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Kings Meadow Park RG1 8BN (Communal Building)
Reading, Berkshire
Communal Building
Kings Meadow Park

Venue added by: Catrionatv
Date Added:
11th Jun 2013

The Mayflower Society will be holding an August Picnic in conjunction with Reading Pride in Kings Meadow Park, Reading on the 31st of August.

We will have a dedicated picnic plot within the park, an ideal oppertunity to relax after the parade. The plot will have a shelter from the weather if it is required, just look out for the Rolls, the Bentley, and the Candelabra!

Sorry, there are no upcoming Events at
Kings Meadow Park RG1 8BN

Recent Reviews for events held at Kings Meadow Park RG1 8BN
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Reading Pride (Saturday, August 30, 2014)

Value for Money:

not very good unfortunately :)

what should have taken 15 mins to get there turned in to
an hour!!

the post code was wrong and took some time to find the
right one after a walk around the area the sat nav took me
to. Fully dressed mind you!

Was late to start with due to other commitments, and
ended up arriving 6 pm. Did not see anyone else
there, no sign of any shelter as was advertised so all
in all a waste of time and effort

only good thing was did not have to pay except for
the car park :)

Mayflower Picnic (Saturday, August 31, 2013)

Value for Money:



Staff Friendliness:


A long day but a good one! Mayflower were hosting the T picnic area for the day. We made a very early start, but made it to the site by around 10:30 and the very efficient security staff escorted our two cars to our plot.

We soon had both cars offloaded, the gazebo up and everything laid out the Bentley 8 and Rolls Silver Spirit got a quick clean and were decked out in ribbons of the appropriate colours plus big bows on the doors.

The safety inspection went through smoothly and at that point we could sit back and wait for the parade to arrive.

Once it did the stand started to get more visitors, it was nice to see so many of the Mayflower girls there, as well as others we had not met before ( I hope we see you at some of our meetings ) it was also great to run into a girl that I have chatted to on Roses for many years but not met before!

We had a scheme running where people could have their photos taken in or next to the two cars for a small donation into the Reading Pride collecting boxes, I have no idea how much we raised, but we certainly had a lot of fun taking the photos.

We also had a lot of interest in the cars themselves and Tina several times had to draw on her knowledge of Rolls Royce history to answer some of the questions!

The day stayed sunny and warm all the way through and some of the stage acts were really good, we met a lot of nice and interesting people and stayed until we had to start taking down the stand at around 7, finally getting home at about 9 in the evening, happy but exhausted!

A huge thank you to all that visited the stand, I hope you enjoyed the picnic!

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