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Girl who loves all things fem

Last Visited:     22 November, 2023
Registered:     25 October, 2010
Location:     Melbourne, Victoria, Australia



Favorite Look:
General / Everyday wear

17th March 2023 (and a special day for our Irish friends)

Hi again girls,

"Twas Valentines Day not long ago, and later my birthday came along too,
And I received lots of happy messages, with best wishes from many of you,
Some girls left names but some did not, so this is a thank you note for all,
And my own best wishes for Easter, when I hope the eggs are not too small.

Indeed here's hoping the Easter bunny might might bring you all a pretty gift,
Maybe just what a girl needs to feel more feminine, and give her heart a lift,
For in a world going ever more crazy, with climate change and Putin's war,
Putting on a pretty dress and feeling girly, can help all of us so much more.

Regards to all from the antipodes,
Jenny xxx

14th Dec 2022

Hi girls,

In this year of woeful chaos, Ukraine war and climate change,
It's so sad to see such things seem just impossible to rearrange,
But to provide ourselves a bit of cheer within this ungodly mess,
Have a very happy Christmas, and put on your favourite dress.

Best wishes again to all,
Jenny xx

14th Feb 2022

Happy Valentines Day to my girlfriends one and all,
And let's hope that for this year we'll stay covid free,
Take every moment to respond to your inner girl's call,
And dress to make yourselves so happy just like me.

Best wishes to all,
Jenny xx

23rd December 2021

Hi girls one and all,

As the end of yet another crazy and chaotic covid year approaches,
I want to wish the happiest Christmas possible to friends far and near,
And remember that if you have not had much chance to be your girlself,
There are surely family members and many friends who hold you dear.

For love and affection are truly the most important things for all of us,
And as all we girls do or should know, these are irrefutable facts of life,
So reach out this Christmas and bring happiness and joy to lots of folk,
For it matters not whether you are single, a husband or someone's wife.

So stay strong and happy as possible when December 25 rolls around,
Dress if you can and let your every feminine instinct come to the fore,
Think about and be sympathetic for the many people doing it tougher,
And let's hope next year returns us to the happier times we had before.

Hugs to all,
Jenny xx

23rd August 2021,

To all my friends who are doing it tough, and for some in great distress,
When in these times of covid, you can't even put on a favourite dress,
Think of the many folk around the world for whom life is much tougher still,
And then look on the positive side, for beat this bloody virus we surely will.

So even if it has to be in your imagination, put on your panties, bra and slip,
Then a pretty dress, heels and makeup, and out for a drink with friends do zip,
For I'm very sure such fond imaginings will soon to reality once more change,
Then all we girls can be happy once more, and leave these lockdowns strange.

Best wishes to you all and stay safe,
Jenny xxx

6th March 2021,

Thank you so much to all you lovely girls and ladies who have just sent me happy birthday wishes and (last month) Valentines Day cards. Hopefully most of you in the UK have already or will soon get your first covid vac jab, health risks will lessen, and life will start to return to normal, so that we girls can dress properly, feel right in ourselves, and get out and about once more. If in doubt, remember your spring has started, summer and sunny days are on the way, and how wonderful it feels to be out in a park or garden somewhere in a pretty floral floaty dress and feeling so blissfully feminine.

Best wishes to all and thank you once more,
Warm hugs,
Jenny xx

4th Feb 2021

To all my girlfriends on Chix over there in the UK,

I know so many of you must be doing it tough, living under covid risks / lockdown through a cold northern winter, and often not able to dress properly. Then along came the latest bit of bad news with the loss of your 100 yr old WW2 veteran and walking hero. So I was wondering what I could do or say to provide a bit of cheer in such tough times, and the answer that came to mind was music with associated film, etc. There is nothing like the right stuff to cheer us up when we are a bit down, so let's think, at least for my somewhat older music-loving friends, of all those great R & H, L & L musicals of the 50s and 60s, plus a few from even earlier (and of course that's not even considering the Beatles and all the other great groups of that era). If some of you younger girls don't know the music or songs below, I'm sure you'll know how to find them on google or similar!

But if you have the DVDs or can stream these films / songs on your TV, what about singing along with Julie as she dances up over the sun-drenched fields between the mountains and sings The Sound of Music - so uplifting! Then of course you can also be so uplifted by You'll Never Walk Alone, from Carousel, Doris D singing Secret Love from Calamity Jane, or maybe Oh What a Beautiful Morning or Surrey with the Fringe on Top from Oklahoma. If you want to come over our way a bit to the South Pacific, you could try Some Enchanted Evening, Mitzi G telling us she's In Love with a Wonderful Guy, or even the "no longer politically correct" There is Nothing Like a Dame. The list is endless, and can obviously be extended to more recent times with Andrew Lloyd Webber and many others.

The point though, girls, is that if you're anything like me, you'll find the vision and songs as above just the thing to make you feel good and want to sing along. What could be better in these tough times you are living through, than to help you Climb every Mountain.

Warm Antipodean Hugs,
Jenny xx

Hi again girls,

It seems this pesky virus just won't go away, so take every care and keep it at bay,
Reach out to girlfriends in lockdown UK, and help them along whether hetero or gay,
Dress as your true self just as you may, and ignore those who have nothing nice to say,
Enjoy feminine feelings all along the way, and stay girly and safe for this Christmas Day.

Love once more to all,
Jenny xx

Hi to all my dear friends here on Chix in the UK and elsewhere,

In these very difficult times (March-April 2020), when lockdown constraints must surely make it difficult for many of us to simply dress and be ourselves, please do take care of yourselves and stay safe. Let us all do our best to contact and cheer up our friends.

Love to all,

Hi girls, and a big thank you to all my friends and new acquaintances here on Chix for both your Valentines Day messages and recent happy birthday wishes. It is truly wonderful that there are so many friendly, understanding and beautiful ladies on this fantastic site.
Jenny (12/03)

Hi again girls so I can wish you a very happy Christmas in 2019 via a few little verses as below:

Oh to give free reign to my lovely and deepest feminine feelings,
To dress in pretty clothes and be enveloped in sheer girlish joy,
Then to walk outside in the sun and simply set my heart a'reeling,
All such things make me wonder why I was ever born as a boy.

I know that many of you girls must surely feel the very same way,
And take delight in every moment you spend in lingerie and dresses,
In putting on stockings and high heels as you prepare for a femme day,
Before applying your makeup and combing out long flowing tresses.

To all those who can't understand, such feelings are hard to explain,
But recently I have experienced them to the full in total girl time,
Which I have been so lucky to have had in both England and Spain,
And which allowed me to feel my femininity in a way truly sublime.

So to all my dear friends on this site, who feel the same way as I do,
May you have the happiest Christmas as the ladies you obviously are,
And by dressing in pretty clothes, to yourselves be ever so true,
And know you have an understanding friend who comes from afar.

Best wishes from Jenny down in Aus.

December 7, 2018
Hi again girls,

Just another little update for Christmas on a day when it is much better to think of wearing pearls than to remember that day of Infamy back in 1941 at Pearl Harbour. The year has generally been kind to me, allowing many opportunities to get out amongst the flowers and in the sunshine as the lady I feel I truly am (hence a few new photos). It is just so important for our sanity and happiness to be able to do such things, and my heart goes out to those girls who through force of circumstances are not able to dress as often as they want and need to. Best wishes to you all, as per a few more little verses below.

Happy Christmas 2018

Best Christmas wishes to all you girls in the UK and beyond,
And to my special friends there with whom I share a bond,
Here's hoping Christmas allows you your femininity to express
And that you can feel natural and right in a gorgeous new dress

How nice it would truly be to live out a girlish Christmas dream,
For to feel , look and act like a lady brings us joy it does seem,
So I hope Santa brings you pretty things to make your heart glow,
And will let you be that lovely lady from your head to your toe.

Then how wonderful to spend Christmas Day as your true girly self,
After taking Santa's gifts from your wardrobe drawers and shelf,
And thus wearing panties bra and slip beneath a lovely dress,
And being carried away by the feeling of femininity's soft caress.

But do spare a thought for friends who can't dress as they please,
Those girls who are caught up in their family's domestic squeeze,
For them I hope Santa will bring some Christmas hope and be kind,
And a promise of future opportunities, but for now peace of mind.

Jenny Wolman, a girl from Down Under.

December 16, 2017
Hi girls,

Yet another Christmas update, this time of course for 2017. I have been very lucky this year to have been able to travel to England and meet some of the lovely ladies I have corresponded with via this site. Then when it was getting very cold and rainy in the UK, I was able to go down and stay in an apartment on the Costa del Sol (it really was sunny almost every day!) and spend much of my time as Jenny. I cannot begin to tell you how happy I was during this time as my true self, but have included a few new pics and the little verse below to hopefully convey something of the way I felt. The main purpose of this update though is to wish all you girls out there, and particularly my friends, a very Happy Christmas and New Year, and to encourage you to be the feminine person you feel inside at every possible opportunity - believe me, it will contribute so much to your overall happiness.

Living as a Lady

Time spent living as a lady, oh how dear it is to me,
To think, to feel, to dress and act completely as a she,
To know deep down inside, just how lucky one can be,
To feel just right and natural, all feminine and free.

This has recently been my lot, while spending time in Spain
Through several lovely sunny days, with ne'er a hint of rain,
The daily joy of being out as Jenny, I simply can't explain,
But it certainly did wonders for my ageing female brain.

Even in doing everyday tasks, there seemed to be romance,
Whilst wearing pretty dresses just made me want to dance,
So my advice to reduce male worry, is to never miss a chance,
To spend time as the girl you are, and shed those dreary pants.

And to all you girls who feel like me, I say this as a friend,
Live as a lady whenever you can if you want your heart to mend,
It seems there are ever more of us who are following this trend,
For is it not our happiness which is most important in the end.

Jenny Wolman

March 1, 2017

Hi girls, and thank you to all my friends who sent Valentines Day greetings. Have just updated a few photos, and written a brief little verse here to summarize a journey I think many of us would love to make and of which we could / should be proud.

From a boy’s life so scanty
To being a girl in soft panties,
From love of girly things from afar
To wearing my own bra,
From a male life so bare
To tying ribbons in long hair,
From a boy so ill-equipped
To being a pretty girl in a slip,
From a man whose mind hurt
To being a lady in skirts,
From a male life under duress
To being so femme in a dress,
From a mere masculine stooge
To wearing lipstick and rouge,
From a lonely life and so down
To being a bride in white satin gown.

Take care and enjoy your every feminine moment,
Jenny xx

December 12, 2016 - A Christmas Update

Hi Girls,

Take a little time this Christmas morn, as you reach for your panties and bra,
To reflect, as a natural but self-made girl, on just how lucky you really are,
To be able to approach your Christmas tree and make a hopeful feminine guess,
That Santa has left you some soft silky undies, or perhaps a pretty new dress.

Many of us have known, my very dear friends, from our very earliest years,
About the little girl who lived in our minds, and sometimes just shed tears,
Because there was no new doll for Christmas, or even a girly make-up kit,
And certainly never a pretty party dress, since our outer image did not fit.

But thankfully that little girl grew up, and often threw off that outer shell,
So that in appearance heart and mind, her very feminine pride did swell,
And if like me, you feel yourself to be her, may Santa this time treat you right,
As he now knows you are a lady, who should be happy on Christmas night.

So, to all the girls on this wonderful site, but especially to my very dear friends, have a very happy Christmas and New Year, and may you find every joy and satisfaction in being yourself, the girl who lives in your heart and mind, and for whom femininity feels so right and natural.

Jenny xxx

September 2016

Hi girls, just another little update to welcome in the coming of spring down here in the Antipodes. After a coolish winter (not too bad of course in comparison with what some of my UK friends experience), how nice it is to be able to slip into some pretty summery dresses and get out in the garden and feel the warmth of the sun. A few trees are blossoming, flowers are starting to appear, and a girl can't help but feel happier and wonderfully feminine in such a welcoming and warm environment. I have added a few new photos which I hope will convey my joie de vivre.

Jenny xx

Hi girls, just a little update post Easter 2016, on "A Girlish Dream"

A Girlish Dream

To all girls out there who feel much as I do,
Here are a few questions for you to ponder,
Will you to your inner female self be true,
Or as a male through life aimlessly wander.

Do you ever fear being left on the shelf,
And never asked to be somebody's wife,
Would it not be so much better for yourself,
To live a lovely married and feminine life.

Do you not yearn to be a beautiful bride,
And wear a veil and truly gorgeous gown,
For nothing makes a girl feel more feminine,
Or quite possibly the sexiest lady in town.

Then to wake in a pretty nightie each morn,
Knowing as a woman you'll spend your day,
Isn't this the life for which you were born,
Surely girls, there can be no happier way.

Christmas 2015 update

Hi girls, just a little update and best wishes to you all for Christmas. Well, my feminine feelings seem to grow ever stronger as I grow older, and I know for several of you it is the same. I find myself constantly observing women and wondering how I would look in this skirt or that dress. It is truly amazing how the most minute manifestations of their feminine appearance or behaviour set off the need within me to be one of them, at least in feelings and emotions if not physically at this stage, and to share such things. I find I am spending ever more time on websites looking at both T-girls and real women in gorgeous clothes. I particularly love the vintage clothing sites where most of the girls are GGs rather than T-girls, but I just get a thrill out of looking at many of their everyday but older style clothes – nothing special for them in most cases, but oh how I would love to have the simple pleasures of wearing those wonderful 50s and 60s fashions. This interest or yearning has developed to such an extent that I even find myself copying pictures from those wonderful old catalogues with the girls wearing slips, petticoats, and those figure hugging but flaring dresses. I see pictures of bridal parties and I always cast myself in the role of the bride or one of the bridesmaids. Even in the movies, I constantly find myself identifying with the heroine or some other major female character.

I really can’t put into words the feeling I have when I’m totally in girl mode – it just feels so right and wonderful, and simply who I am (or at least should always have been). I so much appreciate all the little joys of femininity, but particularly lovely lingerie and clothes, and the feelings of gentle submissiveness which come over me at these times. It is truly lovely to feel so demure and feminine. I know there is much more to feeling and thinking as a woman than just these lovely clothes, but one can't deny the pleasures that they bring. For all those girls like me, don’t you just love the soft and sensuous touch as your slip or petticoat moves against your stockinged legs, or the way a favourite bra helps shape those soft mounds pushing out from your chest? And so now, to help try to convey what I'm meaning above, I have included yet another little Christmas poem, with my best Christmas wishes to all of you.

Jenny Wolman xx

As an older woman from the South Pacific,
I've taken and modified just a few lines,
From Some Enchanted Evening that I love,
Hope Rodgers and Hammerstein won't mind.

So can you to me explain it,
Can you really tell me why,
Many silly folk look for reasons,
But we smart girls rarely try.

Through every fibre of my body
Sweet feminine feelings ebb and flow,
And knowing I'm a girl deep down inside,
Simply sets my heart all a'glow.

The touch of soft lingerie against my skin
Gives me sensations that are so sweet,
Then when I slip into a skirt or dress,
As a girl it makes me feel complete.

These feelings are both physical and mental
When I potter around the house in such clothes,
Or perhaps when I go out to the street or a park,
While also wearing heels and some sheer dark hose.

So I'm sending you all this Christmas message,
For I know that many of you are girls like me,
And the depth of these joyous feelings
May vary but only to some small degree.

Now it might seem like a silly thing to say
But if only we women could rule the world,
As by stereotype we're kinder and more humane,
Flags of violence and hate might stay tightly furled.

So my friends, have a very Happy Christmas,
Even though about us wicked things might swirl,
And just give thanks to whoever you believe in,
That you can both feel and act like a girl.

Update 10/01/15

Hi girls, and happy new year to you all. Just a quick little update and a few new photos. I was lucky enough to spend some time in the UK and then in the south of Spain last year, and for part of that time to just be myself, the girl I know I am. It was also great to catch up with a few very dear friends I have made via this site, beautiful girls who in both mind and feelings are truly on the same wavelength as myself. I have talked about it in some of my earlier entries, but it is such a joy to be able to spend time doing all sorts of everyday things as my true self. I have tried to convey just a little of these feelings in yet another short poem below.

A Few Feminine Thoughts

The very thought of slipping into a pretty dress
Sets my so feminine heart all awhirl,
Because I’m so very proud to confess,
That I simply adore being a girl.

I just love every morn in a nightie to wake,
So pretty and dreamily soft to the touch,
Then a choice of panties, bra and slip to make,
All beautiful lingerie that I love so much.

Because I’m a somewhat old-fashioned miss,
I prefer 50s style dresses that my figure do show,
Although wearing 60s miniskirts can also be bliss,
When off to work in summer I must go.

After training I might work as a secretary or nurse,
Both traditional female roles you might say,
But many professions these days are much worse,
For those women who demand equal pay.

But perhaps the ultimate goal for a girl like me,
Is to be a bride and then loving housewife,
Then a woman I know I shall always be,
What greater joy could there be in this life.

Jenny Wolman

Post Valentines Day update 16/02/14

Lovely to receive Valentines Day messages from my friends on Chix - fun but frustrating not to know or be able to work out who has sent them in some cases. But if you don't receive a personal thank you due to the above little problem, please accept this note of thanks to all. It is truly wonderful to be able to swap letters with very feminine girls who I know feel very much the same as I do, and who can match their appearance and dress to the way they feel inside. So a big thank you and hugs to all my friends on this wonderful site.

Jenny xxx

Update 09/12/13

Hi girls,
With the festive season almost upon us, I thought I would do a very brief update and include a little poem I've written for the occasion, to express both how I feel and to wish you all a happy Christmas. I have had some wonderful days and weekends over the past year, times when I could simply be myself, Jenny, the girl I should always have been. Some of those times have been quite recent in our spring down here, and I just could not resist the urge to put on a simple yet pretty dress or two and get out in the garden to smell the roses. I have updated my photos to include a few shots to show you the joy I feel when doing this. It is just so wonderful to be a woman, and on at least some occasions to be able to match my external appearance with my innermost feminine feelings. Finally, thank you to the lovely girls with whom I have become friends via this fantastic site - your inner and outer beauty, understanding and support have been truly inspirational. So now to my little poem:

Christmas Shopping Down Under

Wouldn’t it be luverly, to quote words from that famous old song,
To get out there as my “fair lady”, and join the Christmas shopping throng,
I would try to catch up with my girlfriends, and first have a bit of lunch,
And then I’d hit all those fashion stores, and so beat Santa to the punch.

Well first there would be the lingerie shops, and so hard to know where to start,
For to search through so many pretty things would bring joy to my girlish heart
Holding up for my own inspection all those panties and slips so smooth,
Along with all types of lovely bras would do so much my mind to soothe.

Then it would simply feel so right and proper, to be just one of many girls,
Looking through racks of pretty dresses, in which I could dance and whirl,
With those colours and patterns all so bright, and the hemlines rather short,
To work out what’d look best with what, would surely require much thought.

Now to complete a brand new outfit, a girl must of course have shoes,
But with all those styles and heel lengths, it’d be just so hard to choose,
As with so many makeup items, so I could feel as one with other girls,
Then I’d buy some earrings and a bracelet, or perhaps a string of pearls.

To shop for all these lovely things does my feminine heart much good,
As does blending in with all the other women as I surely know I should,
For being girly outside as well as inside does wonders for my mind,
And to deny such wondrous feelings I’d have to be crazy and so blind.

Well that is Christmas shopping, for us girls in warmer southern lands,
But soon our thoughts will turn to beaches with their miles of golden sands,
So my girlfriends in colder northern climes, have a happy Christmas just like me,
And may Santa leave something pretty, but warmer, beneath your Christmas tree.

Best wishes to all,

Update 31/07/12

Hello girls,
Just wanted to give a little update on my life over the past 18 months or so. I have made some wonderful and very understanding girlfriends since joining this site, and it is lovely to be able to share girly thoughts and feelings. My feminine persona seems to be getting ever stronger, and I just love being the woman I am inside. I am of course happiest when I can match my outside appearance to this inner girl. I have been very fortunate to have had two holidays of several days each over the past 12 months where I could just be Jenny and potter around doing everyday girl things. How sweet it was to be able to browse in lots of fashion and other stores as any other girl would, checking out lots of pretty dresses, lovely lingerie and beautiful gowns, and then to be able to buy and wear some of these delightful little numbers. Such times of doing everyday things as Jenny just feel so right, normal, relaxed, and I know many of you girls out there must feel the same - our happiness often seems to just shine out from our photos. So girls, enjoy all the delights that femininity can bestow upon you, and live your dream to the greatest extent possible.

Best wishes to all,

On the spectrum of T-girls, I probably fall somewhere between a crossdresser and transexual, as not only do I love feminine clothes, but I also seem to experience very strong female emotions and feelings. These can be displayed by such simple things as identifying with the heroine in movies and crying at the sad bits, right through to having very strong feminine fantasies about being a girlfriend, wife and even mother. I tend to be a bit submissive, and strongly identify with the more traditional female role of being a housewife, and particularly love 60s fashions (probably more when I was younger) and the very feminine 50s fashions (now that I am a bit older). I don't really identify with today's many young women who "want it all" - I would have been very happy to be a stay-at-home wife, to have time to pamper and make myself pretty, gossip with my girlfriends, and play the occasional game of tennis in a cute little tennis dress. I absolutely adore bridal gowns - there is nothing to make a girl feel so feminine - and often fantasise about being married in a beautiful traditional white gown and veil.

I am about 180 cm tall, and when in girly mode have longish dark hair (although in recent times have moved more to honey blond), and typically wear size 16-18 (Australian) size skirts, dresses and pretty lingerie. Although reasonably passable when younger, time is catching up with me, and I must say I am envious of all the younger and prettier T-girls on websites such as Flickr and UK Angels. Unfortunately I am still pretty much a closet girl, but have written a number of stories revolving around my fantasy feminine persona - however, because of work commitments I struggle to find time to write such tales at the moment.

My main reason for joining this site is to make some new girlfriends and to share some of my thoughts, emotions and feelings. I suppose this need to share such thoughts and emotions is a classical female trait, and is one reason why I think I have moved far beyond simply crossdressing for pleasure. I hope that some of you girls out there feel the same way and we can share some cyber chat.

Best wishes to all,
Jenny Wolman

Interests: Cross-dressing, Boots, Office wear, Lingerie, Panties, Petticoats / slips, Email chat, Wigs, Other TGirls, I am Sub, In the Closet, High Heels, Bridal/Wedding wear, Mature, Will not meet (yet!), Role Play, Tights/Pantihose, Satin/Silk, I am a non-smoker, Attached, Friendship, Movies / Cinema, Holidays / Travel, TV/TG Activism & Awareness, Historic Places / Architecture, Sporting Events, Dresses, Skirts, Casual Tops, Books & Literature

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