating. weds10th oct 2007 . I have had the best dressing session ever, sandy made me totally feminine , cant wait to show all when i have resized photos. Having breasts just feels so good , even if i dont get to have them all the time.The image of Gina with boobs just makes me smile and smlie again. Oh and the weight of them , god how lucky are real girls!Being Gina more often certainly is having a major effect on my male personality and seeing myself yesterday made me reaise how femme i have become. Gina is sure hot and i know she will be let out more and eventually out of the closet! Finally i`ve got some new pix to show you,these i really enjoyed as you can probably see. My feelings are getting very feminine now and instead of looking at real girls as someone to shag i now wonder how good i`d look in their clothes. That girls is strange as i`ve always loved to look at a good looking girl. I spose istill do but also want to be her. We`ll have to see wat this space !What is it about guys, i never ever thought i would want to look at one in the way im doing now it is unbelievable but the more i chat to men....and i do alot the more my feminine side comes out.I`m enjoying it too and hope that one day i will meet a guy and see what life as a girl can really be like. God did i really just say that, i am feminizing in my head alot more as the days go by, which i`m sure isnt a bad thing, just unusual! Hello again boys and girls, thought it was about time i updated, not much to say unfotunatly apart that my female side has gained now and is catching up my male alterego, im chatting to guys so much more now, its as though they know wats goin on inside my head (and prob have a better idea than i have) the desire to meet has grown alot now and it just has to happen, but with the right person, whether it be boy or girl. It is goin to be a huge tester for me and i appreciate how much it cud change my life....but hey you only live once .xxx.

Well here we are again, i did a pic shoot with Sandi for first time since dec last year, and my god did i miss doing a photo shoot.I love the results as thankfully the shots do prove that i look female still, leaving it such along time did make me worry, but hopefully if you look at my flickr page.....and im sure some people do, then you will like the results as i start to upload them.I have decided to go for a new look and my hair is now styled shorter and is now much redder, that will make me more firey than ever!! At long last i have also got some more recent pix to upload onto this profile, they appear on flickr but i love them and so hope that you do too. xxxx

Interests: Cross-dressing, Fetish clothing, Rubber, Pvc, Boots, Stockings / Suspenders, Lingerie, Wigs, Leather Skirt/Dress, Full Makeup, I am Sub, In the Closet, High Heels, Uniforms, Tights/Pantihose, Micro/Mini skirts, Gloves, Corsets, I am a non-smoker, Attached, Good Food / Wine, Music Festivals / Gigs, Dresses, Books & Literature, I am Bottom

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