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Arpi's And A Surfers Hotel (Communal Building)
Surfers Paradise, Queensland
Communal Building
120, Stanhill Drive, Chevron Island
Surfers paradise

Venue added by: dianamathews
Date Added:
7th Jan 2012

Contact Details:

Plenty of street parking. Arpi's salon is non sexual as she and her clients are all ladies (laddies?) Please, Google "" and learn about the genius makeover artiste Arpi.
The area is tgirl/gay friendly with a good police presence.
After the makeover, you can repair to a nearby hotel with valet parking and join those not needing a makeover for a play party.
Hopefully there will be some willing tgirl admirers in the Bar to satisfy tgirl lusts......
Costs will be shared among attendees.

Sorry, there are no upcoming Events at
Arpi's And A Surfers Hotel

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Make-over and Play Party (Tuesday, February 14, 2012)

Value for Money:



Staff Friendliness:


As always Arpi's was fantastic. She waved her magic wand and, as always, conjured up beauties from a bare canvas. She should rename herself "Titania" after the queen of faries in Midsummer Night's Dream!
The play party was a non event. I'd hired a beautiful 2 bedroom apartment, at Surfers Del Ray, nearby, for some fun. Security was excellent, the gardens and view beautiful but all guests made last minute excuses as wifeys had Valentine's Day dinner parties. Fair go! Nothing is more boring than dinner parties with wifey, give me a room full of fun loving Tgirls anyday!
I'm planning another party for QUEENS' Birthday. Note the position of the apostrophe.
Lots of love,
Ps One up to Jenni!

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Arpi's And A Surfers Hotel

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