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Convincing, Attractive, T Girl

Last Visited:     21 April, 2024
Registered:     20 April, 2005
Location:     London, London, England


Can Travel


Favorite Look:
Classy / Stylish

Hi I'm Paula,

Please have a look at my Flickr account, I have kept it up to date. The web reference address is:

I've been out and about a few times in recent months. I had dinner with a friend as well as being on a very nice date (October 23). Back in 2022 I went on a lovely 3 day break to The Girl Inside near Bath. This great Makeover centre is highly recommended and run by good friends of mine. I have had also some makeovers at the Wonderful Boys Will Be Girls in London (2018-2023). I have gone out from there many times. I love going out and about in public and trying to fit in

I pass well and was full time for a period in the past, unfortunately, I found that I just could not cope with being full time after 5 months of being en femme.

I went out a lot in 2023, shopping, coffee, wine bars, lunch, dinner etc...Not a bad year in all for my life as Paula. Is it getting harder or easier now that I am more mature. My internal jury is still out on that one. Here's to 2024

For those (especially those in chat) who ask me what I like and what I'm looking for, the answers are right here in this profile

Take a look at some of what I find erotic (Plus pictures of me), giving you a small insight into my sexuality, if you are interested in me please feel free to take a look:


Ideally a nice, mature guy who likes spending quality dates, or possibly sometimes even extended time (Few Days) with a Convincing, Mature T Girl x

Please know that I:

- Like nice dates like the Theatre or other interesting events. Just a picnic could be romantic in the summer. A date does not have to be expensive, just interesting/challenging. I've been doing dinner or lunch dates out in the real world for over 30 years and I now really like doing something different when possible, but dinner/lunch is still a lovely date

- Or I do like romantic, sexy breaks somewhere nice (There are plenty of nice places in the UK), it is all about meeting the right person really. I've my own resources, so not looking for a free ride (So to speak)

- Spending a few days/real time as me. I love living short periods as Paula and have lived a
fair bit as her in the past. I find that even a day out or so is better than the normal 3-4 hours, that
most girls fit into their hectic, normal lives. However I like living as Paula for longer when I have a
chance. Love being my version of the T Girl Trophy Wife x

- I like assertive, perhaps slightly dominant men, possibly into some mild bondage and gentle forcing during the above (Relatively gentle stuff, no real pain or humiliation). I find this surprising in a way, as I am quite a strong personality

- Getting more stretching I quite fancy doing a short cruise as me, or a pretend wedding with a real honeymoon, maybe work with some other girls to produce a bondage film???. I've loads of ideas

I am small, still convincing with great legs. I suit anyone who wants or enjoys taking their T Girl/Woman out and seeing her pass/fit in..

I sometimes have liked being the short term live in Girlfriend/T Wife (Which I have done a few times, not too many as I am not a tart). I once lived the T Wife role for an extended 5 month period, but that proved too long for me. I would be happy with a few days right now. Not a Stepford Wife, anyone can do the behind closed doors Stepford Wife thing. No challenge there as such

I do believe that it is all about chemistry when it comes to doing anything important, it needs to be done with the someone you can relate to

I would like to meet a man who ideally would want me to live as his Woman for a few days with him in a romantic (and maybe firm) way. To treat me like a Woman, not a T Girl. For both parties it obviously all depends on meeting the right person. I have enjoyed these types of adventures in the past. I just love normal everyday situations and just fitting in/passing in public,

I am not interested in role playing behind closed doors and only love doing things for real
I am not really interested in a boring single date (Mind you I'd always consider an interesting one) or a fumble/shag, if you are, then I am not the right girl for you. I would consider any proposal that I think is very interesting or 'Hot' (Sexy to me that is), or possibly an adventure or challenge to pass, or just spend time passing or being accepted in the feminine role. Just shopping in the supermarket is sexy to me if I'm passing in the female role. Its a shot of real life, mixing in. I'm easy to please in many ways



TRAVEL - A way back in time I spent a wonderful holiday in Spain, 100% as Paula (May 2010), I went everywhere and passed very well. This was one of many successful holidays and periods including one in Florence that I have spent living totally as Paula and . I love to travel and/or spend periods of time as her. Mind you as I'm getting older I'm finding that a nice long day can be amazing fun. One guy offered me one of those cruises round the UK!!!!....I'd love that, just did not work out with him, very sexy idea though

I am a petite, mature T Woman, only 5,6, with small hands and feet, and fairly convincing (If there is such a thing). You can take me on a date anywhere with no problems. I'm told that my nylon encased legs are my best feature. I've dated a few leg and nylon foot fetishists in the past and as a lot of people say that they are one of my best features!

I'm a mature T Woman now, however I look younger (So I'm told). I love living the life mostly away from traditional TV haunts and venues. I still enjoy a T Venue on the very odd occasion

Someone who wants to share quality moments in life like eating out, live music, cinema, art and travel with a sensual, attractive, confident, passable (mostly) and upmarket (Well I do shop in Waitrose sometimes) T Girl. Someone who wants an occasional live in T Lady, of their sexy dreams. Someone who may like going out shopping for some sexy items, before having dinner at a romantic restaurant and then going home to spend some personal time.

Sexually I'm a little bit sub, and can enjoy non pain related bondage in the context of a regular dating relationship

I love meeting romantic, confident, admirers, who like sensual/romantic dates and maybe holidays/trips away, accommodating a very convincing TV 'Wife/Mistress/PA'. I have happily lived all of these roles. I also love other convincing T Girls, and best of all, sexy couples. I'm naturally feminine and sexually sub (But by no means a walk over!)
I may consider a more sexual type of meeting, but you would have to have a very interesting proposition to catch my attention
It would be lovely to meet a guy who wanted to help you be a Woman not a cliche version of one

ACTIVITIES: A Random Sample of things I'e done in recent times....
- Some makeovers, plus a 3 day visit to a good friend in Bath (2021-2022)

- A dream holiday in Florence totally en femme, what a lovely city and I passed so well - Delighted! (Late

- Sale shopping in Wimbledon and as usual I attracted no strange looks, just ordinary, day to day conversation from female shoppers. I bought some great new shoes from Nine West (Jan 2010)

- A great holiday in Southern Spain for 5 days totally as Paula (Did not notice anybody reading me!) - May 2010, great achievement (2010)

- Had an amazing Bondage Photo shoot with Simon Ross, 2010. The guy has such talent... so great to work with (June 2010)

- A Great date and posh lunch with my great friend Paul in the West End (January 2011), passed really well on both train and tube (Jan 2011).

- And another 3 day 'holiday' totally en femme with my friend Simon in his nice house and surrounding villages and Countryside, plus another weekend two months later (Feb 2012)

- Being interviewed for an office job en femme - very exciting! (Summer 2013)

- Dinners in the Country, Wimbledon and down by the river in Barnes and Putney (2014)

- A lovely date in lower Sunbury by the river, sunny day, drinks and dinner lovely (June 2015)

- Sexy shopping, followed a nice dinner on the romantic riverside at Kingston, (2017)

- Had another (My 4th ) Makeover with the lovely Cindy at Boys Will Be Girls. I always said I'd never have one, but you always learn something new. Now I've new ideas for hairstyles and makeup (Nov 2021)

- Went to Lovejoys for the first time last night (Very unusual for me to go to a T Venue) great place, friendly people (November 2018)

MY LOOK: I love the smart and sultry 'business woman/pa look' and buy my clothes 'en femme', thus ensuring that they really suit. I love shopping and company while shopping - any takers?. Wearing sexy nylon and high heeled boots/shoes is a real pleasure for this girl. I love people who are interested in very sexy legs/feet and related erotic/nyloned delights.
I love all forms of hosiery, stockings, tights, both sheer and glossy, plus opaques and my faves, hold ups - So convenient for the bedroom (I like tights too, but so many admirers do not - shame, love being encased in silky nylon!). I love sensual and non pain related BDSM.

I also dress down really well and pass easily in casual mode, but not that many men like that!!

NO THANK YOU: If you are 'JUST' looking for a sex meeting/'fun', forget it, wrong girl, wrong planet and I NEVER ACCOMMODATE! (I have to keep my 2 lives separate)..

MORALS & PREFERENCES: I am also honest, trustworthy & very reliable. If I say I'm going to do something, or meet someone, I really do it (surprise!). I'd prefer to meet someone who can accommodate AS I CANNOT. Please, no time wasters, Sincerity, honesty and a little commitment to what is agreed is all.

HOBBIES/THINGS I DO: I love to dine out, enjoying all forms of nice quality cooking/cuisine (especially Thai) and sexy/sensual nights in. Also live music, Cinema/Theatre/Travel and those who appreciate great legs in fine hosiery & high heels/boots (and erotic /mild restraint/bondage - with anyone very. very trustworthy!).

I've done so many 'reat things in my life as Paula and feel very blessed, but I'm yet to find that special relationship. I would also love to be someone's special part time live in lady (again) and maybe go on a nice hot weather holiday abroad (Again, as I loved my last one in Spain) a good excuse to wear my sexiest summer outfits, wedges and really indulge both sensually and sexually. I also love sexy city breaks too (shopping, cool architecture, art & eating out)

If interested please get in touch

WARNING: Any institution or person using this site or any of its associated sites for study or projects - You do not have my permission to use any of my profile or pictures in any form or forum both current or future. If you have or do, it will be considered a serious violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal ramifications. It is recommended that other members post a similar notice as well..

Interests: Cross-dressing, Shopping, Boots, Stockings / Suspenders, Office wear, Lingerie, Dressed nights out, Watching porn, Couples, Wigs, Erotic nights in, Leather Skirt/Dress, Admirers / men, Other TGirls, I am Sub, Convincing, High Heels, Daytimes, Evenings, Weekends, Can Travel, BDSM / Bondage, Swim/Beach wear, Toys, Mature, Experienced, Tights/Pantihose, Pubs, Satin/Silk, I am a non-smoker, Relationship (casual), Relationship (serious), Females, Photography, Art Exhibitions, Museums, Movies / Cinema, Good Food / Wine, Music Festivals / Gigs, Comedy Clubs / Festivals, Holidays / Travel, Historic Places / Architecture, Mature Admirers / Men, Counselling / Life coach, Dresses, Skirts, Leggings, Casual Tops, Smart Tops, Theatre, Foot Fetish

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