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Lingering in lingerie....

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Last Visited:     22 May, 2017
Registered:     17 February, 2005
Location:     Guildford, Surrey, England


Can Travel Adult Transvestite Pics


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Smart Tart

I'm just a guy who adores whatever time I can get to feel like a girl. It's as simple.... and as complicated... as that!

Feb 2017 Just booked my room for BNO at the Camp (taking convenience over grandeur!), if any friends are looking for a roomshare, message me.....?

Jan 2017. Happy New Year all you gorgeous, wonderful people x

Oct 2016 Back from my trip and looking for meets, now it's cool enough to fool around in lingerie 💋💋💋

It's about time I updated this page.... So, based on the questions I keep getting, I guess this is what you really want to know:

I'm a mid 40s, Surrey based girl, 5 foot 10, blue eyes and size 14 but working hard to get back into a size 12! Yes, I meet, no I can't accommodate, no I haven't met a guy before, yes I'm a little bit curious about meeting with a guy but you'll have your work cut out!

I'm not around all that much since I've got another life that's more important to me than all this, but every now and then the desire to be Yasmin becomes overwhelming so I have to escape to my prettier side and spend some brief but wonderful time as the more feminine me. Sometimes it's the odd day "working from home" sometimes it's escaping completely to a hotel for complete freedom - I love the creative challenge of dressing and particularly of applying makeup which really gets my perfectionist side going. So all that's a very long winded way of saying that I'm usually very, very open to plans to go some place and meet others like me, with the luxury of time to dress, spend time over my makeup and be the girl I yearn to be.

I'm not interested in meeting outdoors, in a wood, car park, dark alley..... just don't ask, that's not the kind of girl I am. I'm a girl who likes a nice big bed to lounge on, so happy to come to your place or share a hotel room, to dress more fully and....perhaps...... only perhaps.... more.

If that last bit was what you really came here to read, please understand that I reserve the right to be fussy - you'll need to look convincing, size 14 at most, and if you're looking for a more sensual meet, be able to accommodate (hotels always an option).... and be happy as a top. If all the above actually leaves anybody left at all, then I'd LOVE to hear from you!!

I'd also love some company to experience more BNO or Friday Candygirls nights. Due to my circumstances they'll need to be overnighters some place

Yasmin xx


So... 1 day after my first clubbing trip to BNO at Pink Punters and I guess I'm coming down from it.... the low after the high's kicked in. This malarky's more like a drug than I knew!

It was awesome walking across from the Campanile to Pinks, walking (well... tottering on 5" heels) in the real world, feeling gorgeous in my new, short party dress not really caring about the cars that drove by, down the ramp and past the bouncers and into the club. Granted, it took the best part of a bottle of rose and a very kind, generous rescue mission from a girl I only met online that afternoon to drive 45mins to drag me out of my hotel room and over the road. But those few minutes out in the real world and being accepted by the PP staff was lovely.

Thanks for the lovely messages and the ratings for my new pictures, it seems all the effort was worth it after all... I'll try to remember to take some more next time xxx

28 May
Finally, finally, finally I took the time to take some photos. I'll filter out the dross in the fullness of time but I'll put them on here and my flickr account (yasmin_uktv) when I find the good ones. I'm quite pleased with them - I actually managed to pull some human looking faces this time so I'd LOVE to know what you think so please vote on them, then hopefully I can do some more of the things that worked next time.

15/16 Apr '14
Finally had the house to myself for some Yasmin time after a busy few months. God I miss this.... but on the bright side there are signs that I've finally nailed eyeshadow! It only took a couple of decades!! Once again excitement put all thoughts of capturing it on camera out of my head (maybe I should be blonde?). Next time, eh?

I can get away to hotels or overnight meets given enough advance notice to get thjings together. So who's up for it? Ideally I'm looking for girls 30-45, size 14 at most who dress fully. I can't be fully smooth (more like strategically smooth!!) but I'm working on it - at the moment I'm pretty much smooth everywhere that's not covered by my usual outfit of hold-ups and corset. I'm craving one on one sexy times and club nights.

Chix mail me if interested and you fit the description and we can hopefully arrange something.

Mar 2012 BNO: I need some help girls.... Any girls out there who are planning a BNO trip in the next couple of months who can come to the aid of a damsel in distress and haul me outta my room?..... x

25/10/10 Just wow! You know who you are ;)


Thanks for stopping by my corner of this wonderful site - put your feet up and make yourself at home.... Cuppa? Glass of wine?

So then, the official bit ..... I'm a long-time but very part-time TV from Surrey, usually with shoulder length dark hair these days but used to be a fiery redhead as you can see in the piccies - I'd love to know which you prefer, I like the thought of the darker hair but the old pics always looked really good! I'm in my late 30s (omg when did that happen!!), size 12/14 with long legs wrapped in delicious lace top stockings and tall heels whenever I've got an excuse. I'm married and she doesn't know, which won't be everyone's cup of tea but best that I get that out in the open from the outset.

I've been meeting other tgirls for 2-3 years now, which started from always feeling so very sexy and horny when dressed, frequently ending up being an exhibitionist on webcam (I think 150 viewers was my all-time record!), but then I figured I should really get out there and find out how far I was prepared to go, when push came to shove.

It took a year or so to get over the 'first meet' hurdle with the help of a lovely girl from Basingstoke (hugs if you're reading this xx - you made the first time Yasmin was seen in the flesh so easy) and since then I've been meeting when the opportunity rises - not enough since I'm not free that often and probably too picky for my own good! but every meet brought something new to try, which I always LOVED, resulting in the girl you see before you, fully qualified at A and O level and loving every second of it.....


I always enjoy chatting with new girls, can't promise to be the best friend because I'm not around all that often, but when I am, I'm often on cam just chatting more often than not - come and say hi **please**


I guess my story's the same as a thousand others on here - starting off with a confused and very horny little boy rummaging around mum's wardrobe and making up reasons to be in the house by myself for a few hours! I must've known it wasn't 'normal' but what the hey, it felt pretty bloody good.

Living in a small house with a lot of lads at Uni meant a few years break so Yasmin passed out of my thoughts, I met my wife and settled down.

That longing for tall heels and expensive black lingerie's a hard one to shake though isn't it? The feel of lace stocking tops rubbing together as you walk and catching that first glimpse of yourself fully dressed in the mirror. I'm still dressing whenever the house is empty for long enough - I guess not much has changed since that little boy all those years ago!!.

I still get a thrill from the way Yasmin looks - that first look at yourself in a full length mirror when the wig goes on and finishes the look's such a thrill - so I'm as hooked as ever - and still looking for excuses to slip on those stockings, corset and heels whenever I'm home alone (or not alone as the case may be)!

Interests: Cross-dressing, Stockings / Suspenders, Sex, Office wear, Lingerie, Couples, Wigs, Other TGirls, Full Makeup, I am Sub, In the Closet, Convincing, High Heels, Evenings, Can Travel, Toys, Micro/Mini skirts, Corsets, I am a non-smoker, Smart Tops

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